Improved Sneak Detection
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Orbitaldrop 10月18日 10時08分 
This mod has worked as intended/advertised in most situations, but a few of the sneaking missions are straight up ruined by it. :(
All your names are belong to me. 8月29日 14時13分 
That's cool and all, but seriously that video would make this mod showing a whole lot funnier.
Vampaerr  [作成者] 8月29日 13時43分 
I did not test it but I'm sure it's compatible with wearable lanterns and since the lanterns are light sources from the original game, they should affect your sneaking as well.
All your names are belong to me. 8月29日 12時19分 
Sry for bad grammar
All your names are belong to me. 8月29日 12時19分 
1. YOU HAVE TO PUT THE VIDEO CALLED SKYRIM:SNEAKING FOR THIS, 2.Is this compatible with wearable lanterns?
Filppy 7月16日 19時31分 
this isn't very good, i feel at times i've been detected when i shouldn't have. I can be at the side, not moving at all, completely in the dark, and they can still see me.
putdatcookiedown 6月25日 21時03分 
Just... perfect.
opakedragon 5月21日 7時06分 
how does one completely uninstall this mod?
jimmythefoot 3月23日 17時51分 
nice mod. well done vampaerr. thank you.
iNSaNiTYGaM3R 3月23日 12時41分 
Where did you get that armor in the video?
rxbonmon 1月18日 20時57分 
i could be the stalker
Lord Aerostitus 1月10日 23時52分 
Thanks for this! :D
Meaty Martyn 1月1日 16時20分 
i read this mod description in a whispered voice.
Vampaerr  [作成者] 2013年12月29日 8時43分 
It uses the game lighting and sounds mechanincs for detection, so I believe anything that would affect those would also affect this mod's behaviour. Personally, I use RLO/RLFX for my realistic lighting mods and they work well along with this mod.
Ummei 2013年12月29日 7時07分 
Does this work with any particular realistic lighting modifiers I wonder?
Ducktective Bill 2013年12月18日 16時19分 
This would make my game worse. I have the first sneaking perk to 3/whatever the max is and somehow the enemies can hear and see me through stone walls.
Shorttdawg 2013年11月26日 20時06分 
Whats the mod with that bikini looking armour?
Raven 2013年10月24日 9時40分 
Sounds good, thanks. :)
Vampaerr  [作成者] 2013年10月24日 9時29分 
no, the enemy doesnt die.. that is all ))
Raven 2013年10月24日 9時18分 
The locational damage sounds like I would prefer it of the two, does it completely crash the game or just glitch a little when it doesn't work?
Vampaerr  [作成者] 2013年10月24日 9時13分 
there is a mod called locational damage that adds that feature.. it doesnt always work, but does work most of the time.. there is also another mod called sneak tools, that provides some interesting ideas to sneak play
Raven 2013年10月24日 9時08分 
Head shots? That's a whole new good idea, I figured that was only a Fallout thing. Thanks for the tip. :)
Vampaerr  [作成者] 2013年10月24日 8時23分 
well, to fix that you need to wait for Bethesda to make a new Elder Scrolls game.
and shooting a guy on the face and see him speak normally is even more funny.. download a mod that makes shots in the face deadly.
Raven 2013年10月24日 1時37分 
Ah, yes, I shoot a guy in the face from my hiding spot, he looks around for a while, muses for a bit and concludes... "Must have been the wind." Sadly, it's more funny to me because I'm *not* joking!
grooveking 2013年10月16日 6時53分 
Nice mod. but it's too hard for sneak :P
Vaquero 2013年6月20日 8時04分 
I feel like this mod has potential and I'd like to see it a little bit better, not just more difficult. Like maybe let us turn off those fire bowls in dungeons and towns? It's cool, the lighting concept, but right now it's just too difficult and I don't feel sneaky. I just feel like a big fat hamburger rolling around guards and getting caught..
Medusa Zenovka 2013年4月28日 3時28分 
It reminds me on the the Thief series. Great job, just what I needed. Thanks! :D
SEWER HOOVY 2013年4月1日 9時27分 
if your not gonna fix this mod, make mod that makes sneaking easier, it should fix this
Julius Caesar 2013年3月10日 9時03分 
Because of what the player below said I unsubscribed from your mod. FIX IT please.
SEWER HOOVY 2013年2月28日 6時20分 
i think i have roblem, i tested this mod, and it worked, but then i got bored with it and disabled it, since then i havent been able to sneak. im so pissed now, i get out of whiteruns gates and soon i have like... 50 red s in my now practicly, everthting wants me dead,
Vampaerr  [作成者] 2013年2月16日 21時43分 
Idk, haven't tested it with Dragonborn DLC yet
Torinsoul 2013年2月16日 21時12分 
Crasshnbrun@Have you tested the dragonborn dlc with sneak ?I can stand right in front of some one wile sneak and they dont even see me just like vanilla skyrim.I don't have any problems with dawngraud or any where in skryrm.But how ever in dragonbron dlc it dosnt seem to be working form.So if you wouldnt mind looking into this if you all ready havn't it would really help thanks.
Stormbow 2013年2月16日 19時24分 
I had to completely uninstall and reinstall Skyrim to get rid of the effects of this mod, and even then I wasn't 100% sure the stealth detection in the game was back to normal. (I ended up scrapping that save entirely and going back to a save from almost a month prior, long before I installed this mod.) My character was regularly detected at long range and through walls, even though he had 100 Sneak and every perk in the Sneak tree maxed out.
Vampaerr  [作成者] 2013年2月16日 19時04分 
It's compatible with any DLC released and to be released unless they change the core values of sneaking which I doubt they will.
KILLALLROBOTS! 2013年2月16日 16時19分 
This isn't compatible with Dragonborn? Dammit! This is the only sneak mod I've found on steam and the nexus so far!
Torinsoul 2013年2月13日 14時04分 
I have had no problems with this mod but, Author can you please make this dragonbron compatible ?
Stormbow 2013年2月1日 13時45分 
I don't know what's up with this mod, but ever since I used it and completely uninstalled it (because of the 100% chance of being detected in pretty much every situation possible even with 100 Stealth), the game still does not let me sneak past damn near anything, even at long range.
Sp♠de 2012年12月23日 9時23分 
does it support the water arrow mod to stay in the dark?
Gord0n 2012年12月17日 10時27分 
I will try this out with my mage. Quiet Casting plus sneaking just feels like cheating atm. I tried out Duel which made my mage a 1-hit for everything, looked at Path of Shadows which seems to make it too hardcore for a mage character but seems awesome as a thief. Your mod seems to be what I'm looking for, for my purposes.
SKS 2012年11月20日 0時44分 
Here's a link to my mod in case you were curious...
SKS 2012年11月20日 0時42分 
Ah, okay, cool, thanks.

Also, to solve the Falmer issue, search the Object window for AbFalmer and you will find in there that the magnitude of their blindness is set to 80. Upping it to 100 might solve the issue with them.

If you change that I might be better off using your mod than my own because you've probably worked on it longer and understand the sneak values better than me. I just made my mod because I thought there was no good sneak mods at the time until I found yours.
Vampaerr  [作成者] 2012年11月19日 23時51分 
I've changed several of those values, pretty sure the same ones you've found on your CK. I also gave a penalty to the use of torchs and light spells in your sneak values but I added a bonus to very dark areas aswell.
SKS 2012年11月19日 16時03分 
Hi Crashburn.

I've created a similar mod myself, just by tweaking some of the variables listed when you put 'sneak' as the search string in the CK Gameplay > Settings.

I compared your changes with the vanilla values, and the only change I could find was the fSneakLightMult had been changed from 0.33 to 2.05. Am I correct in my finding that it is the only change?

It is certainly an important change, since it makes light much more exposing, and thus sneak becomes more difficult and player's must employ more wit and care in their stealth movement. I had actually thought fSneakLightMult pertained to light armor (silly me).

I tweaked more than just the one variable in my sneak mod. But now I have learned the 'Light' variables pertain to visibility in a lit area, I will have to make some changes.

Please answer my above question. Thanks a lot!
Vampaerr  [作成者] 2012年10月15日 20時48分 
It's the light source level from the original game engine that matters, I also use RLwC and it's still fairly accurate. Corridors by themselves do not trigger anything, it's just the light sources in them such as torches, embers, lamps, etc pretty much any light counts, even equipped spells would give you away in the darkness. (depends on the distances aswell)
CurtisNewton 2012年10月14日 8時44分 
what exactly is meant with lit corridors? is the level of light menaingful or are there corridors that trigger detewction fast than others? what if one uses a Lighting Mod - like RLwC?
Mouthrot (Tame) 2012年10月10日 8時54分 
I really liked this one and it originally was a great and fun challenge! but once your sneak reaches 80 or so you can do the same bullshit you could before, like sneaking right in front of people in a lit room, haha. But I think that's a skyrim issue, not an issue with your mod.

Like I said, this was a fun challenge. Well done!
Doc 2012年10月7日 10時49分 
Falmer are blind but their other senses are acute.
jaenak 2012年9月1日 21時02分 
I love the concept of your mod however the execution of the idea has gone to the extreme in favor of realism. I agree that Bethesda's execution of sneaking is unrealistic but your mod on the other hand makes it next to impossible to do any sneaking outside a pitch black dungeon. There needs to be a happy medium between unrealistic but easy and realistic but almost impossible.
Ymir 2012年8月24日 11時51分 
That's strange, the Falmer seemed pretty blind to me. As long as you stay far enough away it seems they can't detect you.
The Aleks 2012年8月20日 0時02分 
While I agree that the Falmer issue should probably be a priority fix, I have always wondered about how utterly senseless (not just blind) they seem to be...I would have expected that in "real life" they'd be more dangerous and harder to elude, in many ways, than an enemy with standard sight. They'd have likely evolved a very keen sense of hearing (which is how I assume they can tell where you are at all), and a very keen sense of smell. And the thing about smell is that it's kinda hard to hide. Shadows don't really have a deodorant quality, do they? I've also been wondering about all the bows and arrows you find on them...I mean...seriously.