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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Artifacts Of Ultima
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DEvasto  [autore] 10 mag, ore 13:15 
Well, if you're starting totally from scratch, first and foremost you'll need a 3d modeling program. I use 3dsMAX, but apart from that there's Maya and Blender, among others. Blender's the only one that's free, but it's very capable. I'd also suggest looking into tutorials for Skyrim modding, and 3d modeling ones as well if you're new to that ballgame, to get on the right track.
Nastyman_Nilsen 10 mag, ore 3:40 
Hi, I'll get straight to the point.
I got a very specific shield I'd love to have in Skyrim, but I don't know the first thing about modding.
I see you've made a couple of mods, so I was hoping maybe you could help me out.

It's a pretty small shield, so it would be classified as a Light shield.
The shield is supposed to be "designed" by my D&D character, a dwarf.
So I'd love for it to be craftable via Dwarven smithing.
I also have an idea for a 1-handed hammer (mace) but I'd love to get
the shield business done first.
Got any pointers?

You can find me at:
Twitter: @Nastyman_N
Steam: Nastyman_Nilsen
Skype: d.demoon
WoD $h@der 7 mag, ore 0:42 
i was in so many caves and dungeons and i have anything
DEvasto  [autore] 6 mag, ore 8:26 
Because too many mods have it that some legendary weapon(s) can simply be farted out of a forge. All the weapons in the mod could be found in caves or what have you in Ultima, so I kept to the spirit of that. The only artifact that was actually forged was the Black Sword, but that's in a separate mod.
WoD $h@der 6 mag, ore 1:00 
why i cant smith the artifacts
DEvasto  [autore] 30 apr, ore 9:36 
There's hint notes in several taverns to help point the way to the weapons located in-world. The other weapons are level-listed and should turn up occasionally in loot, though infrequently. Probably moreso if you have a lot of weapon mods that add to level-lists.
raouldamian11 30 apr, ore 8:17 
Nice mod, but i can't find them xD . Do you want to give us some hints? :)
Panda man 21 mar, ore 13:19 
just asking
Panda man 21 mar, ore 13:17 
i just downloaded all three swords infinity,that ice one, and the black blade can you possible make a version of both the ice sword and infinity swords less boom boom lighting and fire and frost clouds?
Panda man 20 mar, ore 7:55 
thank you and maybe just add one more weapon to this one or another mod it doesnt matter i love this mod anyway ^-^
DEvasto  [autore] 20 mar, ore 7:33 
There's a fort southeast of Windhelm that might be of interest. Now as for your suggestion, are you asking that Flamesting be made into that, or a separate mod? I'd probably fold that into the Infinity Sword since I intend to make it able to shapeshift, essentially.
Panda man 19 mar, ore 18:05 
and make it like the specials
Panda man 19 mar, ore 18:02 
and i have a suggestion: why not a katana on fire?
Panda man 19 mar, ore 18:00 
Panda man 19 mar, ore 17:59 
so any hits on flamesting?
DEvasto  [autore] 18 mar, ore 13:44 
It's intentional. In the actual Ultima game it hails from, it drove you to attack and kill your party members before vanishing, but that would've been hard to script and not exactly worth seeking out. So, I conceived of what it does now. As it stands, it's a potent weapon, but that power is costly.
Panda man 18 mar, ore 12:57 
um is it suppose to do what its doing when its held?!?!? or is it a bug?
DEvasto  [autore] 18 mar, ore 8:50 
No problem. :3
Panda man 18 mar, ore 5:53 
thank you!
DEvasto  [autore] 17 mar, ore 17:52 
Give the Pelagius wing a pokeabout, I say, might find something interesting
Panda man 17 mar, ore 17:40 
like can you point me in a bigger direction?
Panda man 17 mar, ore 17:39 
what if i still cant find it (im not that smrt)
DEvasto  [autore] 16 mar, ore 15:09 
There's a hint note in the Solitude tavern that oughta point ya in the right direction as far as finding it goes.
Panda man 16 mar, ore 12:46 
if i found out the name of said unkown weapon how would i find it
DEvasto  [autore] 12 mar, ore 20:50 
Yeah, that'd no doubt contribute, I have a couple myself (including this) that add a lot more weapons. Doing a bashed patch with Wrye Bash may help somewhat, but still.
gunman admin 12 mar, ore 20:46 
oh well i do have over 100 mods most being weapons most weapons being swords
DEvasto  [autore] 12 mar, ore 20:13 
I might do some adjustment, lord knows I've done a lot already with the fire swords. To this day, out of my 3 mains, only one found a fire sword. How frequent they are probably is affected too by how many other mods you have that add swords to the level-lists.
gunman admin 12 mar, ore 17:13 
could you by chanch make the normal items easier to find i habve the worst luck in the world i cant find even the sword of defense
DEvasto  [autore] 12 mar, ore 16:00 
Not yet at least. At some point I might add it, but I rightly have no idea what it'd look like, and it'd be silly to make it a literal triangle.
SuperBunnyBun 12 mar, ore 15:20 
No triangle?
gunman admin 8 gen, ore 18:22 
nice keep up the good work man!
DEvasto  [autore] 8 gen, ore 6:44 
Right you are. :D
gunman admin 7 gen, ore 20:55 
was it the 3 8 1 15 19 19 23 15 18 4? (match the number the letters of the alphabet come in)
DEvasto  [autore] 7 gen, ore 20:49 
It's been in the mod for a while. It's the spiked mace shown in one of the older screenshots. That said though, I updated the mod not too long ago with some notes here and there (mainly in taverns) to help point the way to where the more unique weapons are located.
gunman admin 7 gen, ore 20:40 
what is slayer is it new or am i just being stupid?
DEvasto  [autore] 7 gen, ore 12:59 
Well, it hides out in the same city as Slayer (assuming you've found Slayer).
gunman admin 6 gen, ore 20:16 
im not complaining but the one weapon where you said find me if you dare can you giva a small hint as to where it is ive searched all over skyrim aven underwater but ive not seen anything like whatever it might be for all i know i got it without knowing but still
DEvasto  [autore] 12 set 2015, ore 17:05 
No problem. :D
gunman admin 12 set 2015, ore 17:05 
ok thanks man!
DEvasto  [autore] 12 set 2015, ore 17:04 
The gold Ophidian Sword is located in front of a specific Standing Stone. I won't say which one in case other folk wanna find it themselves, but the serpentine nature of the sword should be a clue.

It's unlikely I'll make more of the weapons craftable, since a lot of them are unique and powerful artifacts (some a bit less so), plus I personally find it more rewarding to find things than to just chuck stuff in a forge.
gunman admin 12 set 2015, ore 16:49 
also can you make more of these craftable if no i completly understand
gunman admin 12 set 2015, ore 16:47 
where is the ophidian sword with the yellow handle?
DEvasto  [autore] 13 lug 2015, ore 14:39 
A number of the weapons are level-listed, as are the shields, so they have a chance to show up in loot or being used by bandits and such. The more unique weapons (like the Hoe of Destruction) are in the game world and require some exploration to find.
Kender 13 lug 2015, ore 9:06 
ware are the weapines and shild
DEvasto  [autore] 17 giu 2015, ore 10:17 
Thanks! I'm glad to hear you enjoy it. :D
Dan K. Memes 16 giu 2015, ore 19:06 
I have over 200 mods installed on my skyrim and I have to say, this is easily one of the best. This mod is suuuper unique. There are other mods that have added content from other games, but Ultima is an incredible game. Not to mention that the way these items are implemented is very smooth. I have to say, I'm impressed. The artifacts here surpass Skyrim's regular artifacts in terms of creativity and usefulness. DEvasto, you sir, are a legend.
Draconis 15 giu 2015, ore 8:55 
k thanks
DEvasto  [autore] 15 giu 2015, ore 8:00 
It's Erinon's Axe. I would've described it in the description, but A). I forgot and B). there's a character limit to descriptions, so I ultimately wouldn't be able to go over *everything* in the mod.
Draconis 15 giu 2015, ore 5:48 
what is the name of the gold axe?
DEvasto  [autore] 14 giu 2015, ore 11:56 
Hah, yeah, me too. As a kid I didn't have the patience to try and actually play the game proper, I mostly just screwed around.

Now, I would definitely like to make armor, but it's a fair bit more complex to do than weapons, so I can't say for sure when proper armor would come around. I am glad though you're enjoying the mod. :3 I will say, there's gonna be an update to the mod fairly soon.