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Mr. President!
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CocoFestiveKitty 19 hours ago 
I'll buy the game, the DLC, all the trading cards including foils, and IRL merchandise.
Dolbergstudios Dec 22 @ 12:42pm 
how do i download it
its dosnt work
OGcoffeepot Dec 21 @ 9:08pm 
Because I can save jfk. It is my dream.
{Volk}Podushka Dec 19 @ 7:11am 
Добавьте в стим и сделайте бесплатной
KiLLeR_PrO Nov 30 @ 4:13am 
как скачать
Mal4bar Nov 22 @ 8:38am 
крутая игра
ШТО Nov 22 @ 8:10am 
Kot3 === 現在の猫 Nov 15 @ 7:34am 
Игра клёвая и смешная
Brentimus Nov 14 @ 9:10am 
Sp@rMaTaZoId Nov 14 @ 6:18am 
Super Game
Drunkula Nov 11 @ 7:10pm 
Super Secret Service Agent Simulator 5!
Slothful Nov 11 @ 8:26am 
dis game iz awesum yesh
MISTER EVERYTHING Nov 10 @ 2:19pm 
jeu wtf votez tous
a game wtf like everybody like vote
Sabataj Nov 10 @ 2:04pm 
This game looks pefect for laughs and such. VOTE!
nikitaria1 Nov 9 @ 5:32am 
That very fanny game!
the knife life Nov 3 @ 8:10am 
она лекго проходиться
i cant handle no egg nog Oct 22 @ 6:20pm 
the link doesnt work, im a bodyguard and this is disrespectful content ok ok thats unrealistic.
Fire knight Oct 19 @ 1:49pm 
ПРикольная игра:З
xX_420qwiksk0pe_Xx Oct 11 @ 6:38pm 
Vote yes please
super game
jumoku-baka Oct 7 @ 10:49am 
Fus Ro DAH!!
jumoku-baka Oct 7 @ 10:47am 
RUSSIAN BRONY Oct 5 @ 1:20am 
president in steam cool
AnEmptyRucksack Sep 21 @ 9:29am 
so its been like a year now? is this coming out soon or is it not? :c
☭Mr.Death Sep 14 @ 3:58pm 
Voted I love it xD
Diamond7875 Sep 13 @ 1:54pm 
Bear Grylls Sep 9 @ 12:37pm 
Good Game
samsamuel Sep 8 @ 9:21pm 
This is a unique game. It combines such a morbid theme with such good gameplay. I am saddened that website no longer works and I hope that this game makes it onto Steam. Its a lot of fun and I crack up every time I play it.
PaladinGuy Sep 6 @ 5:20pm 
dacond3 the devilpyro Sep 3 @ 5:04pm 
yes ithink this will work
Бога нет. Sep 3 @ 9:37am 
Das Fuchs-Wulf Sep 1 @ 9:29pm 
such terrible, much fail
marciN Aug 31 @ 2:35pm 
We have enough of these dumb games on Steam. No, thank you.
Kiss_Of_Kill Aug 30 @ 2:57pm 
voted lol
.:DubStepCat:. Aug 27 @ 11:16pm 
Very fun
dino hunter Aug 27 @ 7:48pm 
yes man i would guy it
Lemonade Aug 22 @ 9:04pm 
ye best game evear
Sosisli Aug 18 @ 7:09am 
Your website is down.
Gene Starwind Aug 17 @ 2:50am 
Your stupid website is down. Way to go.
Naytone Aug 15 @ 7:49pm 
hey, the release date says early 2014, it's now summer. What's going on?
Саске Учиха Aug 13 @ 6:47am 
игра вообще ок
D43G0N Aug 12 @ 4:14pm 
seria legal ter ele na steam!
//๖ۣۜThoЯano\\™ Aug 11 @ 5:58pm 
Just looks funny and amazing. Despite the environment just being a stage, the props just make it good since you can run around and fling them with motion.
SmokeSnack Aug 11 @ 7:07am 
Funny game :D
Rei Ryghts Aug 9 @ 8:14am 
this looks hilarious, voted xD
[DMG] Pedro Bennett Aug 8 @ 6:17am 
Warnerrr Aug 8 @ 3:51am 
So uh...what happened? Your website is down, and we haven't heard from you :(
Супер!!...эх жалко мало уровней, но баги ООО очень радует, спасибо за игру(чем больше уровней, тем больше веселья, но должно быть смешно, всё-таки лучше всё оставить, и добавить игру в Steam =)
DU DU DU BLYAT Aug 2 @ 6:40am 
SWEG Aug 2 @ 6:15am 
This game looks awesome, lots of funny moments from gameplay i have seen so far