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WAC Halo
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redscopegaming Nov 23 @ 12:40pm 
i wish you could use the missle pods on the pelican and maby some weapons for both pilot and passagers on the falcon.
TomTheEnderRS Nov 20 @ 10:06pm 
make the covenant phantom banshee dropship and seraph from halo reach
check controls :P in context menu
red teletubbie Nov 11 @ 1:34pm 
how do u fly

FrostedMuffinTopInAJar Oct 29 @ 8:04pm 
pls fix the landing on it it's landing skills are terrible it keeps flipping
Chaplain Oct 28 @ 7:53pm 
Im hoping if you could make a Wac for me if you are up to it
Toaster OS Oct 25 @ 7:50pm 
Rip longsword and shortsword
u will be missed
[Regret]MotokoWalker Oct 11 @ 6:16am 
The new update of gmod broke the WAC aircraft, can you patch that ?
dagan2005 Oct 10 @ 8:05am 
im also getting this?
File exists in two addons - possible conflicts! lua/entities/wac_hc_pelican/init.lua (WAC Halo and WAC Aircraft)

[ERROR] lua/entities/wac_hc_base/init.lua:819: bad argument #2 to '__mul' (number expected, got nil)
1. __mul - [C]:-1
2. PhysicsUpdate - lua/entities/wac_hc_base/init.lua:819
3. unknown - lua/entities/wac_hc_pelican/init.lua:19
dagan2005 Oct 10 @ 8:04am 
whats this and how can i stop it?
File exists in two addons - possible conflicts! lua/entities/wac_hc_hornet/init.lua (WAC Halo and WAC Aircraft)

[ERROR] lua/entities/wac_hc_base/init.lua:819: bad argument #2 to '__mul' (number expected, got nil)
1. __mul - [C]:-1
2. PhysicsUpdate - lua/entities/wac_hc_base/init.lua:819
3. unknown - lua/entities/wac_hc_hornet/init.lua:52

Azoe Oct 2 @ 8:46am 
LordSlime Oct 1 @ 2:55am 
ReniYu Sep 3 @ 2:03am 
I am not proffesional plane and helicopter driver, so i can drive them only in arcade mode. But when i installed neurotec tanks, arcade mode dont works. It dont matters if i have checked it, its still in "hard, or real" mode. When I crash with plane/helicopter and i die, That "Arcade mode" button is magically unchecked. (I am not from england, no grammar nazi please)
do question "please add covenant ships" or "can you add covenant ships" are like invisible or just no response?
You Talking To Me Aug 28 @ 1:36am 
Q: Rotors are missing on some of the choppers?
A: Again, too many workshop addons - blame garry.
lol blame garry lol
🐶 Le Chien 🐶 Aug 19 @ 3:45pm 
where i find it ?
+ ib4m3yreM0M agreed im sayed that in comments but im not geted ANY response
ibl4m3yreM0M Aug 18 @ 3:08pm 
please add covenant aircraft
h.morgan7 Aug 18 @ 10:34am 
I cant find it
LeDoritosMann Aug 9 @ 6:34am 
What is the map?
check controls
MR. TEDDY Aug 5 @ 1:19pm 
sorry i press r but it doesn't work
MR. TEDDY Aug 5 @ 1:18pm 
what button is to start i press r bu
this mod is great yes it can have bugs but thats can be repaired and the guy who did this mod is awesome and you just noob
fuck you too noob teach to fly normal vac then halo and not be like noob and there is after weapons "folder" so shut up noob
Chase Raines Jul 31 @ 10:58pm 
hey where the fuck is it i looked every where and i can't finded it so how about fixing that well fuck this mod and fuck you
@Ungash am using space to fly up shift to go down A & D to roll (do a barrel roll for example) and to fly am using mouse
Accrossa Jul 28 @ 7:31pm 
make npc versions, and vertibird vehicle/npc
Ren Of The Oniwabanshu Jul 28 @ 10:01am 
can NPCs be in the falcon while the falcon is flying?
Ughash Jul 25 @ 9:01pm 
What buttons do you press? I took off but spun out of control lol
look in opisone (in entities tab normally q ) and find in right side (it can be everywhere) and there are controls and you can do controls like you want or use normal
_EggBird_ Jul 20 @ 1:04pm 
can you add covenant ships? (from halo)
Pajamas in the Striped Boy Jul 18 @ 12:01am 
this crashed my map hehehe
its ok you just don't know how to fly ( pro tip use mouse )
Beruka Jul 16 @ 11:37am 
absolute fucking shit. i can fly normal wac just fine, but with these shitty things, i take off, go up, and try and move forward, the plane starts flying to the side on an angle, and smashes into a wall, even when im not touching anything.
mrwagner04 Jul 13 @ 8:27pm 
How do u make it this is incredible
GentleMEEM Jul 12 @ 1:24pm 
It works to me so stop being a dick, it works perfectly, you may binded something in the same button of the take off, or you have a conflict
GentleMEEM Jul 12 @ 1:23pm 
Franku and co. did you even had the shit to check the controls in WAC, to see if its even binded, instead of just throwing your shit at them
Tainted Smile Jul 11 @ 2:05pm 
Images of the vehicle flying is basically false advertising
Tainted Smile Jul 11 @ 1:01pm 
EVERY button
Tainted Smile Jul 11 @ 1:01pm 
I have pressed literally every button on the keyboard, even the complex keyboards, and the vechical did absolutely freaking nothing
Number Four Jul 11 @ 9:40am 
Cool mod But Still not good
try with use mouse option and to train use no damage
Agent Phoenix X Jul 5 @ 7:16pm 
So hard to fly! what the heck!
.::Stuxnet::. Jun 27 @ 8:33am 
what buttons?
Zathurian Jun 26 @ 3:51pm 
i found out how to go forwards but i end up face planting the pelican
Zathurian Jun 26 @ 3:45pm 
i seem to be unable to fly forwards i can spin,fly backwards and hover-ish going up and down are ok but i cant go forwards?
[FaZe] Inspector Islam Jun 20 @ 3:53pm 
I cant take off or start up WAC planes and when i go to the controls for them nothings there.