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Anarchy Arcade
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WilliamLLee 24 de Jul a las 17:02 
oh ok thank you for clearing that up. security was one of the main things that could prevent my from getting this game
SM Sith Lord  [autor] 24 de Jul a las 16:41 
Well, without getting too in-depth with how it works, you can think of each cabinet in the 3D world as a type of shortcut.

Most of the information stored with the shortcut comes from the internet in the first place, such as marquee image URLs and game descriptions. The only thing that's unique to your computer is the file location that the shortcut launches. In multiplayer, the file location is "muted" into a short version that only contains the filename and not the path, so it even hides the names of your folders, just like a web browser.

It is nothing like remote desktop; other people will NEVER have access to your PC, they will only see what you save into your arcade that you're hosting.
WilliamLLee 24 de Jul a las 15:33 
im just thinking all of this information linked together like this that it would be an identity thefts paradise
SM Sith Lord  [autor] 24 de Jul a las 14:41 
Sure. It's much like a web browser. What exactly are you concerned about?
WilliamLLee 24 de Jul a las 12:40 
it look great but i am overly paranoid and want to know about the security
SM Sith Lord  [autor] 24 de Jul a las 8:11 
After you've spawned one in your arcade, you walk up to it and click on it to activate it. Then use the Virtual Mouse to click the green PLAY button on the left to launch your game.
[SBS] [MG] Proffessor Genki 23 de Jul a las 23:57 
Ok how the hell do you launch one of your steam games
Snowsore 21 de Jul a las 4:45 
Dr. Cracker 18 de Jul a las 12:38 
I'm suprised noone has ever done this before. I'm even more suprised why this isn't on steam yet!
ToastedPickle 13 de Jul a las 22:40 
We need to get people on this so it gets on steam, It wont install correctly for me, :c
2spooky4u 13 de Jul a las 8:27 
it looks verry verry good
TFSR1 | DJ Blueberry™ 12 de Jul a las 4:49 
Hey Guys, As A huge Player of Anarchy Arcade I have one thing that could Highly Improve this game. the Ability for Players to place objects that all players own in Multiplayer session as this would allow players to work together in order to progress through to the E3 Centre. Keep up the work with this guys and I hope to play the final version soon

SM Sith Lord  [autor] 4 de Jul a las 20:10 
The main enhancements betweent he prototype and the Steam version will be improved security, the ability to spawn new items while in Multiplayer games, and a Steam workshop.
Sergeant Sylveon 4 de Jul a las 17:48 
Woo! It's Greenlit! I have played the GameJolt version and I'm very exited too see where this game is headed and what features will be improved/added to the finished product! And hey, with potential Steam Workshop support, this could go in litteraly any direction.
Sir Jack Glad 4 de Jul a las 11:30 
Oh! Thank you! One other thing. I have been playing the Gamejolt version and it seems awesome enough already. What other things are you planning to add when the full version comes out?
SM Sith Lord  [autor] 4 de Jul a las 4:53 
Thanks for the feedback everybody! Sir Jack, all the extra content is addon stuff. Because Anarchy Arcade runs on Source engine, it is compatible with thousands of addons that were originally created for other games, like GMod.
Sir Jack Glad 4 de Jul a las 0:08 
Could you imagine this on the rift? It would literally be living inside your pc. This rocks. Although you seem to be to do alot more stuff. Im seein things like star wars troopers and NPCs in your house and stuff. And tf2 conga in there? How are you getting all of this stuff on here?!?!?
Yoinkies 24 de Jun a las 6:46 
Thank you so much! I'm really excited for the full version... Wait, so... The arcade is going to be your desktop? :o That sounds rad!
SM Sith Lord  [autor] 24 de Jun a las 5:34 
Gotta love those goats. Fenwick, press F1 while walking around in-game to play more tutorial videos, or check out the topic here on the Greenlight discussion called "Tutorial Videos."

Usually you middle-click to spawn your stuff (props, games, websites, etc.). Everything in your library shows up in the Library Browser that pops-up. The tutorial videos should help show how to spawn various types of things. Let me know if you want some more explaining, and have fun!
Yoinkies 23 de Jun a las 20:28 
So I've been playing the gamejolt version, SMARCADE: Anarchy Edition, and so far, I've had some problems. It only shows one resolution in the options, I dont know how to spawn chairs, netflix, youtube, webpages, etc. The tutorial that pops up before you start playing didnt help. There was only one video for me and all it did was tell me the controls that were already in the top left corner. I think there should be a tutorial, because I'm very confused. Besides that this game is an amazing, and creative concept, and I really love it! You got 8 mad goats out of 10! xD /
NightHeart 22 de Jun a las 18:36 
@SM Sith Lord Thanks, Most Greenlighters Aren't As Responsive As You. It Really Helps To Have My Questions Answered Quickly *cough* six-eight-two *cough*
SM Sith Lord  [autor] 22 de Jun a las 16:43 
Awesome, good to hear. Yes, you can minimize the 3D window to see your standard 2D desktop. You could also alt+tab to see the start menu right ontop of the 3D world.
NightHeart 22 de Jun a las 13:37 
@SM Sith Lord Thanks, I Am Totally Getting This, One Question Though, Will You Be Able To Revert Back To The Normal Desktop Layout?
SM Sith Lord  [autor] 22 de Jun a las 12:09 
Sure NightHeart. I'll be sure to get at least a handful of new furniture models into the Steam version. After the Steam Workshop for Anarchy Arcade is setup, it should make getting cool furniture for your appartment a lot easier.
NightHeart 22 de Jun a las 11:50 
@SM Sith Lord I Would Really Like If Maybe You Could Include Like A Little Apartment Bedromm Area You Can Customize With Furnature And Stuffs. I Would LOVE This.
SM Sith Lord  [autor] 18 de Jun a las 5:48 
Yes, I will be trying to get some sort of ragdoll posing in the Steam verison. It would be difficult to make an automatic "statue" maker because you never know what kind of skeletons the addon models will use, but a way to manually pose and freeze ragdolls should be possible, like GMod.

Of course, this only applies to custom addons. Content that is created specifically for Anarchy Arcade won't require any extra work.

Teamhunted, yes it will be coming to Steam as free to play later this year if all goes smoothly. I use the prototype like my desktop wallpaper. It's got all my Steam games, plus all my non-Steam games, movies, youtube links, etc. Very fun stuff.
ĦydʀαPhøeŋix 17 de Jun a las 12:46 
Being able to fully custom our "3D desktop" is really awsome ! But about custom addon, is it possible to get a bone editor to pose ragdoll like SFM (because see your favourite character in ref_ pose break a little the immersion) ?
HUNTED^J02H 10 de Jun a las 13:05 
Just amagin this being a operating system or steam machines home page XD
HUNTED^J02H 10 de Jun a las 13:02 
will it be free to play?
ASSPISS MCSHIT 2 de Jun a las 2:52 
Now this is different! This is something I can really get behind.Now to play the waiting game until its fully available.
Cush 29 de May a las 14:36 
.winrar doesnt work on my computer so I couldnt play from gamejolt. But now, its being released on STEAM!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!! Thank you!
Thelime (Babmorda's Waifu) 25 de May a las 16:06 
I love it!
DoctorBrony07 23 de May a las 12:27 
Sirfowler 9 de May a las 19:30 
yes I WANT THIS GAME (can you realease a free version if the full game wont be?)
Bonk! 3 de May a las 20:17 
Im pretty sure someone is gonna get the idea of making a porno room / server.
dont invite me to groups 3 de May a las 10:47 
thats going to take a long time
SM Sith Lord  [autor] 3 de May a las 6:04 
I should have a beta of the Steam version ready by October. I'll update this Greenlight page with current information soon, right now I'm real busy developing the Steam version.
dont invite me to groups 2 de May a las 23:08 
when is it comeing out
Rawrplague 29 de Abr a las 11:58 
ok awsome :) wish you the best on this project its a really epic program and I really see what it is capable of. Have lots of fun designing it!
SM Sith Lord  [autor] 29 de Abr a las 8:10 
Hey Rawrplague,
The prototype's object placing tools aren't the best, but there is a form of rotation you can use. While spawning an item, hold down E and move the mouse button to spin the object. Hold down Shift & E to rotate it in the other 2 dimensions.

The Steam version will have more physics-based placing tools, like HL2 and GMod have.
Rawrplague 28 de Abr a las 16:03 
got an idea for you. I noticed in the arcade demo there is no object rotation. Like it rotates according to the direction your facing but what about adding some fine tuning like holding down your middle mouse button and moving left or right helps alter its direction a little ?
stewydeadmike 27 de Abr a las 13:44 
Yes! something else to look forward too :D
WolverineClaw 27 de Abr a las 9:57 
Yay! Thanks!
SM Sith Lord  [autor] 27 de Abr a las 9:34 
I should have a beta of the Steam version ready by October. You can use addons in the prototype, but they can be difficult to install. Here's some information on how to do it:
WolverineClaw 26 de Abr a las 8:21 
When will this come out?
Rawrplague 25 de Abr a las 10:54 
i saw in the prototype some people had custom objects like pokemon and such. Was this disabled ? till the main program comes out in the 4th quarter
Kirbeh10 24 de Abr a las 15:44 
Don't worry. It'll come... I hope... :/
Lieutenant Butt Crystals 20 de Abr a las 13:48 
Holy shit it's the future
Sort of
stewydeadmike 18 de Abr a las 19:21 
I would love to see this pass into steam don't give up on this project!
Bebopcola2021 [Fug-III] 14 de Abr a las 20:11 
Even though the Kickstarter didn't go as well, please don't give up on this project!!!!