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The Tower
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143 kommenttia
WhaleplaneStudios 24. syys, 2016 17.41 
Thank you so much for making this game...it reassures me that my game (which actually looks good) will get onto Steam if this trash can make it.
Pharaoh Atem 24. syys, 2016 17.20 
A comment section full of no and the worst video demonstration ever, yet it gets greenlighted.

Good luck making your money back for those votes you paid for OP.
Jastrzap 21. syys, 2016 4.42 
swishreemer 1. elo, 2016 19.32 
No no no no no no no and million times no. It's games (and thats a serious stretch) like this that drag Greenlight down. Down Voted
Tetris_Rubik 26. maalis, 2016 11.49 
No me gusta, hay mejores juegos que tienen lo mismo y son más largos y con mejores gráficos, aparte, te dan la solución en su trailes. :3
Yamatcha ☢ 24. marras, 2015 1.48 
liark2z 9. marras, 2015 5.46 
AAA game
MundM 9. syys, 2015 11.28 
Dude, please stop, submitting, the most basic effort of programming, art, concept, gameplay...save your money...you won't get ours.
SiriusFat 29. elo, 2015 21.22 
Why would you present something like this? Mmhh? This game is not even suitable for Magnavox Odyssey. Big Nope.
VyleKillius 18. elo, 2015 3.12 

Lucifera 18. elo, 2015 3.11 
The Leaning Tower of Shit.
:3 2. tammi, 2015 19.28 

Honestly, this has to go.

p.s. the bottom blocks aren't aligned.
pernambucoX [LINUX] 18. heinä, 2014 13.29 
Sencillo pero adictivo. Lo quiero!!
Bingo 13. heinä, 2014 16.22 
not really steam material... more like a flash game.
if it was on steam, it'd be like 0.99
soiglotreekavicator 8. kesä, 2014 4.52 
Honestly, this game isn't as up to par as others (Skyrim anyone?), so I don't think this is really worth it. No music either. No plot, no fun (unless you're really bored).
Redneck 24. touko, 2014 2.10 
This puzzle presents in Stalker CP
Quasarborn 29. huhti, 2014 14.29 
This ones for sure getting the greenlight treatment..
🅱eter 8. huhti, 2014 5.23 
You could probally make a game like this in 5 minutes
imsotiredicantsleep 26. maalis, 2014 4.42 
3^10 possibilities, perhaps 2-3 seconds per attempt - that's almost 50 hours of solid gameplay!
Wakom 21. helmi, 2014 15.47 
Worst gameplay ever made in history
Sleazebag 20. helmi, 2014 19.58 
the story in this made me shed tears, truly unique. great gameplay. proves that games are art.
Ladislav Bonita 14. tammi, 2014 17.26 
Stunning storyline, upvoting.
Vidkol 14. tammi, 2014 7.28 
^^ Just need to improve the graphics a little.
fisilfox 9. tammi, 2014 6.53 
головоломки это хорошо больше новых идей(пользователь greenlith)
Furro 31. joulu, 2013 20.42 
Good game, it's very (in my view) adictive
marylarry 25. joulu, 2013 16.52 
Looks pretty challenging!
PEldritch 17. joulu, 2013 8.02 
Pretty bad
HADES2001 3. joulu, 2013 12.45 
wtf... i wouldnt even buy this for iOS even action 52 on the NES the biggest pile of c*** every had a better version you expect people to pay for this ?
Materia User 28. marras, 2013 5.37 
I wonder if a mouse could solve it for food. They do cool things for food.
Süćcé Thineself 19. marras, 2013 1.41 
AND THE GRAPHICS this looks like some shit for the ATARI and at least the attiari had music
Süćcé Thineself 19. marras, 2013 1.40 
Umm theres no music dumb ass it looks like a shit game at least it could have some MUSIC
gheppio 16. marras, 2013 11.29 
And, by the way, 63 attempts to solve it!!!
gheppio 16. marras, 2013 11.21 
Try with them, I'm serious.
DecadentBrambleBaron 5. marras, 2013 21.18 
You're kidding, right? You're trying to sell this on Steam? Publish it to flash as a tech toy and file it under your resume.
tabu_niw 5. marras, 2013 6.15 
Terribile gioco. Ciò non appartiene qui.
Misku 31. loka, 2013 21.41 
The idea of game is too simple.It seems like a flash game.
Daisuke Ido 27. loka, 2013 13.08 
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux. What, no MSX or IMSAI 8080 support? You must be joking! No thanks / n ot interested
Klnslayer 26. loka, 2013 9.49 
this is a free flash game for a web site?
Aurinko 20. loka, 2013 13.29 
You've got to be fucking kidding me. A knock-off of Minesweeper? What fucking planet do you come from? I can't comprehend how undeveloped your conceptualizing skills must be to make such a comment. The level at which you function mentally must make it very difficult for you to discern between, for example, a tennis ball and a planet. Do you still have the mental capacity to tie your own shoelaces? Can you eat? With a knife and fork?? Please, share your world with us. Let us learn of what it is like to live in such a complex world with such a stupid brain.
Unpronounceable 20. loka, 2013 8.08 
Why do you think this is good enough to be on Steam?
francais 20. loka, 2013 6.52 
With all due respect, this seems like a game made in a highschool game design class. I have no problem with games of this nature and appreciate them completely, but they have no business in greenlight.
Fenrir007 19. loka, 2013 13.35 
Oh hey, look, it's a cheap knockoff of Minesweeper, except simplified a lot!

How about no?
rrae 18. loka, 2013 3.30 
how bout "No" ?
Stover 17. loka, 2013 10.20 
The video for this is the saddest thing I've ever watched.
Lunatix 13. loka, 2013 10.54 
Looks awesome is it a next gen game ?
Bradman 9. loka, 2013 9.33 
If this was free, it would be too expensive.
Roland of Russia 8. loka, 2013 8.10 
WTF is this??
Vanlan 7. loka, 2013 14.59 
I've seen more complex games, with better graphics programmed into a TI-85 calculator.
Mɘɾɕɧʌɳʈ 7. loka, 2013 14.45 
@all "A flash game on steam?" idiots: Trauma, Machinarium, Binding of Issac etc...