TwoKinds Civilizations
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DankWolf  [作者] 2014年9月28日下午12:19 
A fixed version has been uploaded on a seperate page. It is called TwoKinds Civilizations (FIX)
DankWolf  [作者] 2014年9月23日下午6:27 
ATTENTION: I have been entrusted by lazorcat to help with updating/fixing the mod. I am currently getting rid of the major bugs, such as the instant lose bug. PLEASE make sure you get a-hold of me if you have suggestions! I will mainly take suggestions through steam chat!
FaerFoxx E> <^m~ 2014年9月22日下午5:34 
I would really love to see this mod patched and expanded upon. I was really excited for it when I found it, but this spawn bug is just so frustrating. :/
DankWolf  [作者] 2014年9月2日下午4:30 
landskater, if it is ok with the author i could give it a shot
1000Shots1Life 2014年8月26日上午4:08 
I would actually like to see this mod fully completed and updated. Perhaps you should see if someone else would like to take responsibilty and control over the mod?
DankWolf  [作者] 2014年8月18日下午3:42 
Do you want me to help? I can mod in java and I can probably learn lua.
Lazorcat  [作者] 2014年8月18日上午11:47 
I kinda gave up on it after I released it and it didn't work. If I went back to working on it I would have to relearn most of the stuff I learned for this.
DankWolf  [作者] 2014年8月18日上午7:15 
lazorcat? Are you still working on this? Because I have a few suggestions.
Alex James Rook 2014年8月15日上午1:20 
Alright, new complaints: Only works with G&K, Anyone with BNW will have to disable it or suffer the "no units spawning" problem everyone else is even though you say it's compatible. Will also crash without it even though you don't you don't list it as being dependent on G&K. Basitin fighter is strictly worse than the fighter. Dragon "mercenary" (sorry I read it wrong earlier) has the same combat strength as the gunship it replaces but is missing all it's abilities (though, granted, at least the dragon can capture a city). "Kiedran slaves can not be capture" + the fact they can fight back is stupid.
Alex James Rook 2014年8月15日上午12:56 
Inital comment to long. Short version:
Don't like how UA's are copy and pastes of other UA's. At least you made a small adjustment to Traces.
Don't like how every nation has 2 UU's and no UB's. I understand Keith but say no to the others. Would give Trance 2 UU's AND a UB if only so that the Kiedran slaves can reskin the workers. Do not like dragon emisarries.
Don't like how the Kiedran are jammed together as a single nation. Understand lack of information reguarding them but feel there should just be a wolf tribe and am willing to sacrifice Flora being in it.

Long version:
DemonicDiamonds 2014年7月21日下午3:35 
i cant even get it to download :/
DankWolf  [作者] 2014年7月13日下午6:56 
I got it to work with Direct X 9
DankWolf  [作者] 2014年7月13日下午6:41 
Please fix it. I am having the same problem of loosing as the game started.
SG WolfHound 2014年7月5日上午8:22 
do you guys have the pics for the leaders if so send me a messge cuz i dont have them
DeltaRavenXD 2014年6月30日下午6:10 
I'm having a problem with this mod, and others it seems as well, where no units spwan in the beginning and results in an immediate loss. I even tried adding an additional mod where one can set what a civilization starts with but still nothing.
Not Isaac 2014年6月24日下午6:45 
After aditional testing with multiple scenarios on several computers using a combonation of Win 7 and 8, I have yet to have a single game work. I think an update might've messed things up; I hope the mod uploader takes a look at this soon, as I really do want to use this.
STARIK 2014年6月19日下午4:31 
Well ain't that hillarious to look at?
TonksM 2014年6月16日下午1:44 
I spawn & any three of these are in game, I immediately lose, even if I'm playing a Vanilla character.
Metatality 2014年6月14日上午11:23 
I'm getting that two and I'm on windows 7
Not Isaac 2014年6月13日下午9:09 
When I spawn into the game, I do not start with a settler or warrior, therefore losing immediately. The bug takes place while any of the races are in the game, regardless of whether or not I'm playing them. From the comments I can tell that some others are having trouble with this bug as well. I assume it might be a windows 8 bug, but I'm not sure. Any guesses?
Falcon 2014年6月13日下午1:44 
Don't listen to Frozen he's a casual, 20/10
FrozenNinja 2014年6月11日下午4:58 
SG WolfHound 2014年6月11日下午4:56 
i dont have the civs pics can u fix it plz
SG WolfHound 2014年6月11日下午3:58 
you should do one for Natani
SkullCrusher180 2014年6月10日上午10:11 
I love this mod, but i do not wish to sub due to the fact every time i see it on my list i fangirl over it, and then just feel nastalgic for the next twokinds page for the rest of the week.
chaoswolf12 2014年6月3日下午5:11 
TheKingOfLife 2014年4月12日下午9:02 
i pray for this to be fixed T.T
PicaGreen 2014年3月17日上午11:38 
this mod keeps breaking my games
can you please fix this?
tookmeforever 2014年3月4日下午7:44 
The first 3 times I tried to use this, I get the grey screen and instant loss. Just some feedback, don't give up. Good luck going forward.
Ravemaster99 2014年2月16日上午8:50 
I didn't expect to find something like THIS here... Hoorah for obscure comic fanwork!
vynllein 2014年1月21日下午7:50 
rave otter 2014年1月13日上午8:26 
um for whatever reason it isnt loading in my mod screen am i doing something wrong?
Lazorcat  [作者] 2014年1月7日下午2:51 
I really don't know what the problem is with it, there is nothing about it on the civ modding forums, nor did anyone reply to my thread. I have gone through the code, nothing seems wrong, so I doubt nothing short of remaking the mod would fix it. It has been a while since I worked on this, and I don't have much more patience for modding for this game, so i'm not going to do that, sorry.
HemmsFox 2014年1月5日下午11:33 
Please please please fix the starting bug. I really want to use this Mod. I want to do a Fandoms World civ game using civilizations from fictional books, movies, comics, and such, and seeing as I am a Furry and really wanna root for the home team this mod fills that void. I'm seeing a lot of people saying it is hit and miss. PLEASE fix this mod.
Drakuun 2013年12月20日上午1:49 
Damn! This mod can't be download :(
Ronin 2013年12月12日上午4:24 
True, She is as well the only leader there is at least some information on. The rest of them is the problem. Nothing on the Duke and the templar Leader. besides 1 or 2 partial apernces in the story.
PicaGreen 2013年12月9日下午4:46 
very well but still just a small pet peeve of mine you could even go with the 3 generals and i would be happy.
Lazorcat  [作者] 2013年12月9日下午3:48 
If the leader of the bastins was King Adelaide, then I would have very little art to work with and it would be extremely difficult to make tie-ins to the series, as we know very little about her.
PicaGreen 2013年12月9日上午7:53 
please update the leaders to the correct leaders as keith is not actually the leader of the basitans
Ronin 2013年12月5日下午3:35 
Nice, but i don,t think the leaders are really correct for the lore of the webcomic
Dardanus 2013年12月4日下午1:54 
Best webcomic ever!
Kristof the wolf 2013年12月2日下午4:18 
When I start a new game it instantly says that I lost. Any ideas as to why? I really love this webcomic and really want to play this mod
PicaGreen 2013年11月25日上午3:50 
any chance you could make other webcomic civs? (i.e. draconia tigers and dragons)
reconskills14 2013年10月24日上午9:42 
Markiplier's brother writes this series!!
Angry Flareon 2013年10月15日下午4:06 
I managed to start a game as the Keidrans but the game frose at turn 145. tried another game and it happened again :/
Dfs101 Zambiblebops™ 2013年10月2日上午1:19 
I tryed to play as the animal people i was VS the other 2 and as soon as the game started i lost anyone have any idea?
Ori-O 2013年9月25日下午6:40 
Ah, None of the units work, They only show as spearmen...
Jason McCloud 2013年9月25日下午12:33 
For some reason the tiger person seems to have some relations to porn
SgtStuka 2013年9月23日下午1:11