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A közösség kimutatta érdeklődését e játék iránt. A Valve kapcsolatba lépett ezzel a fejlesztővel, hogy megkezdjék a Steames megjelenés irányába terelni a dolgokat.

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Expired PotatoTomato jan. 19., du. 1:37 
the game is still in development boyos, dont worry
Bramnet 2016. nov. 29., de. 7:09 
Sanic The Lego, I found a blog much later that while it's not updated a lot, it's still being updated, here's the link http://adventuros.evelend.com/blog/
Detective Pikachu 2016. nov. 28., de. 10:26 
It's been 2 years. Can we at least know if this game is still in development?
Azavar.Kul 2016. nov. 28., de. 9:56 
i want to play this game VERY MUUCH!!!
David Ocelot 2016. nov. 3., de. 12:47 
Good luck guys. Looking forward to this game. No pressure.
Bramnet 2016. júl. 12., du. 11:21 
Azavar.Kul, do you have anything to confirm that... and don't say "time" this is an indie game after all... (developing a game takes a long time with only a few people)
Azavar.Kul 2016. júl. 12., de. 6:38 
PrideGames 2016. júl. 2., du. 6:06 
When will this game be done?
Cakekarottcake 2016. máj. 17., de. 6:58 

Not really. I really appreciate what you guys are creating, I know how things can go south while developing a game and how life can get in the way and whatnot. Nonetheless, keep up the good work, I'm sure it will come out as the best that you guys can do. :) Stay strong!
Bramnet 2016. máj. 4., du. 10:42 
This game has been in the back of my mind since I saw it, and that was more than 6 months ago, if you guys are still working on it, that is fantastic and anyway we can help would be great.
Detective Pikachu 2016. ápr. 12., de. 6:53 
Can we at least get an update?
the guy that lives in ur fridge 2016. ápr. 5., du. 1:51 
Is the game going to be realsed it has been over 2 years when it was supposed to be realsed
Lika Smertin 2016. febr. 4., de. 1:06 
Thank you very much for your answer! I look forward to new news!
Evelend  [készítő] 2016. febr. 3., de. 9:56 
@Lika Smertin
Yes we have Cyrillic support on our list. We haven't done a very intensive testing but it is working great for now.
Thanks for asking and we will try to make some new screenshots and media to update the expected support for the first playable version.
Lika Smertin 2016. jan. 31., de. 4:25 
What about the language?
I know that not all operating systems are in English as my OS, it will not cause any errors in the game or lack (or vice versa huge amount) mobs in the game?
whether as a dungeon called the %$#^%$# if a folder called "ПОДЗЕМЕЛЬЕ"?
Your game is very much like me, you've added so much to it, will be very sad if I could not test it - I'm waiting for it for a long time.
Perhaps this is not an urgent question, and you have already decided it. Apologies
Exanimem 2015. dec. 19., de. 10:34 
This will release when Half-Life 3 is done it seems.
Digital Clock 2015. okt. 6., de. 9:08 
MurderCards 2015. szept. 7., de. 2:38 
Been another 2 months....
Marekai 2015. aug. 31., de. 10:24 
Can we atleast get an update on how far you are in, silence is worse than bad news in these circumstances. With Love, a future fan.
dadiomouse 2015. aug. 30., de. 4:25 
Almost September... this really needs some kind of playable demo now, having waited sooo long for this already - just something playable to prove it exists at all (& is still being worked on...)
Exanimem 2015. aug. 26., du. 1:48 
When this gonna come out? I remember backing and it was supposed to be out, what, spring 2014? No update this month on the site either.
.Redgouf. 2015. aug. 20., du. 6:25 
...So is this dead and gone now???
redeyedangel299750 2015. júl. 29., du. 10:28 
....cmon youre the only game to try this since virus...dont give up
Jambo 2015. jún. 19., de. 4:35 
@Cranemann33 yep, do we know what's happened?
Chigga 2015. jún. 17., de. 6:50 
Can't wait to play this game!
rom 2015. jún. 8., du. 7:31 
Yeah, its all too quiet.
Pls guys, don't give up on this game. We'll wait for him, the hype is real
Cranemann33 2015. jún. 5., de. 10:28 
anyone else here from indiegogo?
MurderCards 2015. ápr. 25., du. 3:05 
Almost 2 months and no updates....
LewxX 2015. ápr. 15., du. 2:35 
Any updates? Another month has passed.
Max0880 2015. márc. 16., de. 11:52 
and now we wait
P3454nt 2015. febr. 7., du. 4:54 
lemon u scrub m8!
Scoopta 2015. jan. 28., de. 2:46 
I really wanna play this freaking game. It looks sooooooo good.
rUqeRT 2015. jan. 26., de. 11:39 
when will this be out?
Marekai 2015. jan. 21., de. 8:15 
I cant wait, this is actually one of the few things (the only actually) i've donated to
AskaLangly 2015. jan. 19., du. 2:09 
Take your time, guys... you need it.
Dark Riddler 2015. jan. 18., du. 4:24 
The concept is epic and I wasn't expecting it.
St. Elsewhere 2015. jan. 15., de. 9:48 
It'd be nice to hear an update from you guys. At least every two weeks or month
Schutn 2015. jan. 6., du. 6:30 
Is there any chance you guys will pick up on developing Pixelry again?
Silver Hacker 2014. dec. 18., du. 2:23 
I'd like to play it right now!I wish there was an early access!
Mr.Meowvin 2014. dec. 13., de. 11:10 
Wish the best of luck to you guys and I hope you get the issue resolved.
David Ocelot 2014. dec. 12., du. 9:34 
Any news?
Moyles [Looking For Clan] 2014. dec. 7., du. 4:15 
why is thiis not out yet.
TheAtom 2014. dec. 5., du. 8:02 
The Angry Clown 2014. okt. 23., de. 6:13 
I appreciate your dedication to the project and am hoping everything will iron out. Take your time and good luck figuring this all out.
Wighar 2014. okt. 2., du. 6:05 
Just read "Bureaucrazy" and as a Indiegogo backer for this project I am sure you will make it out in the end and I fully believe we can all wait until the game meets a finished state, no hurry
Orbister 2014. szept. 24., du. 4:24 
dudes, hurry i've been waiting for this for like a year already...
TheAtom 2014. szept. 15., du. 5:13 
kyrie thinks the earth is flat 2014. szept. 7., du. 11:09 
it will be so sick
swimz 2014. szept. 2., du. 5:49 
this game will be awesome