Detailed Mine Map Markers
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AJ_NL 12. touko 7.13 
I always forget this, good mod!
Strazza 9. touko 15.26 
It's a great mod which can help toreminder the mines...
Ubersupersloth 3. touko 7.01 
Problem Found: Shor's Stone Mine claims to be an Ebony mine but it actually only has Iron in.
TheDeadDude 30. huhti 6.15 
Does this work with the latest patch? Btw you should add a donation link!
bradley17white 19. huhti 0.11 
has it bean fixed
Hb|Raven 11. huhti 20.05 
I find Ebony Ore in the Northwind Mine (Iron)
Andrej363 SVK 6. tammi 4.10 
i have one problem. when i try this mod i cant mine anything
Liu C 30. joulu, 2014 21.28 
It's showing up just fine and looked awesome, but there's a problem. With this mod on, the ores I mined aren't added to my inventory. I still get the mining action but nothing was added to my bag.

Thanks, but unsubscribed.
Kaffe 30. joulu, 2014 4.05 
Awsome just what i need :)
Captain Doge 25. joulu, 2014 20.24 
help pls, it's not working on my skyrim, all it says are ineligible characters and symbols. is there something i need to download and install first? i do have the latest skse installed and i run my skyrim with it. what should i do?
MultipleDog 25. loka, 2014 10.52 
@Degrelecence here is nearly the same mod founs on nexus:
Degrelecence 10. loka, 2014 19.02 
This mod makes me so sad... I can't play the game without it, but I hate the workshop and there is no equivalent on Nexus...
Shi no senshi - Biddindesu 11. syys, 2014 14.06 
Is there a way for me to download this thing manually?
kaliban71 10. syys, 2014 6.16 
i hate having to leave nexus to download this. this would fit in perfectly on skyrim nexus
Daniel 7. syys, 2014 18.12 
finnaly i know were the dam gold is cheers 10. elo, 2014 5.03 
i think it was the mine in dawnstar but it had two icons
mc_rog46_sd1 4. elo, 2014 19.05 
Very convenient, thanks so much.
Iceira 29. heinä, 2014 3.35 
Redbelly Mine i think u said it was ebony but after revisit i only get iron ?
Flypaste 24. heinä, 2014 17.26 
I agree with Kumacuda, I would adore an NMM version. Even a mediafire/dropbox etc manual download would do just as fine.
[KONA]Kumacuda 17. heinä, 2014 12.49 
I'm sure this has been asked before but any chance of seeing this out on Nexus? I just like having all of my mods run through NMM instead of a bunch of different places.
LilyNeurotic 16. heinä, 2014 0.23 
Helpful and honestly far more realistic. Since we are to assume our characters are keeping the map we see updated, why wouldn't it have notes on what the mines contain?
Jamez 1. heinä, 2014 7.32 
Very useful mod, thanks!
Kayla Silverfox 30. kesä, 2014 12.26 
Really helpful, thank you!
Dr. Shocks . DO 28. kesä, 2014 18.20 
Brilliant ! Thank you :)
✪VIEJRA 28. kesä, 2014 3.48 
Freaking awesome!
Senjaro 27. kesä, 2014 17.48 
@reptarssaurus, did you try equiping and swinging your pickaxe at it instead? Pressing E to mine is so dull.
Reptarsaurus 27. kesä, 2014 17.29 
This mod made it unable to me to mine anything at all. When I walked up to an ore vein, no action option-thing appeared. Nothing. I uninstalled it and I was able to mine again. Perhaps it was incompatable with some other mod I have. I'll try figuring it out, but I jut wanted to let you know. I really like this mod.
SirGrunt 23. kesä, 2014 21.57 
no they reset every ten days i think
Nicoredje 22. kesä, 2014 16.52 
little question does the ore veins reset after a couple of time or will they stay empty after mining?
Extinkt_Kremora 19. kesä, 2014 14.07 
Fucking briliant
ChapnCrunch 9. kesä, 2014 16.54 
Love it! Northwind Mine is mislabeled, though. It's an Ebony-only mine marked as Iron.
mc_rog46_sd1 2. kesä, 2014 11.05 
Great mod Boom, a real blessing.
Ukrainian Cat Jesus 1. kesä, 2014 17.20 
This is pretty cool
Boom  [tekijä] 29. touko, 2014 13.56 
No DLC is required.
Tamazicht 9. touko, 2014 10.10 
does it need any DLC ?
Nayru 3. touko, 2014 14.14 
This mod seems really nice, I'm just wondering if it includes the date (In game) that you were last in the mine? This would save having to keep track of when the ore will be replenished. (I believe it's 1 month in-game time)

Could somebody please get back to me? Thanks.
coolspot069 24. huhti, 2014 12.15 
Pratique et simple, que demander de mieux^^
DarKmetiss 14. huhti, 2014 1.23 
Simple, good. thx
Dreadfather 25. maalis, 2014 17.35 
Works great! Definitely helpful and a good replacement to physically writing everything down.
Darth Postal 15. maalis, 2014 8.10 
Shore's Stone Mine's marker is bugged. Whenever I fast travel there, my game becomes super-dark, super-distorted and load menu is disabled. Have to restart the game.

The rest seems to be fine.
Pennywise 3. maalis, 2014 14.51 
I can't see any map markers... could it be because I have Better Fast Travel mod installed? Or any other mod it conflicts with?
Elix 22. helmi, 2014 16.45 
This mod is very useful now I don't need a note pad to write down what I found in the mines thanks for saving some trees.
Aubri 13. tammi, 2014 7.17 
LOL vv
InitHello 4. tammi, 2014 6.25 
It yields quicksilver, Santalator.
Santalator 2. tammi, 2014 9.27 
what about Quicksilver mine
ezeglace 1. tammi, 2014 11.38 
amazing mod, i was just wonderong if it was possible to tell if the ores in the mine were ready to be mined?
Taevari 27. joulu, 2013 13.11 
It's great, but Shor's Stone and Northwind Mines are the wrong way round! Shor's stone is Iron, and Northwind is ebony, not the other way around! ^^
macgyverjack 25. joulu, 2013 16.03 
Man, this is a life save in time and energy. Building a house you need loots of iron, with the mines labled, it was easy to make the rounds on the mines needed for raw mats. :)
Laptop65 16. joulu, 2013 17.31 
There are some more mines in the Dragonborn DLC. Do you think you could add them in if you have Dragonborn?

If you don't have it, if it's possible I could help you with the names of the mines and materials so all you'd have to do is just add them on.
Morgaledh 28. marras, 2013 11.05 
Great mod