Questo gioco è stato approvato dalla Comunità!

La comunità ha mostrato il suo interesse per questo gioco. Valve si sta accordando con lo sviluppatore per il rilascio su Steam.

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Digital Clock 6 ott, ore 9:08 
MurderCards 7 set, ore 2:38 
Been another 2 months....
Marekai 31 ago, ore 10:24 
Can we atleast get an update on how far you are in, silence is worse than bad news in these circumstances. With Love, a future fan.
dadiomouse 30 ago, ore 4:25 
Almost September... this really needs some kind of playable demo now, having waited sooo long for this already - just something playable to prove it exists at all (& is still being worked on...)
Exanimem 26 ago, ore 13:48 
When this gonna come out? I remember backing and it was supposed to be out, what, spring 2014? No update this month on the site either.
.Redgouf. 20 ago, ore 18:25 
...So is this dead and gone now???
redeyedangel299750 29 lug, ore 22:28 
....cmon youre the only game to try this since virus...dont give up
Jambo 19 giu, ore 4:35 
@Cranemann33 yep, do we know what's happened?
Gian Yagami 17 giu, ore 6:50 
Can't wait to play this game!
romgb 8 giu, ore 19:31 
Yeah, its all too quiet.
Pls guys, don't give up on this game. We'll wait for him, the hype is real
Cranemann33 5 giu, ore 10:28 
anyone else here from indiegogo?
MurderCards 25 apr, ore 15:05 
Almost 2 months and no updates....
LewxX 15 apr, ore 14:35 
Any updates? Another month has passed.
Max0880 16 mar, ore 11:52 
and now we wait
█Potato█Kebabelele█ 7 feb, ore 16:54 
lemon u scrub m8!
Scoopta 28 gen, ore 2:46 
I really wanna play this freaking game. It looks sooooooo good.
Lemon 26 gen, ore 11:39 
when will this be out?
Marekai 21 gen, ore 8:15 
I cant wait, this is actually one of the few things (the only actually) i've donated to
AskaLangly 19 gen, ore 14:09 
Take your time, guys... you need it.
Dark Riddler 18 gen, ore 16:24 
The concept is epic and I wasn't expecting it.
St. Elsewhere 15 gen, ore 9:48 
It'd be nice to hear an update from you guys. At least every two weeks or month
Schutn 6 gen, ore 18:30 
Is there any chance you guys will pick up on developing Pixelry again?
Jenkins #noform #muchlag 18 dic 2014, ore 14:23 
I'd like to play it right now!I wish there was an early access!
Mr.Meowvin 13 dic 2014, ore 11:10 
Wish the best of luck to you guys and I hope you get the issue resolved.
David Ocelot 12 dic 2014, ore 21:34 
Any news?
[Terraria] Potato 7 dic 2014, ore 16:15 
why is thiis not out yet.
TheAtom 5 dic 2014, ore 20:02 
The Atomic Clown 23 ott 2014, ore 6:13 
I appreciate your dedication to the project and am hoping everything will iron out. Take your time and good luck figuring this all out.
Wighar 2 ott 2014, ore 18:05 
Just read "Bureaucrazy" and as a Indiegogo backer for this project I am sure you will make it out in the end and I fully believe we can all wait until the game meets a finished state, no hurry
Orbister 24 set 2014, ore 16:24 
dudes, hurry i've been waiting for this for like a year already...
TheAtom 15 set 2014, ore 17:13 
Sour Meme 7 set 2014, ore 23:09 
it will be so sick
swimz 2 set 2014, ore 17:49 
this game will be awesome
_.-BorderPsycho-._ 2 set 2014, ore 16:04 
Can't wait longer , this game is fantastic , the idea great
dragonface2002 10 ago 2014, ore 6:24 
it's so beautiful!
jisaacsen 31 lug 2014, ore 14:23 
Will Pay $40+ For A Pre-Order of This Game
Sorata Kanda 25 lug 2014, ore 14:51 
i cant wait :D :D :D :D
ℒester ℛoquefort 11 lug 2014, ore 21:19 
Don't say stuff like that... they'll never release it if you pressure them...
Kill Ryan 5 lug 2014, ore 20:59 
Capt. Shakespeare 8 giu 2014, ore 11:56 
We need to test it!! please release something !!:)
Aтαηα¢ιυѕ 7 giu 2014, ore 19:07 
Great, you'll greenlighted it... So, now, sell it !
[Terraria] Potato 4 giu 2014, ore 14:51 
It's june. is the game in beta yet
RS 16 mag 2014, ore 15:28 
Nochmal - wir haben 2014 NICHT 1985 !!! Keinen 8-bit-Mist bitte. Es nervt !!!
Requin d'Energie 22 apr 2014, ore 2:11 
We're looking forward to test it ;)
ℒester ℛoquefort 21 apr 2014, ore 19:33 
█▌███▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▐░░▄▓▓███▓▓▓▄▀▐█ Much Pixel, Very Retro, Such Fun. Wow.
popscotch112 17 apr 2014, ore 17:42 
Cant wait!
PotatoTomato 16 apr 2014, ore 0:19 
Can use windows explorer as an actual map, my god.
ℒester ℛoquefort 14 apr 2014, ore 18:46 
romgb: I'd bet that'd be the case if you had a very small HD...
Evelend  [autore] 14 apr 2014, ore 16:37 
We are updating tomorrow with exciting news about the next version, its development and its release! Thank you so much for your patience! :)
romgb 6 apr 2014, ore 21:36 
I'm really excited... but I have some fears...
I think the game may be too simple... I don't know,I'm afraid that after like 20 hours my char would be totally op and I had saw everything in the game ._.