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Zaldarr 12 лип о 19:20 
Terrible terrible map. The Japanese NEVER win, in all the dozens of games I've played on this map
Rm!X 1 тра о 9:13 
Map is way too open and distances are overly large, causing unnecessary running.. defenders can literally hide anywhere and make attacking troubled.. very dull to play. Only good thing I can find is rain and lighting in map
Cat Nejc 26 кві о 14:49 
This map is great. Congrets for winning that map compatition btw. More dark maps please!
Clamps 23 кві о 18:53 
Steaming pile of crap, this map is complettte garbage. Should not have been made official.
[ICV]WoLvErInE  [автор] 21 кві о 17:34 
Yes! No need to subscribe to it any more. It's part of the game!
SCUM 21 кві о 15:19 
Now its an official map, all is well
Maush3r 28 лют о 10:16 
No Server?
OhshiAppledrink 26 січ о 1:28 
I wish more servers would use this map, I really liked it the first time around.
Hashslingingslasher 9 січ о 1:36 
This map is fantastic it really reminds me of RO 1 and makes the game feel the way it should, the atmospheric sounds / whether really tie into the jungle scene nicely and makes the games graphics flourish. Great use of terrain foliage / hills and such.
Hope you continue to make RO 1-esc maps :)
Games Woods 8 січ о 20:55 
Congrats on the the placing in the contest, Wolvie. You deserve it.
Keep up the good work bud.
[ICV]WoLvErInE  [автор] 1 січ о 22:36 
Guys Please...Go to the TWI forum and download the map. New version is there. Workshop won't let me upload new version. Sorry!
[RGN] RAW POWER 1 січ о 22:19 
DOWNLOAD FAILED... then sits there and BLOCKS all other downloads until you UNSUBSCRIBE from this map. SKIP IT> BAD DOWNLOAD
Kruppstahl 31 гру 2013 о 6:47 
I love junglemaps!!!
[RMC]Mjr VIK 31 гру 2013 о 2:15 
gonna ad you as friend cos need to verify some file locations if thats ok wolverine, cos i htikn my server host is lost withit so i willneed to guide them as to what goes where
[ICV]WoLvErInE  [автор] 30 гру 2013 о 10:47 
Make sure you download the version thats in the twi forum. this is an older version.
[RMC]Mjr VIK 30 гру 2013 о 2:10 
wolverine , it woks fine on my pc but when we vote it in onthe dedicated server i uploaded it to it just goes to iwojima, the providore unzipped it andmoved all relevant files to like named locations in their files at the server end any ideas?
Pvt. Beatty 11 гру 2013 о 13:36 
when the 29th did this map it was epic
Blas de Lezo 24 лис 2013 о 13:59 
Penaz 14 лис 2013 о 14:37 
alcocapone 6 жов 2013 о 14:15 
good joob, nice map
North_Dumpling 6 жов 2013 о 1:10 
Thanks dude,exactly,map is really awesome,beautiful rain effects.
MikeyBobs 5 жов 2013 о 14:26 
very nice
[ICV]WoLvErInE  [автор] 5 жов 2013 о 11:39 
Sorry Guys, I do have another version out, However, Since the last patch , I can't seem to uploaded it to WorkShop. You guys can download the new version of the TWI forums. http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=95057
North_Dumpling 5 жов 2013 о 4:35 
A lot of textures are missed,can you help me?
kefyras347 3 жов 2013 о 12:18 
nice indeed
[J.E.M] jkhypilot 1 жов 2013 о 16:34 
Ross Tha Boss 1 жов 2013 о 11:46 
foxtidu 30 вер 2013 о 13:29 
Joe Tollroad 29 вер 2013 о 10:59 
@Remembread He needs to upload the new version of the map on workshop, the one you are probably having trouble with is an old version.
MrVashtaNerada 29 вер 2013 о 9:32 
The trees are checker purple and black.... Along with the bushes, help?
Trollzor 28 вер 2013 о 12:36 
Crazy pictures
Pfc. Gunny 2.0 [22nd AB EU] 28 вер 2013 о 12:33 
i think its a little historic. why? rememember Cape Glouster?
Alex 28 вер 2013 о 6:51 
The atmosphere of the map is great!
[NUST] TheFappingQuickscoper 28 вер 2013 о 2:43 
Looks SO nice:D
so well done dude:-)
r[A]shka 28 вер 2013 о 1:58 
cool cart
Beliy 28 вер 2013 о 0:50 
Flavin 27 вер 2013 о 14:55 
Have played this map and loved it, the only problem i see here is the insane amount of TKs that are going to happen due to the lighting conditions.
Jeroenneke 27 вер 2013 о 12:44 
Stumbled upon this one when the creator was playtesting it the other day, runs fine even on my oldass pc, the thunder and rain creates a great mood, good gameplay, one of the best custom maps I've seen yet.
Jason De Nobrega 27 вер 2013 о 8:48 
whats 658621
sorr gerat map go thorw a grande i wonder what will happend
3豹哥 26 вер 2013 о 20:56 
Путин В.В. 26 вер 2013 о 14:49 
ЧТо это за дерьмо ? виндовс 98 снова в моде ?
GWGH 24 вер 2013 о 17:39 
молодец аффтор 4+
baconbits52 21 вер 2013 о 10:53 
Great map good atmosphere. A few possible bugs, unable to cross some fallen fences and crouch behind some objects. the uniforms are to close to each other so makes it hard to spot. Other then that bravo
SCUM 19 вер 2013 о 7:19 
Very nice map! Great atmosphere and the layout is interesting as well.
Attacking some points is a mite easy though. Point A is more or less a handout to the Japanese where, as a defender, even right at the start the Japanese have usually taken it before defenders can even reach the Cap's border area.
Also Bots have a habit of bunching up in really weird areas, but then again RO2 bots ;)

Very nice! Hope this eventually becomes an official release.
Joe Tollroad 18 вер 2013 о 16:27 
He can't give them the M1, since it wasnt standard issued for marines at this time.
Powell 14 вер 2013 о 13:45 
too easy to attack

I would recommend giving the Americans the M1 Garand
Patrick Bateman 14 вер 2013 о 3:38 
Looks very nice, can't wait to try it.
Altair114 13 вер 2013 о 9:19 
Good job man
Ellie 12 вер 2013 о 17:17 
It's nice, however the sound of the rain seems to constantly cut in/out and the first cap is extremely easy for the Japanese.
Agent-1138[GB] 12 вер 2013 о 6:27 
Awesome, although that server is empty, and Aussie/Nz is kinda laggs for the uk, also I can't find PhosphatePlant on the workshop, anyone got a link?