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Anarchy Arcade
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Bebopcola2021 [FUG-III] 04 月 14 @ 8:11下午 
Even though the Kickstarter didn't go as well, please don't give up on this project!!!!
iRocketGamer52 04 月 9 @ 1:13下午 
I want this to happen, but I don't think there's any hope left for this game. The kickstarter campaign only made about $3K but there's NO way now to make $35K with only 4 days left. :(
Mar 04 月 9 @ 7:15上午 
I love you
Emo Philip.J.Fry 04 月 8 @ 4:42下午 
i just have a black screen after it shows the loading screen
twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade  [作者] 04 月 8 @ 3:23下午 
This weekend I got the YouTube channel spawning into the prototype, along with the ability to spawn all of your Steam Trading Card achievement unlocks. It uses the custom-parsers to put all of them into the 3D world, just like described in recent articles.

After the Kickstarter concludes, there will be 1 more prototype update then I'm going back to working on the Steam version.

Check out twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade tomorrow to see some of the new features in action!
vaustein 04 月 8 @ 1:46下午 
I kicked in at the $40+ tier. I'd be happy for the dev team to keep the money if they agree to do some modest bug fixes and feature adds and do one more "final" public release.
Vermilicious 04 月 8 @ 7:01上午 
While things are looking bleak, it seems the small fanbase are an eager lot. The $40 pledge is the most popular one, and that's higher than most projects out there.
8-Bit 04 月 8 @ 2:20上午 
5 days left and 2,912$/35,000$
I really want anarchy arcade to succeed but the kickstarter is everything
vaustein 04 月 7 @ 9:50下午 
"Boiling lava vat" was my PG-rated second choice. Originally, you were going to be lowered into the slime pit from Rambo First Blood Part 2[rambo.wikia.com].

Idea #3. Each of the top 20 Kickstarter pledges gets to photoshop your head onto a picture of the pledge's choice, and the resulting picture added to the release version as a selectable texture for 3D models and props.

Scratch idea #3. I suddenly thought "Rule 34" and completely regretted the idea.
twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade  [作者] 04 月 7 @ 7:52下午 
Lol, how many more envolve me being lowered in stuff?
vaustein 04 月 7 @ 5:03下午 
@SM Sith Lord, I have some thought so how to speed up your fundraising.


Idea #2. Show the Kickstarter % funded on top of a boiling lava vat. As the clock ticks away, you are lowered into the vat. Each time someone donates, you get lifted a few inches out of the vat. If the Kickstarter fails, well, bring SPF-9000.

I've got more ideas if you need 'em.
twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade  [作者] 04 月 6 @ 9:01上午 
The Kickstarter succeeds a little bit every time somebody looks at it, 8-Bit. I'll be giving a whole bunch of more free games out this Wednesday during my Anarchy Arcade live stream, so hopefully we can get some more eyes on it. :)

The 2d website to 3d environment stuff is how the prototype works! Not science fiction, science fact. Everything discussed in the article are just simple refinements of what's already functioning in the prototype. It's going to be awesome!
8-Bit 04 月 5 @ 1:55下午 
@SM Sith Lord
Will the kickstarter succeed??????????????????????

BTW I loved that 2d website to a 3d enviroment idea
Poncho_the_Pouper 04 月 3 @ 11:17上午 
a little too much talk about facebook... "I CAN GO TO ANY SITE I WANT? PHYSICALLY? HOW ABOUT I GO PLAY FARMVILLE! YEAH!"
8-Bit 04 月 2 @ 7:59上午 
The Kickstarter dosen't look too good
I hope the Kickstarter will succeed
Sharky mcOmNom 04 月 2 @ 6:59上午 
so its like your steam lybrary IS A VIDEO GAME!!
Vermilicious 03 月 30 @ 10:09上午 
Good work on the new video, mate!
]{█Luzini█}[ 03 月 26 @ 12:11下午 
[TER]Alex B>Cards1Scrap 03 月 26 @ 4:26上午 
It's so awesome that it will be running on Source Engine!
Question is will it be optimized?
Rabbids4eva 03 月 23 @ 10:51上午 
I know, but nobody seems to get MY attention. Not even on deviantART. But, however, I have a console and emulator suggestion: SEGA CD, SEGA Dreamcast, PS1 and SEGA Saturn.

And also, will there be any good use with Source Filmmaker (as in, use assets to SFM)? There can be a great trailer for that.
twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade  [作者] 03 月 23 @ 10:30上午 
I'm working on an update to the prototype right now that will generate some more traffic to the Kickstarter.

Cheer up Rabbids! There's plenty of time for the Kickstarter to pick up! Just tell all your friends about it and keep an eye on it. :)
Rabbids4eva 03 月 23 @ 8:56上午 
And to make the matters worse, EVERYONE in the world prefer PlayStation HOME (3D version of an online store) INSTEAD. That's why the Kickstarter campaign is running so poorly right now. Sick, no? Is there ANY best way to make the campaign effective and really going and reach the needed target?
Rabbids4eva 03 月 23 @ 8:50上午 
In fact, people on Kickstarter don't even seem to be interested in it at all and seem to only prefer the same old typical, boring desktop, and spend their pledges on something else.
twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade  [作者] 03 月 23 @ 8:44上午 
I can only continue to put all my time into this project if I am able to sell it, and to be able to sell it the Kickstarter must succeed so I can license Anarchy Arcade for sale. If the Kickstarter fails, the design plans will be greatly reduced.
Rabbids4eva 03 月 23 @ 3:12上午 
What if the kickstarter fails?
Bebopcola2021 [FUG-III] 03 月 23 @ 12:07上午 
Probably been mentioned, but a "select all" feature would be nice. Remodeling my arcade since I've gotten new games since then.
twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade  [作者] 03 月 22 @ 11:38上午 
Yes, there should be a way to fix it. So far everybody has been able to get their steam games to appear in their library. If you add me on Steam friends I can help you out in PMs.

Usually doing the command is enough to make your games appear in your Library Browser though (middle-click to open the Library Browser.)
Rabbids4eva 03 月 22 @ 5:57上午 
I'm sorry to tell you this, but uh... even if I did what told to do if I was supposed to add Steam games, they STILL don't appear. Even if I typed getmysteamgames 1inside the console. Is there a way to fix it in the prototype?
Noobfox 03 月 20 @ 7:03下午 
this is pretty interesting, It would be the first time I'd back something on kickstarter -- if I had any money available to spend in electronic form.
twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade  [作者] 03 月 18 @ 4:11下午 
Hi Kaned,
Yes because of how Anarchy Arcade does it. It doesn't stream your movie to your friends, but instead you both watch what ever copy of the movie you each have access to. It's compatible with Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, and tons of other sites that offer movies, as well as local movies from your hard drive. And you and your friend don't even have to have the movie from the same service for it to work. It's all a legit experience. Nothing shady's going on.
Is watching movies with friends over Anarchy Arcade legal?
=[oWn]= Madmelly -AKA- Slimer 03 月 12 @ 9:15下午 
OOH! OOH! Maybe you could add a Left 4 Dead 2 arcade game to it, if you could, that would be great! This game is something I would die for btw, I'm looking forward to it!
twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade  [作者] 03 月 11 @ 3:26上午 
No jukebox model yet in the prototype, but one can be added in the future. :)
Just imagine if your Windows Desktop was a 3D world where each file was a physical arcade cabinet.
Shipwreck 03 月 10 @ 10:36下午 
I think I just now have come to the conclusion that I'm old. I really can't grasp this concept. It's like a dream, inside a dream in a game, being played on my monitor while I walk around my "Arcade". Is there a jukebox for music files?
H3xag0n 03 月 8 @ 1:18下午 
This is so fu**ing awesome ... never saw such a creative thing in my life!
Laidbackuser 03 月 8 @ 4:21上午 
Well thanks for explaining that.

Only the people who REALLY wanted the map would get the files, rename the files, upload the files, and load them back in the game would do just to get the map I guess.

But I will get the map the normal way, so I shouldn't be that worried.
twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade  [作者] 03 月 8 @ 4:14上午 
To load official maps in Anarchy Arcade, you have to unlock them first. And if an addon map has the same name as an official map, the official map is the one that's used.

Just like unlockable content in games like TF2. Sure, people could decompile them. But to use official content, you have to unlock it first.
Laidbackuser 03 月 8 @ 3:58上午 
Sorry forgot to explain myself.
When I was talking about source, I was saying you could put the map in Gmod, give the Gmod map to other people and have Anarchy Arcade load the map. (Because you said you can load any Source map.)
twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade  [作者] 03 月 8 @ 3:55上午 
Hey Laidbackuser,
Porting the Anarchy Arcade maps to Gmod won't do much good because you'd only be able to play Gmod on them. You have to load them in Anarchy Arcade to be able to make arcades on them.

The same goes for the custom arcade cabinet models. If you port them to Gmod, they are just props. You have to use them in Anarchy Arcade for them to be dynamic shortcuts.

Thanks for backing the Kickstarter!
Laidbackuser 03 月 8 @ 3:47上午 
Source Maps? Won't this be a problem? If Anarchy Arcade uses Source, you can put the 40$ Kickstarter exclusive venue in Gmod and have anybody load the venue in the game without having to back the Kickstarter. (Also if you allow custom models, you can do the same with that.)

PS: I pledged 40$ on Kickstarter.
[NXG] Linkthedinosaur 03 月 7 @ 4:27下午 
Thanks for the quick response!

It's sad to see that I can't do this in the prototype, but good to see that you already have a work-around in mind for the Steam release. Maybe as time goes on, something more usefull will allow complete Source engine launching support!

Anyway, consider me in! I definitly plan on funding it when I get some money.
twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade  [作者] 03 月 7 @ 4:26上午 
Hi Linkthedinsosaur, glad you're enjoying it!

Unfortunately, you can't launch other Source engine games from the prototype. That's one of the biggest limitations.

However, you can mount the content from many Source engine games and build your virtual arcades right in your favorite maps. For example, you can build an arcade in de_dust2 from Counter-Strike: Source, or 2fort from Team Fortress 2. Addon maps work also.

The Steam version will have a work-around that allows you to launch your other Source engine games, but it will have to close Anarchy Arcade before it launches them so it's still not the most optimal solution.
[NXG] Linkthedinosaur 03 月 7 @ 12:25上午 
This is awesome! I absolutly love it! I just downloaded the prototype of your website and have been messing around with it for a few hours now.

I just have one problem though. It doesn't seem to launch Source games for me. Is this just a bug, or is this something missing from the prototype that will be added in the actual release?

Thanks for your help!
twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade  [作者] 03 月 6 @ 3:48下午 
After the Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer is done downloading, launching SMARCADE: Anarchy Edition from your Steam Library should start the game.

If it doesn't, then it's possible that you have a folder called "sourcemods" on a different hard drive that you should put the "smarcade2" folder in.
Evasi0n 03 月 6 @ 2:56下午 
Okay lord i found the location its in what should i do now? Its in the location that you listed.
Evasi0n 03 月 6 @ 2:26下午 
My C drive is full so i put it on my 1.5TB SSD and the folder that its in is called Source SDK base 2013 Multiplayer.
twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade  [作者] 03 月 6 @ 2:22下午 
You can try restarting Steam and launching it again. SMArcade doesn't have a stress test, so it is most likely that you are launching the Source SDK Base itself somehow.

This folder should have been created when you ran the installer:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\smarcade2
Evasi0n 03 月 6 @ 2:16下午 
Okay when i donloaded it, its like a stress test what is that ? Its not letting me go to any of the things above in the video.
twitch.tv/AnarchyArcade  [作者] 03 月 6 @ 10:24上午 
Evasi0n, you can download the prototype now if you want from AnarchyArcade.com. A BETA version will be on Steam Early Access in September, and the final version will be ready early next year.

Rabbidds, as far as addon content is concerned, the sky is the limit. Jus take a look at the Garry's Mod workshop to get an idea of just how crazy things can get. The stuff that comes included with Anarchy Arcade by default will all have a realistic theme though.
Rabbids4eva 03 月 6 @ 9:24上午 
Will we be able to create any model from any idea for a character (like Humans, Anthros, robots, Mobians etc.) in Anarchy Arcade? That would be cool.