WAC Halo
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Garshy Sep 14 @ 11:16am 
I downloaded it but its not in my vehicles
[Cpt]-xXx-Soundo-xXx-[Clan] Sep 14 @ 9:05am 
The Gentleman Is A Spoi Sep 14 @ 6:43am 
Can you make a plane bigger then the ac 130 hercules?
BLACK рыцарь Sep 9 @ 9:22am 
может ли они летать прямо?
Beast_of_Stone Sep 5 @ 9:00pm 
Dr.Matt could you make a sparrowhawk?, just asking
Request: Can you add the phantom and banshee? :D
_Fibby_ Aug 27 @ 2:59pm 
can you put a side gunner on the falcon
Mostcarpiot Aug 26 @ 2:57am 
wratdog ???
quique18c Aug 24 @ 3:07pm 
what is the map in the photos
CT-501st-CRC-4211=Buster= Aug 23 @ 6:42pm 
I have a project that i am working on and it needs you in it.I have the maker of the star wars ships helping me make some ships for my server but we would like to have them customized to my specifications.We would like you to help us convert the star wars ships into a wac version with the seat mod that you have on your makings.This is for my star wars the clone wars server.We are also making some vehicles that are tank related but in star wars form.If you would be so kind on helping me on this project it would be so appreciated.And it would give you the pleasure of adding a new wac form to your collections.Please consider this and accept my friend request on steam if you will help me.
WICKEDGhost Aug 22 @ 8:53am 
can you like make the unsc space ships from halo? that'd be awesome like flying in one of those space jets on the gm_moon map
xxKrakenZ3Nxx Aug 18 @ 12:18pm 
For the osprey and these halo veichles can you change the rotor from hover to like a jet or plane?
{GFL}DivineMorality Aug 17 @ 8:49am 
Whats the second map?
Darth Syphillis Aug 15 @ 9:44am 
would you consider adding some weapons to the Falcon? maybe some side mounted Turrets for the passengers? like in Reach? maybe a Grenade turret on one side and a Machine Gun on the other? and could you give the Pelican some sort of weapons? like a rocket pod or something? thx
BrainFreezer Aug 11 @ 1:23am 
what is the map name on the 4th of the screenshot ?? please respond !!!
alejandromaganaalex123 Aug 8 @ 12:58pm 
whats the maps name in the last picture?????? please respond!!!!!!
Dartkripper Aug 5 @ 12:47am 
KA-52 ,MI-8
|SOG| DreadNox Aug 1 @ 11:31am 
I see on the screenshot a turret on the left of the falcon, how can I get it on mine?
Dr. Matt  [author] Jul 30 @ 2:31am 
@マット not a bad video, cool stuff
xXiDelicateXx Jul 30 @ 12:13am 
I know you rarely take request but if you could that would make my day could you make a, B-17, B-25, B-29, B-47, B-52? Like a bomber pack its ok if you don't make them all.
マット Jul 29 @ 12:53am 
Very nice addon. Love your work. I have to say, this pack was VERY well done. It's a lot of fun to blow up your teammates for their drug-... for fun.... yeah, that's it. ( Did an Addon Showcase on my channel: http://youtu.be/IM7HvrkP1t0 )
RafifGundam Jul 24 @ 5:38am 
I hope so
Ranggaxx Jul 23 @ 11:00pm 
Will you update this addon ?
MIZTA SPLODEY Jul 22 @ 12:42am 
this pack is awesome and so is the other packs.
RafifGundam Jul 21 @ 5:59pm 
The pelican fly like beast! (even it's kinda hard to control, but you'll get used to it) i love how you select the Halo 3 pelican design, its awesome!
A Furry With Fury Jul 19 @ 12:27pm 
I can only bodygroup the Pelican at certain times. Help plz!
Drakeos62 fðҳ Jul 16 @ 10:23am 
more wac pls
Leo9999 Jul 15 @ 3:48pm 
Awesome, like all other wac packs! Maybe you should add: Sabre, Longsword, Banshee, Phantom. Also Shortsword bomber and maybe the Vulture (My fav halo aircraft) may be good... Thanks, anyway
OTTERBOTTER Jul 5 @ 5:42pm 
is it me or does the pelican fly like a piece of shit..
klongman Jul 4 @ 4:49am 
can you make more halo vehicles like maybe a banshee or other covenant aircraft? i have looked all over the worksop for covenant aircraft and have found none.
B.lue Mesa pl Jul 1 @ 11:52am 
You should make more of halo vehicles, for example:
- sabre
- banshee
- phantom
An Olympic Walnut Jul 1 @ 9:40am 
An Olympic Walnut Jul 1 @ 9:39am 
Gabers100 Jun 30 @ 9:56pm 
I'd like a LAAT/i, Also known as the Republic Gunship.
%DaTa Jun 29 @ 7:45am 
I'm looking for a few Covenant air vehicles. Banshees, maybe Phantoms, drop ships, etc. It would be really great to make a battlefield or video. or even a combat session.
XxFalconEyexX Jun 23 @ 11:46am 
You guys should make the Covenent aircrafts :)
Twibster Jun 17 @ 10:18am 
for some reason this keeps crashing my game and coming up with an ipv error, please fix:/
Mishtah P Jun 14 @ 8:23am 
where do i find the details on the controls for this addon?
Jimbobumbag Jun 6 @ 3:21pm 
Hey, mine can't fly. What does he mean by the "right" buttons? Can anyone tell me? Thanks!
Chili Willy Jun 4 @ 2:06pm 
can you make it so that you can carry weapons in the passenger seats so you can snipe/shoot from the aircraft :)
Mistery14 May 29 @ 5:18am 
Hello, can you make the Combine Chopper WAC version? please, a lot of people want it :3
Blueflame751 May 26 @ 11:16am 
I was playing with WAC and then i spawn a hornet and when i start my engine nothing happens, I come back to this page for help and it says "you need to press the right buttons and stuff" so i change my starting keys but the same thing happens, now i cant use any of the helicopters, in ANY WAC pack.

Plz someone help.
Spazegamer May 25 @ 2:47pm 
Any update on WAC 8?
[2S]techsmith66 May 9 @ 10:27pm 
ozforce May 7 @ 8:01pm 
Found a very problematic issue with the hornet...The altitude counter is always 0 meaning it is incredibly hard to fly. The pelican has two issues, which is the glass is so tinted it's incredibly difficult to see out of it, and that, on the left wing, there is a small jet. When you are not moving and you turn the pelican on, the left jet thing fires off while idle, and the one on the right does not.
A$AP AID$ May 4 @ 10:39pm 
how do you get those halo props?
Arno May 4 @ 3:27pm 
if you are going to make a new WAC can you add into it a cargobob from gta 5?
MOD #FastMan# May 4 @ 10:06am 
Hey, you alse could make WAC Aliens vs predator that would be awesome or make something NEW!, like WAC Cars on the base of WAC
Kerian Halcyon Apr 27 @ 2:49pm 
Definitely downloading this pack, I think that WAC is amazing and the fact that there's a Halo pack for it makes me all tingly inside >u<

I know that you guys have enough ideas already, but if you ever decide to make an updated version of this pack or a continuation of it, I recommend including some of the aircraft featured in Halo Wars (Sparrowhawk and Vulture for example) and/or some covenant aircraft as well. Can't wait to start flying these!
Godzilla Apr 25 @ 5:44pm 
Can you make the driving of the WAC helicopters, planes, jets more easier because when the moment i start it, it will flip or go to a building and crash