Left 4 Dead 2
Reorigined Viewmodels
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SirJakeJenkins 14 січ о 12:56 
The link is dead
a kwabby patty 30 гру 2016 о 5:06 
this isn't even for every weaponthe viewmodels make verry little differanc i would recommend this mod instead : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=782616059
DespressedJupiter6 19 гру 2016 о 4:00 
Waffles 26 лис 2016 о 13:37 
This looks dope tho
lolznoboz 2 лис 2016 о 13:32 
can you atleast try to do the desert eagle
Moustachio 18 сер 2016 о 1:09 
Carlos Esteban 3 сер 2016 о 13:29 
can you make the single pistol look a little bit further on cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor 51
Military Brutality 22 лип 2016 о 7:26 
with this, my friend. I dont think that Im ever gonna need any other reanimation mods. And yes, very satisfying so far, thank you author T~T ( happy tears)
Satan's Fetus-Legs 18 лип 2016 о 5:28 
looks more like how the l4d1 animations are. I wonder if someone will reorigin those for l4d1..
Bill Nye the Russian Spy 30 чер 2016 о 2:14 
@Pingas™ This doesn't involve you
Pingas™ 29 чер 2016 о 8:29 
Oh my fucking god. Shut up Bill Nye.
Bill Nye the Russian Spy 26 чер 2016 о 20:58 
@SinisterSpud did you see my idea? Are you there.
Bill Nye the Russian Spy 8 тра 2016 о 19:06 
@SinisterSpud Can you add one for Deagle, maybe someone made the Deagle component for the the starter kit some where to download.
Bill Nye the Russian Spy 28 кві 2016 о 16:01 
Maybe someone added the deagle somewhere and you can download it.
Pingas™ 28 кві 2016 о 14:33 
He can't add the Desert Eagle. The starter pack doesn't have animations for it.
Bill Nye the Russian Spy 28 кві 2016 о 5:33 
Bill Nye the Russian Spy 28 кві 2016 о 5:33 
@SinisterSpud for my sanity please add one for the Deale.
Mr. Crate 13 кві 2016 о 17:41 
Really great
[L-I] VincelukeII 29 бер 2016 о 14:34 
iam not forceing you to do this, its just an idea ;)
Pingas™ 28 бер 2016 о 17:47 
[L-I] VincelukeII 28 бер 2016 о 13:53 
no, i am saying is to edit the melee weapons to "less in your face" like you did with the guns
Pingas™ 27 бер 2016 о 19:17 
Somehow this makes the default animations a lot more tolerable. Not sure if I prefer this or the L4D1 animations. Both are a huge improvement over the stock viewmodels.
[L-I] VincelukeII 29 лют 2016 о 14:32 
that's is not what i ment, i mean reorganize the position of the default melee weapons
AxiomNachtFox™ 29 лют 2016 о 14:11 
Can you have custom models that use the Valve Anims? Cos I really want to use the L4D1 Pistols on L4D2 Anims.
[L-I] VincelukeII 10 лют 2016 о 17:50 
Do you know what other weapon needs this type of fix? Melee weapons! they too are "More in your Face"
Mysteriis 5 гру 2015 о 6:29 
can you make one without a pistol so i can use other mods for the pistol because even the orignal pistol walking animation is missing
Dune Jumper 24 лис 2015 о 8:47 
You can see through Nick's arm while reloading the autoshotguns.
Drag0n 7 жов 2015 о 7:10 
Fantastic. Its amazing how such a simple mod can make such a huge difference; suddenly the "awful" valve animations now look pretty damn good. Thumbs up!
[FS] CyberWolf 3 лип 2015 о 22:26 
great mod, no bugs for me, works fine, and it makes it so i need no custom weapon models or weapon animations. 10/10 man ;)
Rapikol 18 чер 2015 о 22:11 
Wish it would add pistols movement animations
Theuaredead` 2 тра 2015 о 18:08 
Kinda hard to make the magnum when the files are missing from the starter kit.
Fine 1 бер 2015 о 9:15 
I love this mod, but do you think you could do it for the SG552 hidden German weapon as well? it has a broken stock that's noticeable at higher FOVs.
Mrz.FranG00bYGAIBEN1337H4x0r$MLG 23 лют 2015 о 16:04 
λ-Morgan Freeman-λ 7 лют 2015 о 12:04 
what is this so called starter kit?
Dayvo 5 січ 2015 о 20:58 
tu stultus es 5 січ 2015 о 20:55 
@Davos: both this and animation mods, or for that matter, any weapon mod, overrides the viewmodel, so logically, it would not work.
Dayvo 5 січ 2015 о 20:34 
Does this work with animation mods?
Mysteriis 24 лис 2014 о 15:14 
small bug smoke after firing weapon like m16,ak47,smg coming from middle not the end of the weapon not a major bug but it's annoying but this is valve fault i think,when looking up also weapon stretch or wider.
francisilysm234 19 лис 2014 о 7:36 
Does this fix the hunting rifle bug?
TheAmazingCat 16 лис 2014 о 3:02 
Thanks for this awesome mod! Bring back the L4D1 atmosphere
Diva Dan 24 жов 2014 о 5:29 
can you make a l4d1 weapon animation that doesn't requir players to get the mod
baby 9 жов 2014 о 10:44 
EPIC GOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AchingFace 1 жов 2014 о 19:10 
Can this work with skins that use default animations?
PSquiddy 23 вер 2014 о 19:04 
I love you.
BirdEnthusiast 11 вер 2014 о 17:56 
I really like these, they make the weapons feel more L4D1 like/less professional and so close to your face. I can't help but feel the Spas 12 is a little off though, like it doesn't point towards the crosshair properly, not too major of a bug, though.
75RGT_Teras 18 лип 2014 о 18:00 
Not good;;;;;;;;;;;;; Error..................
DrunkTree 11 чер 2014 о 22:30 
Hunting Rifle is like showing all the hidden/unused animations,Its so glitchy.Fix?
Fats Mcgee and The Retard Three 11 чер 2014 о 12:13 
The hunting sniper rifle keeps glitching out for me, how do i fix this
Dan10254 12 кві 2014 о 10:59 
Vey good. It's a Must have addon. Too bad it corrupts other weapons addons.
Good job!
Hobo Sexual 16 бер 2014 о 23:56 
No visual changes I noticed. A lot of conflicts with other mods.