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Ghostship Aftermath
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JonnyƦedHed 16 hours ago 
All good things come to those who wait. Thanks S.
shaun  [author] 17 hours ago 
Its looking like the store should go live (by next friday) Its all down to steam at the moment. For pre-orders, we are getting some keys out in the next day or 2 for beta testing, which is basically the full game, minus any bugs we come accross in the next few weeks. We could not put it on the members area so members will be able to play beta 3 / final none VR here on steam.
JonnyƦedHed 17 hours ago 
Whats happening then. Is there another week to wait.
hicks Jul 11 @ 2:54pm 
np shaun just was wondering whether or not i had to wait for steam, guess I am waiting :D. Appreciate your work thus far, keep it up!
shaun  [author] Jul 11 @ 2:25pm 
This is going to be uploaded through steam. members who pre-ordered will get early access to the VR version before it goes live :)
hicks Jul 11 @ 11:56am 
Are you goiong to be uploading this to your sits members area or just steam? Cant wait for this! Still excited for my dk2 and the vr version :P
shaun  [author] Jul 11 @ 1:46am 
I finally got it uploaded here on steam thanks to bongobails. WooHoo

We are now just waiting on steam to review and then we can unleash Ghostship Aftermath. Look out for the store page when it goes live :)

The game is huge, random and lots of fun. We cant wait to unleash the VR version at the end of July.

Thanks to all you guys and girls who helped get Ghostship Aftermath & CDF Ghostship through greenlight! I am sure you sci-fi fans will have your sci-fi needs answered :)
JonnyƦedHed Jul 11 @ 1:11am 
How are things shaping up today Shaun.
shaun  [author] Jul 10 @ 4:33pm 
The none Vr version is all ready to go and awesome, cant wait to get the dk2 version out :) We are having problems uploading game on steam through steamworks. We hope to have it up and available as soon as we can :) The VR (dk2) version should hopefully go live at the end of the month providing oculus release the new sdk libraries for udk :)
ManOrAstroman? Jul 10 @ 4:20pm 
Hi Shaun..i can´t wait for the vr version of Ghostship Aftermath. All the previous demos are great fun to play. Many thanks for the sweat and sometimes tears ;-) you put in this game to develope a fantasic game for us space game lovers. Sorry for my english and best wishes for the future!
WinningHarp177 Jul 7 @ 8:10am 
Had my eye on this for a while and it's looking great, well done. One thing I would say is the loading screen between areas kind of jarred me out of the atmosphere. Think it would maintain the mood much more effectivley if you just had some kind of decon effect or a door unlock cycle or something, to mask the loading.
]CIA[ Onearmy Jul 4 @ 9:05am 
I stayed up the entire night waiting for the release lol. There seems to be a delay, most likely on STEAMS end. I can't wait! Haha
that voice in his helmet sounds kinda... well... look and see xD
(2nd video 2:38)
Marinn00 Jul 2 @ 5:49am 
Will you guys distribute keys to groupees before release? Or do we will have to wait till after the game is released to get them?
JonnyƦedHed Jul 1 @ 6:43am 
Ok Thanks
shaun  [author] Jul 1 @ 6:31am 
The none VR version is due for release this Friday (4th July) Here on steam at that time hopefully. You guys will get a choice of steam, desura and a few of distributor keys. You will get an e,mail tomorrow about your preferred choice (pre-orders) . We will have the full VR release ready and compatible with OR dk2, around the end of the month.
JonnyƦedHed Jul 1 @ 5:02am 
Ok yes I have that now. So is the game going on steam and we get steam keys, what's the status of this. Otherwise I assume we get another email when the game releases with a download URL.
shaun  [author] Jul 1 @ 2:18am 
Hi JohhnyRedHead, you should have received an e-mail :)
JonnyƦedHed Jun 30 @ 7:34pm 
I've pre-ordered Shaun, but have info after regarding what to do next and only my paypal receipt email. What next?
shaun  [author] Jun 20 @ 4:29pm 
It will be epic in DK2, Its made for HD and you have not seen nothing yet! Tonnes of stuff is store for you guys! We saved a lot of the scary and exciting stuff for the final release. The full ship is huge, In VR you can spend a week just looking round. All pre-orders will get the Hassle Free DLC free, when we started it was just an exploration game, but now she has gone much further than that :) the hassle Free DLC lets you just explore the ship :)
JVLK Jun 20 @ 2:40pm 
Was going to ask if you would update for dk2, but just read the information on the new website.
Good decision to postpone the vr release to the end of july to have full dk2 support.

Played the pre-order beta a couple of times with the dk1, and it scared the crap out of me a couple of really nailed that sense of presence of walking in that big space ship and somehow also maintain that claustrophobic feeling while wearing that space suit, can't wait for the dk2 to get a even better experience.
shaun  [author] Jun 18 @ 7:05pm 
Thanks guys :) Please spread the word! Nobody knows about Ghostship yet! We now need you guys in our final couple of weeks to help us spread the word! A newcomer in Sci-fi survival horror arrives on the 4th July :) And all you sci-fi fans are going to love it! Not all indie games are made equal :)
[ZFRSF]-Gourmet-Anarchy Jun 18 @ 6:52pm 
Tell all your friends about this
-=(Max)=- Jun 7 @ 4:42pm 
shaun  [author] Jun 3 @ 9:46pm 
Just updated the videos, with the video preview from VirtualrealityViewer
shaun  [author] Jun 3 @ 9:43pm 
Here is a preview of the VR demo we are releasing shortly - Thanks to VirtualRealityViewer

shaun  [author] Jun 3 @ 4:35pm 
Looking forward to the reviews?

if you like sci-fi, you will love it!
if you like surprises, this is the game for you.
if you have VR, then this is for you!

If you have a weak heart, epilepsy or expect to complete a game in an hour or 2 then this is not the game for you!

And i am expecting some 1 or 2 out of 10`s. This last couple of days has now prepared me for that. :)
olaffpeterson Jun 3 @ 3:42pm 
look you guys, i don't see why this has been blown up out of proportion like this, the facts are that you are all arguing over a game in "Development" it aint even finished IN ANY FORMAT!!! if this shit continues and steam pull the plug NOBODY gets a look at what promises to be a masterpiece of sci fi! shit i wouldn't be surprised if they made a damn movie! CHILL lets see what the score is when the damn thing is FINISHED???????? ☮
krazedlion Jun 3 @ 3:41pm 
Good luck! I hope things work out well for all involved and that the game plays as awesome as it looks!
shaun  [author] Jun 3 @ 12:52pm 
I know that now, next time we are waiting for confirmation, i will keep qiuet until we get that info :)
BionicGolem Jun 3 @ 12:42pm 
Well you shoot yourself in the foot with no steam keys for Groupees bundle at the start. And then you only make it worse by saying many inappropriate things in this situation, like bundle buyers get diffrent version or that the game wont be relased.
Small advice next time do a little research and think before u say something,remember internet don't forget.
shaun  [author] Jun 3 @ 12:17pm 
We have not exploited anything, and that is steams decision to make.
buttocks☣ of doom! Jun 3 @ 11:22am 
congratz on exploiting the greenlight system! flagged
shaun  [author] Jun 3 @ 10:41am 
shaun  [author] Jun 3 @ 8:12am 
Hi everyone, A reminder that we are finishing of the crew member lists in the game. This is your last chance to get your self into both Ghostship Games. Eligible pre-orders and bundle supporters Only.

More info here
AtomicWoodchuck Jun 3 @ 12:38am 
Disappointed to see the dev hasn't quit the industry as promised yesterday. Guess folks are used to his broken promises by now though...
K-Boom Jun 3 @ 12:21am 
shaun, if you are not aware you should see about games/devs that faced the same situation your're in now. There are plenty of examples out there.
Promiscuous Squirrel Jun 2 @ 11:51pm 
They are about this very page. They are not about the bundle. They are about you and your actions. The "Groupees Bundle" discussion is not the "right discussion". Each subsequent deletion is just getting another report to Valve. I'm truly sickened by your continued abusive behavior.
shaun  [author] Jun 2 @ 11:47pm 
Yes i have deleted two posts, they are not on the right discussion as mentioned numerous times?
shaun  [author] Jun 2 @ 11:38pm 
In reply to the last comment, it is posted in the bundle section! As your post should have been Promiscous Squirrel.
shaun  [author] Jun 2 @ 11:22pm 
I don't deny that. That is how i felt yesterday after lots of abuse. I have apologized for that. I have learned my lesson. And now I have some rest and a sense of normality, Everything is back to normal :) So if you have a normal question to ask feel free, and somebody will answer your question. This is truly my last post.
Promiscuous Squirrel Jun 2 @ 11:15pm 
THIS VERY PAGE said that you were no longer going to sell the game on Steam. Do you deny that?
shaun  [author] Jun 2 @ 11:12pm 
I am not here to argue the toss with you. i am not a liar, except for saying that was my last comment! I have not lied about anything! My rep is not my concern after yesterday, and obviously the way today is sure to head if i keep replying to your pointless comments. My concern is getting the game finished! And letting you know when we hear something back from groupees.

The only lies around here is what you are spreading! I suggested a few things, and you have twisted the whole thing around. I suggested about the DLC, and splitting aftermath into 2 if we have to. they are suggestions. the facts will be known soon, we will know when we hear something. Again, please use the bundle discussion for this. You are flooding the main page boards with unfounded accusations. Any more posts regarding the bundle must be placed on the relevant thread or they will be deleted.

This is my last comment.
Promiscuous Squirrel Jun 2 @ 10:56pm 
You're lying right now. The situation was clear. You were taking your ball and going home. You changed the description for the game such that you blamed Groupees buyers for everything and that you were no longer going to sell the game on Steam. It was right here, on this very page.

If the games not on Steam, you can't give out any keys at all, because there's no game to give out keys for. By saying "I have never said you groupees guys..." is a lie. A big one. Your reputation is already in the toilet based on your actions on the groupees thread, now you're compounding it.

This, coupled with the mess of the groupees thread, coupled with wanting to sell the "full" game as DLC, tells me that I don't want anything to do with CDF Ghostship/Ghostship Aftermath/SS Ghostship Tech Demo/Ghostship Cruise/The Ghostship Experience, and nor should anyone else who values integrity and honesty in teams that are selling product to them.
shaun  [author] Jun 2 @ 10:32pm 
This is my last coment then lol. Now i have had some sleep and its another day. i am putting yesterday behind me. i am not lying about anything. i should of handled the situation better and made it more clear to you guys.

As many have said, what is the point of doing that for such a minority, when there are people out there who are looking forward to playing our game. So we are back to square 1, we are waiting and so must you. if you want to carry on with this, again carry on with it in the right place, the Bundle discussion.

Have fun with the game if groupees and steam decide if and which one i will give you.
Promiscuous Squirrel Jun 2 @ 10:26pm 
"Again, i have never said you groupees guys where not getting your keys." Now you're going to lie, Shaun? Just a scant few hours ago you were pulling the game from Steam, saying no one was getting the game on Steam and that we should thank Groupees buyers for not getting the game at all.

It's really rather difficult to distribute keys for a game that you're no longer putting up on Steam. Not getting keys really goes hand in hand with that.
shaun  [author] Jun 2 @ 10:16pm 
Again, i have never said you groupees guys where not getting your keys. I have never said you will get a demo! I might have done half way through yesterday when (understandably i snapped) Which i apologize for (once again). All I have said, and will repeat one last time - We are waiting to hear back from steam and groupees before we can give you an answer! Its that simple! Just wait until we know, then you know.

Yesterday proved to me PR is not my strongpoint so I am now doing what I do best, making a game! Which now brings me to say, that this is my last comment on the Ghostship Aftermath page. For the last year, i have answered every question and never had any PR issues until yesterday. to that end I will not be making any more posts here myself on Ghostship Aftermath. I hope you all enjoy the game :)
Triscali Jun 2 @ 6:55pm 
People that bought it previously getting grandfathered in to get both explorer and horror shooter (since both resided on THIS page) is a good idea. Most won't pay more in if they're pissed anyway. I think splitting them for sale after a certain date set beyond current orders.... would tick far fewer people off and might make more of the pissed off people affected by this not so pissed.
Triscali Jun 2 @ 6:55pm 
I agree R00k. It's really up to them - and steam deciding what they're going to do about this. From reading start to finish on the thread here:

If he gives the current to those that green lit/groupee/whatever and polishes the second to give them, he gets a bit of good will, and the advertising that comes just from it showing up as a friend owning it when they visit the store page. He's probably never getting more money from the people that bought from groupee's bundle if they were burned by this - but he can do a bit to keep this from getting even worse. <cont>
r00k Jun 2 @ 5:47pm 
Problem with releasing the explorer version is, if the dev has spent the last 8-ish months working on the shooty version, then they're not going to be releasing explorer as a finished, polished product. It'll still be in whatever state it was when the dev decided to make the switch to full-on fps, and I doubt they're prepared to put the time in to bring it to a finished state. Surely there must have been something in the Greenlight Ts & Cs about drastically changing a project after it's been voted on, the system feels very open to abuse