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Streets of Fury EX
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BaronOBeef 29 апр. 2015 в 15:04 
They just updated the the profile and cover photos on the Facebook page ;) Announcement coming very soon...

Kuri 29 апр. 2015 в 7:29 
Any word on a release date yet? .... It's been like a month. lol
Streets of Fury Developers  [автор] 29 мар. 2015 в 10:34 
We are going to announce the release date very soon. Stay tuned :)
BaronOBeef 27 мар. 2015 в 9:25 
Can't wait for the release! Do you have a release, demo, and/or pre-order dates yet?
♔ Bìg Bőss ♔ 30 янв. 2015 в 10:26 
Ну что, забили на игру?
corrigo 5 янв. 2015 в 14:31 
According to the video from Gamekult, developpers said that the game will be released in spring 2015 on Windows PC first
Star Lion 23 дек. 2014 в 6:00 
Une dinguerie ce jeux en plus on a un vrai yamato roux en guest :BillyHatcher:

Pedobeer 18 дек. 2014 в 0:55 
Still 1 month after the last post and no update, you're waiting for christmas ?
Streets of Fury Developers  [автор] 12 ноя. 2014 в 8:40 
Do not lose the FURY (fury is very important in life)! We will issue an announcment very soon.
Meyjer Bismuth 11 ноя. 2014 в 11:09 
The Asgorian Ruler 9 ноя. 2014 в 13:17 
Any new info about this game? Is it still set for the november release date?
Sanji54100 22 сен. 2014 в 5:07 
un jeu avec Benzaie comme invité ! On va s'eclater !
Streets of Fury Developers  [автор] 5 сен. 2014 в 5:56 
There will be a free demo, so you will be able to try before you buy :)
♔ Bìg Bőss ♔ 2 сен. 2014 в 21:12 
10 bucks much, should be about 5
Streets of Fury Developers  [автор] 24 авг. 2014 в 14:02 
We are not 100% sure yet. Should be around 10 bucks.
☭ Karx ☭ 20 авг. 2014 в 5:29 
What's the price ?
mk.drakon32 17 авг. 2014 в 8:44 
Beat-em-up XD
Streets of Fury Developers  [автор] 17 авг. 2014 в 8:36 
Bree, you'll f*cking love Streets of Fury EX!
Genocider 23 июл. 2014 в 13:12 
I f*ckin' loved this game on Xbox 360!
Streets of Fury Developers  [автор] 30 июн. 2014 в 21:27 
Great that you had fun with the first one, hope you'll have even more with this one ! We are working hard to finish the game, thanks to all of you for the greenlight.
INCIDENT73 30 июн. 2014 в 18:50 

Had a blast with the 360 version. Definitely getting this!
TheScaredRice 29 июн. 2014 в 5:15 
Un film et un jeu avec Benzaie... Que sera le suivant ?
Game-Over 28 июн. 2014 в 13:50 
WOW, a modern PIT FIGHTER, can not wait for this :-)
cskontrakt.ru bot 2 26 июн. 2014 в 4:52 
вау, графика как в жизни:B1:
McBrain 19 июн. 2014 в 12:17 
Street of furax!
청춘풀파워 9 июн. 2014 в 8:34 
I'm expecting this game. Good luck greenlight. Cheer up~! :D
Italian Spider-Man 6 июн. 2014 в 17:23 
Alright! Another 360 indie classic making it's way to Steam :)
You got my yes vote
winkwink 4 июн. 2014 в 7:38 
this was such a fun indie sleeper on 360, wasn't sure you guys would do a sequel, can't wait!
theKAIS3R 1 июн. 2014 в 0:22 
I have an overwhelming desire to play Pit Fighter now :) Best of luck in Greenlight, you've got my vote up.
opscurp1 28 мая. 2014 в 4:58 
Génial !Benzaie dans un jeu de baston c un truc de fou !
Azalarian 20 мая. 2014 в 15:41 
Un jeu avec Benzaie c'est que bon :)
CaféCalva 19 мая. 2014 в 9:41 
Banzaie !!!!
RaNiuM 2 мая. 2014 в 1:22 
Un bon vieu jeu à l'ancienne!! Vas y benzaie déchires tout !!!
Centuryon 1 мая. 2014 в 14:57 
Je suis un grand fan de Benzai, alors pouvoir m'éclater avec lui meme en tant qu IA sera pas mal :D
† Yatta † 24 апр. 2014 в 14:08 
Benzaie le kabuki quantum fighter
DecMaster 2 апр. 2014 в 7:48 
Very good game !!! Like Photo dojo on DSi but it's better :D I really want that game ! waiting ^^
Pirouy 1 апр. 2014 в 10:22 
ça a l'air d'être nul, graphismes nases son mauvais c'est pas beau...
-et tu sais qu'il y a Benzaie dedans ?
Grimaldus 17 мар. 2014 в 8:25 
Je m'en vais chercher de la potion pour venir dans votre monde , il me tarde de jouer à ce jeu !
Matadorlml 15 мар. 2014 в 12:06 
good game!!!!!!! I waiting !!!!
Meshuggah333 10 мар. 2014 в 15:46 
J'achète dès que c'est dispo!
Jimbos 10 мар. 2014 в 15:44 
After watching this, I kinda wanted to go put on a trucker hat and go punch someone in the face.
DrPropane 8 мар. 2014 в 9:05 
IIYOIII 7 мар. 2014 в 20:41 
I want this so badly
IIYOIII 7 мар. 2014 в 20:41 
I want this so badly
Hell Bunny 5 мар. 2014 в 5:23 
Le hard corner
Radmutant 3 мар. 2014 в 14:29 
Juste pour benzaie.
SaoulKaliburne 26 фев. 2014 в 14:42 
Benzaie qui défonce du weshwesh à capuche avec ses cheveux... j'achète!!!
SOF Dev Cyrille Lagarigue  [автор] 25 фев. 2014 в 15:51 
Sup74oo. Oui, une version steambox (Linux) sera envisageable.
Drasergar le Maléfique 25 фев. 2014 в 15:11 
se battre avec lesd cheveux c'est classe ^^
Ric-Hard 25 фев. 2014 в 5:15 
Une version compatible steambox serait-elle envisageable ?