Master Stones Specialisations
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Matryoshka 4月1日上午7:48 
With the mod I have, I can pick all the standing stones avalible lolololololollolololololol
-Master dragonborn (in 5 days)
Haerch 2013年10月4日下午2:07 
A fast way to get sneak is backstabbing the graybeards why they are praying then sneak away do it right you dont die :)
jdelves2000  [作者] 2013年9月30日上午10:12 
thanks :)
Ty[R]o 2013年9月30日上午4:52 
Good job man :)
jdelves2000  [作者] 2013年9月29日上午9:57 
Luna Jinx 2013年9月29日上午9:32 
Im gonna say this, if you start as a theif and you get this, its hularious how you shoot someone it the forehead and they are infront of you "huh must be the wind" (arrow in forehead sticking out) this will make this happen alot more thank you X3
jdelves2000  [作者] 2013年9月26日上午9:44 
yeah. its ment to be very cheaty. like your character is nearly a master before you start
Veinexes 2013年9月26日上午9:33 
Wow... so I decided, "hey I can finally try a Theif and not end up a Warrior." the level ups are stacking so high already, almost every 1~2 actions done from the sneak/archery area of the stars levels it. I'm finding sneak to be the funniest since I can have someone looking for me and as long as I am not found I gain a level about every 10~20 seconds he looks for me.