Mini Pet Maker
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Wurmple #WormSwag 4月26日下午12:09 
could you put a video as i am following the map but it is not in the area
devinf 3月22日下午11:01 
i have a baby netch now!
Guppi 3月20日上午10:51 
im so good i cant even find the area to get the spell, rip map reading
Springtrap 3月18日上午9:09 
im a khajiit in this game pls change the name of the khajiit camp and LOVE THIS MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD
Lilith's Love 1月26日上午10:13 
I had an issue with my pet being headless
:GREY: 1月15日下午6:33 
LMFAO...that map. "Filthy Khajit camp".. hahaha that shit just made my day.
Gloomhollow 1月8日下午5:50 
are the mini pets adoptable for hearthfire
bb_bear01 1月5日下午12:23 
I used it on a nord but when came up it had no head.
jarod0980 2014年12月6日下午9:53 
keeps crashing?
Slippery_Walrus 2014年11月30日下午6:14 
I can't find it for some reason is it in a bush or what is it in
randomwolf17 2014年11月8日下午11:24 
by da way, do dragons actualy fly? or do they just traipse along the ground looking silly...
hyonkwang 2014年10月26日上午5:42 
Dude!!! Your wife is a GENIUS!!!oxo If it wasn't for your 'Conjure Ethereal Horse Spell' this one would be my all time favourite! Thank you so much! One small request though; if it isn't to much to ask, I realyrealyrealy wont an Eagle, pleeeas? I went to Solitude to try get one and it must have taken a 100 attempts before my aim was tru(i'm sure it was at least once)...nothing! I'm lousy with console commands so i can't find the Eagle ID to 'placeatme' in a small room. If it isn't yet possible with eagles can you please make it so? If it already is possible, can somebody please help me out with the Eagle ID?
Lonely ODST 2014年10月22日下午1:31 
where did u get the armor
Hacker 2014年10月5日下午6:28 
Damn, the only pet i wanted was a fox. :P
SpotOnJ2K 2014年9月28日下午6:48 
Great mod, I enjoy watching my pets run around while I'm cutting people to ribbons.
Emo Horse 2014年9月25日下午11:06 
Everytime I got near the spell to pick it up my gam crashed. Soooo, had to remove this mod.
devinf 2014年9月2日下午4:47 
Tadrain The Wolf 2014年8月12日上午10:17 
Whats that armor mod?
Zipline_Orange 2014年7月2日下午2:59 
Khajiit dont have fleas... :'( usually. :3
sshakezz 2014年6月23日下午3:00 
Can't seem to get a dragon to work.
YanagiTheFurry 2014年6月17日下午1:35 
doesent work with foxes, and as u know humans 2 :P
YanagiTheFurry 2014年6月17日下午1:32 
just set their scale and there you have a follower that does not fight :P
The Riddler 2014年6月16日下午7:12 
cADET cUPCAKE 2014年5月24日下午11:59 
were is it can someone give me a better decription on where to find the spell :3
HerpDerpGamer 2014年5月13日下午4:33 
I don't know why, but I ignored the warning about human mini pets. They're all naked little women without heads
Riarus 2014年4月23日下午8:29 
seems the skeletal dragon in labarinthian gives an invisiable mini pet, any chance you could fix this?
Blueberry 2014年2月13日下午1:19 
That is a really good Description!
Dovahkiin 2014年2月2日下午8:18 
YOUH FOOL YOU CAUGHT IT ON FIRE T-T I found a pile of ash surrounded by 5 mini corpses I cried for 6 hours
☐ Not REKT ☑ REKT 2014年1月19日下午12:45 
Dragono5934, these pets are invincible so if they where able to attack that would be over powered.
neonmustache 2014年1月1日下午3:44 
i love this mod but can you make it to where they attack please?
DimoneAngelis 2013年12月29日下午12:39 
Lol great mod. The description was great for a laugh too XD
Ten Angry Horses in a Coat 2013年12月24日下午8:49 
what armor/mod did you use for the outfit in the screenshots?
-Mission Complete- 2013年12月22日下午2:07 
The people, please just no. ;-;
Yourpharaoh 2013年12月18日上午9:52 
How about more Screenshots?
Bonnie the Bunny 2013年11月26日下午6:14 
Might as well suggest a mod. Many people don't like the game Dragon age, but I think It would be amazing if someone could create a Fenris for Skyrim, Same voice acting, same armor, same markings, I would be greatful to whoever takes the time to create a detailed Fenris follower! Thanks!
gingeredsalmon3 2013年11月1日上午1:20 
who knows any sex or nude mods?
HaloBoyvsMinecraft 2013年9月6日上午7:34 
garythefish13 2013年8月30日下午10:41 
Khajits are not filthy!
tollean79 2013年8月17日下午7:42 
cant find chicken not in baral:(
Big Bubba 2013年8月9日下午12:36 
Big Bubba 2013年8月9日下午12:26 
how do you make them go away
Luna 2013年8月9日上午8:11 
Where did you get the armor in the pic?
Akar 2013年8月8日下午9:46 
Can you make one where their normal size? Not saying i dont like this its cool, but i prefur them normal size. And do the mini pet count as a pet slot or a real follower? Because i thinks it better for them to take a animal spot itf thats what their supposed to be.
celran 2013年8月7日上午9:15 
does this mean that we can have adorable mini-dragons?
Stevos 2013年8月3日上午6:36 
hey umm does this work on ice wraiths? I dont have skyrim yet but im going to get someday and I just want to know if ill be able to get a adorable little ice wraith when I do
TrueSuperGamerMode 2013年7月31日下午5:31 
"my wife for forcing me to make this mod" my face when lmaoooo
Germanic Ogrelord 2013年7月29日下午7:55 
Can you make a two handed rubber chicken?
bishop007 2013年7月21日下午5:07 
i cant find them

Brokunn  [作者] 2013年7月19日下午9:55 
@The Riddler - no
The Riddler 2013年7月19日下午7:17 
to get mini pets to work?