Vallanstead: New Village
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Hallsy 12 juil à 16h44 
The only problem is that the villiage is built where another mod is which is the "Whiterun Community College".
olderthanyou85 16 juin à 15h59 
Good Mod, but not compatible with "Whiterun Community College".
eifla56 14 juin à 14h21 
great mod! was just wondering as its near whiterun could there mayby whiterun guards insted? love the town :) great work
AndyK131 18 fév à 9h43 
Got the same problem as Silvercrusader. Almost averybody that can train skills just stands there looking dumb. I liked the mod but i train alot to advance faster So this was a spoiler to me. But keep up the good work and fix the error.
crazycameleon1  [créateur] 30 jan à 19h01 
Read the description
silvercrusader 27 jan à 23h57 
Experimenting with this mod and the few others I've got I find that some trainer are unable to now train the character. This effect is worldwide. Other players may have more problems with this because I rarely use trainers anyway. just FYI :)
I do like the town but would have liked more of a backstory or clear out Shimmermist cave of Falmer etc..... to gain this extra title.
antho.spanish 10 jan à 5h25 
(Sorry for my english) i have one probleme with this mod, it is very great but it's incompatible with an other good mod (Community college). It's possible to resolve the probleme ? :)
johngconnor 17 déc 2013 à 8h21 
how do i become a jarl ?
Hermaflagoog 21 nov 2013 à 17h51 
this is a great mod keep it up
Qwertopchicken 18 nov 2013 à 15h27 
it says it failed to download plz help also looks fantastic
SmithyMe 31 oct 2013 à 6h00 
i did try again but the same problem happens
crazycameleon1  [créateur] 30 oct 2013 à 19h00 
I can't, sorry did you try clicking again when you get the blank dialogue, works for me
Also, the reason I can't is because if you screw up the dialogues once, its really hard to change them
SmithyMe 30 oct 2013 à 16h55 
Can you fix the training part because when i ask for training from anyone nothing happens. Can you please fix?
LEEROY JENKINS 15 oct 2013 à 19h45 
oh nvm i figured it out
LEEROY JENKINS 15 oct 2013 à 19h38 
how do i get the player house?
BrAinZ 3 oct 2013 à 19h44 
I love this mod! Great work. Make more!!!
all2forme 27 sept 2013 à 5h21 
an.stevens 26 sept 2013 à 8h04 
i love it muawhahaha
Savage 21 sept 2013 à 3h47 
Strange. I will check up.Again. But..
crazycameleon1  [créateur] 19 sept 2013 à 12h15 
no... I'm subscribed to Sparticus and it works with this

Savage 19 sept 2013 à 3h50 
Game Update 1.1
Other installation disturbs??? Spartacus
crazycameleon1  [créateur] 18 sept 2013 à 10h58 
Odd... Hasen't been reported yet, how many mods do you have subscribed? and check if you have either of the conflicting mods
Abuck66 18 sept 2013 à 6h17 
It Crashed My Game HELP ME PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!
nightingale 17 sept 2013 à 12h33 
Bite that is a problem with the creation kit just so you know
Link-X-Malon 15 sept 2013 à 16h59 
Do you think you could make it so the jarl longhouse could be a place your wife would stay whil you're out adventuring?
crazycameleon1  [créateur] 14 sept 2013 à 23h39 
just released a new update
Bite 14 sept 2013 à 20h49 
Thanks, would be much apreciated. :)
crazycameleon1  [créateur] 14 sept 2013 à 20h45 
i can fix that easy
Bite 14 sept 2013 à 14h35 
The NPCs of Vallanstead have grey faces (it doesn't match the rest of the body, it's like their faces are pale while the rest of them is normal) I don't know if this is an issue on my end, so do you know if there's any other mod that may be causing it?
TheLOCOduck 14 sept 2013 à 0h58 
there should be armor maniqens in the longhous for armor and the smithing wont work for me
crazycameleon1  [créateur] 12 sept 2013 à 19h05 
The marksman trainer does work, you just need to double click the dialogue
Savage 12 sept 2013 à 1h35 
Very remarkably. But it is dark indoors, it is not enough place to have a rest
(It is not enough rooms)
Blood-fire 11 sept 2013 à 10h39 
Its very good.

Made in smoker
Mistress of Shadows 10 sept 2013 à 14h12 
seems like a good mod
could you create like a friendly vampire town? or something?
crazycameleon1  [créateur] 10 sept 2013 à 11h38 
The key to the longhouse is just to the right of the stairs
jessemaple7 10 sept 2013 à 8h09 
How do u get the key for the longhouse. . .
KrYPtiC Remixx 9 sept 2013 à 17h57 
you need to put some type of lighting on the wall around the village and in the village
crazycameleon1  [créateur] 9 sept 2013 à 16h42 
I'm glad someone caught that
Link-X-Malon 9 sept 2013 à 14h22 
Y'know, Bryan from family guy...
Link-X-Malon 9 sept 2013 à 14h21 
Bryan in Skyrim! I guess he's still trying to find himself. Either way, I asked for training in speech. XD
crazycameleon1  [créateur] 9 sept 2013 à 11h18 
I'm not having any problems with trainers not training, so there shouldn't be any problems. If you are, it might just be that the game is inconsistent
Lee 9 sept 2013 à 1h43 
Nice village, but I expected more people.
smalldog00 8 sept 2013 à 17h46 
@Rec: Valanstead would be part of whiterun hold, not it's own area with a Jarl, it would be like Riverwood, Helgen, etc.
.TheMagicWaffle3D. 8 sept 2013 à 16h10 
Amazing :D good work
crazycameleon1  [créateur] 8 sept 2013 à 13h34 
Amusei is supposed to act as a housecarl
Duplicateyeti86 8 sept 2013 à 10h09 
Duplicateyeti86 8 sept 2013 à 10h09 
Give us a housecarl as a follower
phoenixx 8 sept 2013 à 9h31 
That would be awesome. I know a lot of people have been wanting a mod where you can be Jarl. I'd say if you added that it would be pretty epic and probably the first.
Darklighter 8 sept 2013 à 9h15 
Make it so you have the status of Jarl of Vallanstead. It's a great mod, and that'll make it better.
knightowl1142 8 sept 2013 à 1h22 
i like the village