GhostHawk Shift
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CiriusFodder 8月26日 17時22分 
This is a very enjoyable helicopter mission, and very good show casing of the ghost hawk. The random weather feature didn't appear to work and no last waypoint indicator, but these are very minor things. Hope the author expands this mission, or makes more in the future.
Mr.Skipples 8月16日 16時30分 
A lot of fund and excellent for practice.
[TB] TheHawg 7月7日 14時00分 
You should work on a mod for DUWS, where you can command the AI fireteams into your heli, and transport them to better tactical locations. :P Or extract them from sticky situations. Either way, I'm thinking you could find a way to apply this mod to a procedurally generated map like DUWS so that you only run out of jobs when the map runs out of enemies.
Lorik Eolmin 7月6日 12時27分 
Very enjoyable. Great work.
Dc 7月5日 13時27分 
A great mission. I only wish there was more of it!
boixet 6月28日 10時08分 
mi favorito para testear las configuraciones :)
Ace_Man 6月26日 18時40分 
Excellent work. Tnk u for share it.
WaveFunction 6月15日 2時01分 
Excellent mission! I must have beat it three or four times by now.
The LA 6月9日 20時02分 
This mission is incredibly fun. Great work.
Bobisback 6月5日 21時22分 
It was fun but when i went to pick up the Downed polits no one told me to "go". I never new if everyone was in or not so not sure if I should have left or not. Other then that alot of fun! Thanks!
Spineli 6月3日 13時40分 
cool!! Ps: can u fix the suicide Ki like the nano second the heli is down they get out and i killed 2 so far just by landing.. P _ P
Dragonchance 5月26日 12時50分 
Good stuff!
schuler 5月22日 19時00分 
i'll give her a go !!!
qualifiedaustralian 5月17日 2時46分 
Would be good to have a multi-play version of this.
etna009 5月3日 13時57分 
great mission......want more.....
GigaS 4月4日 20時26分 
Short and sweet, the way i like it sometimes. Great job
Robert 3月23日 15時53分 
Very fun, wish there were more like it!
Andreman 3月22日 9時02分 
Thanks, a lot, I'll try. Unforunately video link has been broken, here is a new one Video Really loved second checkpoint
Antorugby  [作成者] 3月22日 8時22分 
Hey Andreman, nice flying!
For the repair you should land on the pad and then shut down your engine.
The gunners unfortunately do whatever they want, It's Arma problem, the best way should be to target the enemies for them and then order to shoot.
Andreman 3月22日 7時49分 
How do you support with gunners, for me it's too hard, also I can't repair that vehicle at base.
Here is just my video [] failing at the 3rd checkpoint.
Mr. ZoRn 3月22日 6時55分 
No Savepoints, Markers would be nice to have, to look for an good aproachvector (valleys ectpp.)
Amfreightdog 3月8日 21時31分 
Awesome Mission, look forward to some more.
Antorugby  [作成者] 3月7日 11時48分 
Actually I'm working on something pretty fast and simple for the little bird lol
timokujansuu 3月7日 11時44分 
Solid mission, all objectives were fun to do. I only wish someone made a similar mission for hummingbird with insertions into smaller, trickier LZs... hint hint lol
pizzaboy150 3月3日 7時36分 
Sweet mission I really enjoyed it!
ViRas 2月26日 5時07分 
Great Mission, good if you want to train proper piloting!
DeathMetalFatality 2月24日 13時27分 
Get to the choppa!!! \m/\m/
Eineherjar 2月22日 5時51分 
Cool mission. Some bugs wrt the support task. I suspect that if some of them die, returning the rest to base does not activate the SAR task.
RangerSmash275 2月17日 23時19分 
Great flight training, good job.
Rosswell 2月15日 21時19分 
cool mission 2月9日 3時38分 
Cool Mission, well done!
PROFILE 2月8日 20時48分 
raptorpilot2 1月31日 16時45分 
Awesome job! I had fun learning how to manuver such a helicopter on a new joystick setup. It served for great practice.
pmanley 1月30日 5時32分 
Great series of missions! 9/10
[FoRe | MSichBtl] Lönja Selter 1月29日 4時12分 
great except i cant get past the support mission(3) i pick up charlie, and lift off, and drop them at the base. then nothing
Srhazard 1月23日 23時44分 
Amazing missions, i love the last, SAR. 8/10.
Biohorror 1月5日 12時52分 
NM I got it
Biohorror 1月5日 11時08分 
would someone be so kind as to tell me where I click to download the mod ... sry but first time doing this from steam. I go to the site and click on ftp mirror and it brings me to this page, can't find the download link
NutsFathead 1月5日 7時37分 
loved it
TriNitroToluene 1月4日 3時34分 
great mission, just a bit short (18mins) 9.5/10
Darbot 1月3日 19時18分 
I had fun! Great way to learn landing and staying low. I thought the support fire, and SAR were the highlights.
Ruwe 2013年12月31日 21時59分 
Amazing missions! I really enjoyed it and it tought me how to land NOT using auto hover! (auto hover just felt 'wrong' when doing the evac on a hot LZ, took me quit a bit, but I got it with no auto hover eventually!) This is a great training tool for having new pilots learn the ropes. IMO it's way better than the included showcases. 9/10 will play again!
Lyco 2013年12月16日 2時14分 
Great scenario. Sadly my co-pilot got KIA during the CASEVAC. Doing all the following missions with a dead body in the helo was a bit creepy. Apart from that an amazing set of missions especially the SAR with the flares. 9/10.
Eaglescout 2013年11月20日 17時27分 
Not sure what to say. Came into the CASEVAC LZ fast and low. Performed a breaking turn landing quick enough that my gear almost didnt retract in time only to be hit by a morter.
|SaW| Stefan 2013年11月12日 10時16分 
just finished it and i think it was great wish there was more missions but i guess you can just do it over and over again
NOISEMAKER 2013年11月11日 11時26分 
Very well done, it's a little rough, but I had a lot of fun. All in all I'd say 8/10.
Even though I'm at best a novice pilot, I'd like to see a lot more content like this in the future in the community.

A couple things I'd like to add though; the downed pilots use a chem light, which makes sense at night but I ended up having to fly around during the day like a chicken with its head cut off. If you can somehow change it to smoke during the day that would help that.

If you were thinking of adding more content, following the pilot [player character] for a week/few weeks would help create a nice little story, every day going on a few runs would be fun.

Also add checkpoints if possible.
boobatron 2013年11月11日 11時21分 
Top quality, good for polishing up the chopper skills and lots of fun. Thanks very much.
Pickerd 2013年11月3日 2時52分 
Would love to see more chopper logistics only missions. Well done.
Brother Speculum 2013年10月31日 22時54分 
Great, thanks a lot :)
True 2013年10月30日 12時38分 
Nice fun mission.