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Shin Samurai Jazz
Komentarzy: 68
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SphiNiX 23 Sie - 8:53 
Looks and sounds great! Voted!
ACFPS 23 Sie - 6:45 
Looks great! Voted!
delete 23 Sie - 3:23 
danalyze 22 Sie - 22:08 
Awesome game!Voted and bought it through indiegamestand.com.Best wishes!
trothmaster 24 Lip - 8:03 
Looks amazing, VOTED!!
Youth! Full Power!! 9 Cze - 8:36 
I'm expecting this game. Good luck greenlight. Cheer up~! :D
ionutudor2012 23 Maj - 5:40 
madsen 12 Maj - 15:46 
Don't judge the game till you've tried it. Screenshots and video don't do it justice. It feels great to play and the music is super cool.
Tazi 23 Lut - 8:16 
it has not so good aspects, but the overall gameplay mechanics feels good, it's kinda like Super Meat Boy, but with swords. the music is excellent. the biggest complaint here are the graphics. not the thing that they're 8-bit, but they should be more detailed, and better animated... but then, there are less good looking games on steam already, and other then that Shin Samurai Jazz is a nice experience, and should be on greenlit. :)
Suno 8 Sty - 13:37 
The gameplay looks incredibly dated. I realize also you're going for a "Retro" look for the gfx, but it all comes across as a bit lazy.

Needs work, so no.
jump\boxer, but ninja
Brutalface 7 Sty - 14:26 
I think the jumping mechanics in this game look pretty sweet actually. Very unique. I get sick of just basic obnoxious jumping mechanics in platformers so its refreshing seeing someone trying to change it up, even though apparently people here seem to be extremely upset about it cuz its not what they're "used to". Graphics are cool it seems like you've gone for an old school NES style in this game as a whole as opposed to trying to make it seem like a modern game with simply "retro" looks, which I can definitely appreciate. Upvote for sure, hope you can get greenlit!
Moribus 7 Sty - 11:39 
Jizz Samura
syky_finisher 7 Sty - 11:20 
I like this graphic style. Stands out refreshing from the rest of the games. Simply, I like it because it's easy. I mean that positively. Why not! Music is very good. Voted
‎Comrade WaWo‎. 7 Sty - 5:58 
Doesn't really look that great..only the soundtrack seems worth something, sorry. :/
Arvore Im B> Bud, send offer plz 7 Lis, 2013 - 6:08 
Looks really overly simple... I can't see myself playing this game. Graphics aren't great (assuming that the game aims for a nostalgic pixelated look) and combat system seems lacking. Needs more developing.
FPS 24 Paź, 2013 - 0:35 
All these random spikes from walls... meh. Places without spikes look decent enough.
JbrockPony 22 Paź, 2013 - 12:42 
The cover art brought mee here..... and well I like the music.... gameplay... not so much :/. Yeah just sell the OST.
Fenrir007 19 Paź, 2013 - 13:02 
Combat and animations still look awful. You should just sell the OST instead.
Ladislav Bonita 13 Paź, 2013 - 12:39 
Afroller 12 Paź, 2013 - 15:07 
Can I have a copy of just the music? I liked that part.
Mogg 11 Paź, 2013 - 21:06 
*sigh* Another waste of time project. Seen it before made by someone else. Voting instantly no.
@Nicki Minaj 9 Paź, 2013 - 7:55 
n.Die.Bobbin 5 Paź, 2013 - 15:06 
The music is perfect, will play.
SoxyTheGamingCat 3 Paź, 2013 - 21:13 
I just dont think it's up to steam standerds. sorry But how the character jumps and floats in the air just weird.
AlainTheFrench 3 Paź, 2013 - 16:45 
I fail to see where these people see the "good" in these kind of presentations. Even for a retro style plataformer, this game is so unpolished in this current state it almost looks like a joke. No ofense intented (at least I'm trying not to). I played the demo. For the first two screens, I liked it. The gameplay falls apart in the subsequent levels as the controls are unresponsive and delayed, the enemies are unidirectional machines as well the puzzles. If you're trying to sell it as a retro game without retro frustrations, you're doing it wrong. It feels just like a NES game played with a broken atari 2600 controller.
Jim 2 Paź, 2013 - 11:51 
looks good
Homfrog 30 Wrz, 2013 - 20:48 
The way the character floats and changes direction in midair feels really unnatural, more so than typical video game jumping mechanics
Tapewormz 29 Wrz, 2013 - 0:20 
Sorry, this just isn't ready for Steam in this state.
© 28 Wrz, 2013 - 15:17 
Keep working on it :D
Xscapist 27 Wrz, 2013 - 19:04 
Note from a graphic designer: I thought your game was called Samurai Shin Jazz from reading the logo. I'd advise against having the top of the lowercase letters in Shin line up with the top of the lowercase latters of jazz.
mahfuz_life 26 Wrz, 2013 - 9:24 
Platforming should be improved.
MeowBoss™ 26 Wrz, 2013 - 9:01 
Celebrimnar 26 Wrz, 2013 - 3:31 
Looks good, maybe the music is not well suited for the game, is too slow for an action game
CatintheHat♥ 25 Wrz, 2013 - 14:35 
I would vote yes it were released on Linux as well.
kevinoneill571 25 Wrz, 2013 - 7:14 
first of all, as a musician, i love the music. also im a big fan of 8bit/16bit games, this one kind of reminds me of hotline miami which is a great game. i would buy the shit out of it if it was one steam
fortuiteer 25 Wrz, 2013 - 4:44 
First, I'd like to comment on the samurai/ninja issue.
I hope you don't listen to that "samurais don't do wall-jumping" nonsense, since there is no reason why a samurai wouldn't be able to do such stuff. Especially in a setting such as this, which looks rather modern/sci-fi/fantasy themed.
It's quite annoying that people cling to cliches like their lifes depend on it! Dire lack of imagination! It's much like saying "doctors can't do acrobatics", to give just one example.

Regarding the game, I don't know if a gameplay which evolves almost only around precision fighting and jumping, is interesting enough to sell. They seem to grow dated and need more flashiness and/or original ideas, with all the competition.
I'll give you my vote, but it's more like a symbolic message to keep your head up.
x? 25 Wrz, 2013 - 3:45 
I'm not that excited about jumping over spikes and beating up the same 3-4 enemy types over and over, and I assume this is all this game has to offer since you didn't show anything else in the trailer. The jump physics are an awkward idea, as are enemies just standing there when you've knocked them into the air.
Kuymax 25 Wrz, 2013 - 2:46 
Graphics could use some work but hey, looks nice!
wnuko54 24 Wrz, 2013 - 23:22 
Lipa jakas
unpronounceable 24 Wrz, 2013 - 22:38 
Gripes about calling anything with pixel art 8-bit aside, this just looks boring. The combat looks like a one button affair. The sprite animations are virtually non-existant. The music is very non-descript, which is admittedly, neither a good nor bad thing, but could certainly be better.

Honestly, the worst thing I can see about this are the levels you decided to showcase. The levels shown are very bland, and don't look like there is any flow to them, but more importantly, they look like they have the potential to be just as frustrating as those "retro games" you mention. Having tons of spikes on walls you need to use as platforms while over bottomless pits? That just reeks of frustration when you mess up a little.

Is my assessment right? I don't know, but you haven't intrigued me enough to go out of my way to try the demo.
Funatic 24 Wrz, 2013 - 21:13 
Never been a particular fan of this kind of platformers, but hey. That one I liked. An upvote and a buyer for you.
Riedy 24 Wrz, 2013 - 19:46 
Uh huh, this game kinda looks a bit boring, and the physics don't really look that well, but hey, whoever made this has skill. Even though i most likely would not buy it, you still have an upvote! :D
sogonaoyuke 24 Wrz, 2013 - 19:16 
i like old school games.steam needs more this type of games.
Jerarckill 24 Wrz, 2013 - 14:20 
From what I see in the first video, the gameplay revolves around avoiding spikes and hitting switches. Some parts of what was 8-bits are still better when improved a bit i'd say.
Blaze Epic  [autor] 24 Wrz, 2013 - 13:51 
I'm a huge fan of Castlevania for the NES and Rurouni Kenshin, that I am...
BLoooZER 24 Wrz, 2013 - 11:25 
i dont think you have a hit here it needs more work for this is worse than 8-bit in honest opnion
adreitz 24 Wrz, 2013 - 9:24 
There's 8-bit and then there's 8-bit. This looks too much like NES, with a garish color scheme, characters and environments lacking in details, awkward character movement, and nonsensical level designs. Sorry.
Mini-Almer xD 24 Wrz, 2013 - 8:55 
Smiley Magnus 24 Wrz, 2013 - 6:58 
"Samurai". Yeah, right. Sorry, guys, but your game looks featureless.