Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Wake Island 1944 Beta v5
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29 юни в 7:34 сутринта 
The map is a bit too big for me. That said, the detail is brilliant. The atmosphere is really impressive.
In The Dark 7 юни в 8:20 следобед 
battlefield 1944 music made by dice
nice choice
[EK] DerBackfischZombie666 19 май в 12:44 следобед 
dat trailer music!
Platinum Squirrel 14 май в 5:52 следобед 
@YouKnowNotMyName because fuck history
Aki 17 февруари в 3:17 сутринта 
This stage is not fair Axis spawn point is too far from but allies spawn point is too close to defend area.Also Radio is too far from Axis but Allies Radio is in every capture point.
YouKnowNotMyName 15 февруари в 8:26 следобед 
Wake island 1942, 1943, and 1944.
Why isn't there a Wake island for 1941? when the battle was ACTUALLY fought?
Farstabb 7 февруари в 9:18 сутринта 
|9.SS|Hstuf.Wolfe 12 януари в 3:20 следобед 
wake island cool it must be fun
[Pongling-PC] 6 януари в 8:32 следобед 
I play this map in battlefield1942 !!
Zyklon Deus 3 януари в 8:41 следобед 
Anybody know what servers I can play this on???
<GM>UnitedAlienVirus 28 ноември 2014 в 12:46 следобед 
truecolope 24 ноември 2014 в 9:31 следобед 
HH-turtlenax 23 ноември 2014 в 4:52 сутринта 
thats because there is no servers for this map
Дядя Саша 19 ноември 2014 в 7:43 сутринта 
Battelfild map,cool
maps177 18 ноември 2014 в 5:23 следобед 
so cool and i played war thunder on this map today
jszurpita 17 ноември 2014 в 8:54 сутринта 
love this map
DaRkMaStErKaOs 9 ноември 2014 в 11:54 следобед 
omg i love tha map
Sonovabitch>XI< 8 ноември 2014 в 2:33 сутринта 
yes please add thisto the campaign game, there are lots of very good maps out there not getting a chance.
MasterionX 25 октомври 2014 в 2:20 следобед 
TWI absolutely should add Wake Island map to Rising Storm, like there is Guadalcanal already (some of the few Japanese offensives).
sheepdog 25 октомври 2014 в 1:47 следобед 
i dig this map the american troops are tough to fight
Kungfoocheese 17 октомври 2014 в 10:19 следобед 
Terrible map, the planes nearly made me go insane I couldn't even think or communicate with my team members due to the volume of sound along with the ai not moving in to assist capturing the last point. Please for the love of god fix it.
Alice 14 октомври 2014 в 2:46 сутринта 
В баттле не наигрались?А так норм
0V3RKILL 4 октомври 2014 в 3:24 следобед 
i hate that no1 is running this 24/7. all I want to play is this map. this is the best map ever I dont care what game is.
Webbzyjr2 25 септември 2014 в 6:33 сутринта 
thanks man, i miss battlefield 1942's wake island.
IchZockeHierNur 10 септември 2014 в 5:56 сутринта 
this maps looks like wiked wake from battlefield heroes ....
Zelousmarineinspace 10 септември 2014 в 2:01 сутринта 
Who needs a 1942 HD Battlefield, when you can get a BETTER version of the same game for FREE?
You, my friend are a shining example of the Good in the gaming industry, & I salute you in your brave endevours.

"GOOD JOB... & Good luck Marine!" _MSGt Kelly, D00M 3
Lord-Aldhanor 1 септември 2014 в 1:04 следобед 
Pandorum 9 август 2014 в 6:03 следобед 
Why don't servers play maps like these...
ReignOfaNewKing 6 август 2014 в 7:46 сутринта 
i can see machine gunners and snipers lining up and gunning poeple down from the other side of the bay, idk.
Hanako "Hana" Pho Sai (MCS) 5 август 2014 в 1:16 сутринта 
So this game is only for Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm? If yes, are you going to design the map that inspired by WWII-era and well as modern-era of Battlefield series that took place in Wake Island? I like Battlefield series since Battlefield 1942 and I have a Red Orchestra 2 such as Heroes of Stalingard and Rising Storm, but I only have full version of Heroes of Stalingard. I've played the trial version of Rising Storm, but I need to purchase the full version. After you finish this map you made, I will download this map and this game is better than crappy EA did.
(FIN) kasmoi 30 юли 2014 в 1:57 сутринта 
thats because there is no servers for this map
M@m@y 29 юли 2014 в 5:46 сутринта 
awsome map :)
Emton 24 юли 2014 в 2:20 следобед 
Did the textures get fixed yet?
Naytone 16 юли 2014 в 12:20 следобед 
loved battlefield 1942
Rossonero 5 юли 2014 в 10:49 следобед 
Funny Broccoli 2 юли 2014 в 12:55 сутринта 
No bad
kasamaistuvaakarkkia_FIN 1 юли 2014 в 11:47 сутринта 
just love this map :3
Zubru 28 юни 2014 в 3:05 следобед 
this map looks awsome.. well done DJames.
Jarhead 20 юни 2014 в 10:31 сутринта 
Digging in on Wake would be impossible unless they used tons of explosives to blast foxholes out of the ground.
Mcmurder11 19 юни 2014 в 11:26 следобед 
is kinda i dont know
2nd Lt Bicardi [2-26] 17 юни 2014 в 3:42 следобед 
thats what I was staying, whilst I was never there, I, as previously stated I study the Pacific Theater and there are accounts of the hardships ( removing some language of course I know of digging into coral in the sun. I am hoping some of my details get added. Since you were stationed there Jarhead, could you correct anything in my previous statement.
Jarhead 16 юни 2014 в 9:52 сутринта 
What the hell is with this forest. I've been stationed on wake. You can see the entire island from one end to the other without moving.
Lord BaratheonBr 15 юни 2014 в 8:17 сутринта 
very good
John SteemOS™  [автор] 7 юни 2014 в 8:50 следобед 
Thanks for the comments, glad to see you're so interested.
Taking your input into consideration for the next patch.
We'll see what I can come up with :P
2nd Lt Bicardi [2-26] 30 май 2014 в 7:56 следобед 
Hey DJames Woods, I Love the map, and Please take no offense to what I am going to say. I study WWII quite extensively, and more specifically Pacifc Theater. According to several Sources, Wake Island Consisted of an entirely Infantry defense with VMF 211 with 8 F4F Wildcats stationed. Also, There were bare few trees on the main Island and was made mainly of Coral, not grass. Again, I mean no offense and I love the map, but I am just giving my Input. Thank you for reading.
John SteemOS™  [автор] 30 май 2014 в 10:23 сутринта 
Too impatient. Can't even wait for newest of updates. Unbelievable garbage.
Kasket007 29 май 2014 в 4:43 следобед 
Too laggy. Can't even play on lowest of graphics. Unbelievable garbage.
John SteemOS™  [автор] 25 май 2014 в 6:53 следобед 
Contacted your server host to make sure all is well.
Will keep in contact with them as I want to see this map get some love on your server.
Korpisolttu 25 май 2014 в 4:48 сутринта 
Nice, thanks! Our hoster "Rivimies" has posted the specifics to: http://forums.tripwireinteractive.com/showthread.php?t=96547&page=4
John SteemOS™  [автор] 24 май 2014 в 6:01 следобед 
Late reply bud, sorry, been utlra busy.

This has happened before, so I should be able to fix it for you guys.
Catching up on work with other projects, so this has been on the backburner, but not forgotten.