Yhteisö on antanut tälle pelille julkaisuluvan!

Yhteisö on osoittanut mielenkiintonsa tätä peliä kohtaan. Valve on ottanut yhteyttä kehittäjiin saadakseen pelille Steam-julkaisun.

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MurderCards 7. syys 2.38 
Been another 2 months....
Marekai 31. elo 10.24 
Can we atleast get an update on how far you are in, silence is worse than bad news in these circumstances. With Love, a future fan.
dadiomouse 30. elo 4.25 
Almost September... this really needs some kind of playable demo now, having waited sooo long for this already - just something playable to prove it exists at all (& is still being worked on...)
Exanimem 26. elo 13.48 
When this gonna come out? I remember backing and it was supposed to be out, what, spring 2014? No update this month on the site either.
.Redgouf. 20. elo 18.25 
...So is this dead and gone now???
redeyedangel299750 29. heinä 22.28 
....cmon youre the only game to try this since virus...dont give up
Jambo 19. kesä 4.35 
@Cranemann33 yep, do we know what's happened?
Gian Yagami 17. kesä 6.50 
Can't wait to play this game!
romgb 8. kesä 19.31 
Yeah, its all too quiet.
Pls guys, don't give up on this game. We'll wait for him, the hype is real
Cranemann33 5. kesä 10.28 
anyone else here from indiegogo?
MurderCards 25. huhti 15.05 
Almost 2 months and no updates....
LewxX 15. huhti 14.35 
Any updates? Another month has passed.
Max0880 16. maalis 11.52 
and now we wait
█Potato█Kebabelele█ 7. helmi 16.54 
lemon u scrub m8!
Scoopta 28. tammi 2.46 
I really wanna play this freaking game. It looks sooooooo good.
Lemon 26. tammi 11.39 
when will this be out?
Marekai 21. tammi 8.15 
I cant wait, this is actually one of the few things (the only actually) i've donated to
AskaLangly 19. tammi 14.09 
Take your time, guys... you need it.
Dark Riddler 18. tammi 16.24 
The concept is epic and I wasn't expecting it.
St. Elsewhere 15. tammi 9.48 
It'd be nice to hear an update from you guys. At least every two weeks or month
Schutn 6. tammi 18.30 
Is there any chance you guys will pick up on developing Pixelry again?
Jenkins #noform #muchlag 18. joulu, 2014 14.23 
I'd like to play it right now!I wish there was an early access!
Mr.Meowvin 13. joulu, 2014 11.10 
Wish the best of luck to you guys and I hope you get the issue resolved.
David Ocelot 12. joulu, 2014 21.34 
Any news?
[Terraria] Potato 7. joulu, 2014 16.15 
why is thiis not out yet.
TheAtom 5. joulu, 2014 20.02 
The Atomic Clown 23. loka, 2014 6.13 
I appreciate your dedication to the project and am hoping everything will iron out. Take your time and good luck figuring this all out.
Wighar 2. loka, 2014 18.05 
Just read "Bureaucrazy" and as a Indiegogo backer for this project I am sure you will make it out in the end and I fully believe we can all wait until the game meets a finished state, no hurry
Orbister 24. syys, 2014 16.24 
dudes, hurry i've been waiting for this for like a year already...
TheAtom 15. syys, 2014 17.13 
it will be so sick
swimz 2. syys, 2014 17.49 
this game will be awesome
_.-BorderPsycho-._ 2. syys, 2014 16.04 
Can't wait longer , this game is fantastic , the idea great
dragonface2002 10. elo, 2014 6.24 
it's so beautiful!
jisaacsen 31. heinä, 2014 14.23 
Will Pay $40+ For A Pre-Order of This Game
Konata 25. heinä, 2014 14.51 
i cant wait :D :D :D :D
ℒester ℛoquefort 11. heinä, 2014 21.19 
Don't say stuff like that... they'll never release it if you pressure them...
The Loser 5. heinä, 2014 20.59 
Capt. Shakespeare 8. kesä, 2014 11.56 
We need to test it!! please release something !!:)
Aтαηα¢ιυѕ 7. kesä, 2014 19.07 
Great, you'll greenlighted it... So, now, sell it !
[Terraria] Potato 4. kesä, 2014 14.51 
It's june. is the game in beta yet
RS 16. touko, 2014 15.28 
Nochmal - wir haben 2014 NICHT 1985 !!! Keinen 8-bit-Mist bitte. Es nervt !!!
Requin d'Energie 22. huhti, 2014 2.11 
We're looking forward to test it ;)
ℒester ℛoquefort 21. huhti, 2014 19.33 
█▌███▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▐░░▄▓▓███▓▓▓▄▀▐█ Much Pixel, Very Retro, Such Fun. Wow.
popscotch112 17. huhti, 2014 17.42 
Cant wait!
PotatoTomato 16. huhti, 2014 0.19 
Can use windows explorer as an actual map, my god.
ℒester ℛoquefort 14. huhti, 2014 18.46 
romgb: I'd bet that'd be the case if you had a very small HD...
Evelend  [tekijä] 14. huhti, 2014 16.37 
We are updating tomorrow with exciting news about the next version, its development and its release! Thank you so much for your patience! :)
romgb 6. huhti, 2014 21.36 
I'm really excited... but I have some fears...
I think the game may be too simple... I don't know,I'm afraid that after like 20 hours my char would be totally op and I had saw everything in the game ._.