Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Zoka 10 lug, ore 15:09 
Great map
One Click xD 3 lug, ore 4:01 
Nice map for video about all skins...Thank you!
John 24 giu, ore 19:15 
Why i can't shoot on the map? Are there some hidden settings or something?
「L.O.Rs」 Lekim 20 mag, ore 20:40 
As you have done chess prop? >.< I love the map
Edoubz 18 mag, ore 20:22 
this map is awesome
[PB]DaEngineer  [autore] 15 mag, ore 4:48 
I don't know. I remember that I was in a hurry because the map was made for a contest and time was running out. I started with the simpler chess pieces and kept the knight for later. I guess I just thought I had enough pieces to show everything I wanted to show so I forgot about it.
Sinx 15 mag, ore 3:54 
I love this map! but why does it have no knights?
SpeedWagon 2 mag, ore 2:13 
Incredible map, and it's a good choice for screenshots cuz light and shadow in this map is pretty special.
JasperRice 13 feb, ore 3:55 
Seems like a sence in Alice in Wonderland . Pretty awesome.
nico"Rusticus" 12 feb, ore 10:54 
Unregular! I love it!
Scandisk7 6 feb, ore 7:02 
Surrealist, fucking awesome!
Pancaken 25 gen, ore 19:54 
Awesomely whimsical. There are teleporting teacups.
bradley 25 gen, ore 3:00 
skateknees 28 nov 2015, ore 19:44 
Wow. There's a well functioning brain in that skull of yours. 23.3/10
Salvador Dali would be proud of you.
drpricklefingers 18 nov 2015, ore 11:39 
love it play all the time
NX7 15 ott 2015, ore 14:05 
amazing ,)
SomeGuy 3 ott 2015, ore 21:30 
Ryan Augustin 18 set 2015, ore 1:49 
So fucking pretty <3
ToXiC™ | <3 twenty øne piløts 30 lug 2015, ore 12:46 
Very nice Map
Cuilan 19 lug 2015, ore 22:06 
A bomb/hostage version would be nice.
BoJack 19 lug 2015, ore 0:58 
tredici 23 giu 2015, ore 7:01 
the map is very good for skin showcases and sush. great job
LuxTorpeda (PL) 21 giu 2015, ore 12:40 
Fantastic job. Great for a duel 1 vs 1.
ムLSQ☁ 7 giu 2015, ore 10:31 
epic map. thanks for you job
James 30 mag 2015, ore 18:43 
Awesome map, say, could this be made for Garry's Mod? Cuz the map is just flawless.
Coconut 7 mag 2015, ore 18:28 
This looks sick!
Amarok 18 apr 2015, ore 4:36 
It looks amazing, reminds me of Salvador Dali (think none of these kids will know him xD). Awesome map
Robinson 3 mar 2015, ore 12:16 
This map is nuts!
Samy 22 feb 2015, ore 18:11 
Absolutely excellent map design, Colours and architecture all flow and link seamlessly, The idea for the map is so unique and fresh, 10/10
Daerst 26 gen 2015, ore 11:56 
Stunning design, love it! :)
Tristan 18 gen 2015, ore 20:00 
amazing map !! i love it
jajafahntimes 14 gen 2015, ore 18:31 
Grech 9 dic 2014, ore 21:53 
beautiful map, going to use for all my screen shoots of knives. love it
Ascrounch 2 dic 2014, ore 14:06 
nice one !!
v1duk4 6 nov 2014, ore 4:55 
+1 Awesome, epic!!!!!!!!! I love new maps!!

Please Valve add this!!!!!

I'll apreciate your visit please:
ak-47 | Legend
Victornillo 26 ott 2014, ore 7:55 
I love this map!!! Creative, futuristic, it's like a dream of Alice's (Adventures in Wonderland).
It would be the best Arms race map
#GreenWall 19 ott 2014, ore 16:44 
fucking super gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Astartes Sgrim 20 ago 2014, ore 18:43 
This is a beautiful and surreal map. I love this so much.
alpha2a 12 ago 2014, ore 4:24 
génial trés fun
Sensei Orison 27 giu 2014, ore 1:18 
Ah yes, Quite Marvelous Indeed! A overall well done map.
Kris10 22 giu 2014, ore 9:31 
A really fun and unique level. Everybody should get this map!
Froji 2 giu 2014, ore 7:56 
just wow
[PB]DaEngineer  [autore] 25 mag 2014, ore 22:57 
Never mind, you didn't bug me, I'm glad it's working now :)
Wrangler 25 mag 2014, ore 19:00 
This whole matter was MY FAULT. I am sorry for driving you crazy. I used an gamemodes_server.txt generator and the output file called up the wrong models. I am so sorry about this. Its an excellent map and I'm happy to be able to use it on my server.
Wrangler 25 mag 2014, ore 16:11 
thanks, I'll forward this. Sorry for being such a pest on this.
[PB]DaEngineer  [autore] 25 mag 2014, ore 15:18 
This is what the ar_chess.kv file contains:

"nameID" "#SFUI_Map_ar_chess"
"name" "ar_chess"
"imagename" "map-dust2-overall"
"t_arms" "models/weapons/t_arms_professional.mdl"
"ct_arms" "models/weapons/ct_arms_swat.mdl"

"tm_professional" ""
"tm_professional_var1" ""
"tm_professional_var2" ""
"tm_professional_var3" ""
"tm_professional_var4" ""
"ctm_swat" ""
"ctm_swat_variantA" ""
"ctm_swat_variantB" ""
"ctm_swat_variantC" ""
"ctm_swat_variantD" ""

Everything listed under "ct_models" is what is used for the CTs. These models aren't even custom, they are the official SWAT skins.
Wrangler 25 mag 2014, ore 14:48 
Me to my host:
> I'll ask. The odd part is that prior to the last wipe it was working
> just fine. This is why, after everything I tried and contacted, I
> thought to ask you guys if something that was there is missing from the current install.

My host to me:
That would be the case, since any custom content you had before was removed, which may have included additional mounted content. Do you know which models that CT's should be using? Clearly they are something custom, but which models did the map creator use?

I fyou can give me more detail perhaps my host can fill-in whats missing.
[PB]DaEngineer  [autore] 25 mag 2014, ore 12:31 
Let me know if you find a solution. I'll try to reproduce it on other computers as well so I can really be sure.
Wrangler 25 mag 2014, ore 12:27 
hrm. I'll see what can be done. We did just wipe and reinstall the server. Perhaps something the map needed was lost in the wipe. Thaks for trying though.