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PULSAR: Lost Colony
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ThiefPro 13 set, ore 2:26 
Doctor Pepper 12 set, ore 22:16 
You can buy the game from their website and it includes a steam key, but it is in very early alpha without a lot to do
NGA||LWARD16 12 set, ore 0:45 
outlawstar666 6 set, ore 18:47 
they should make it for ps4
МǾŅŠŦÉŔĈΔŦ 5 set, ore 21:28 
Hopefully soon I'll play it
Doctor Pepper 4 set, ore 20:10 
The Devs made a report on how it will not be completed this summer. They gave good reasons for it, and the game still receives regular updates
☭SmileLemon 3 set, ore 21:40 
Hm. Strange summer 2014, today is 4, wtf O___o
Pinko_Scum 26 ago, ore 19:05 
When can I give you my monies?
FalloutDud3 12 ago, ore 4:51 
Shiete Look at how this game looks now, compared to when I first saw it an year ago!
МǾŅŠŦÉŔĈΔŦ 12 ago, ore 2:56 
Scimitar 1 ago, ore 22:37 
Is there any 5 pack available?
Lapis 27 lug, ore 11:15 
There is a single player component, there will be AI crewmembers.
For more information
Check out the devblogs or forums for the latest announcements.
Painkiller 16 lug, ore 5:25 
Throw in a single player component. Not everyone wants to have to play with someone else, every single time they'd like to play, ya know?
B-E-E-F SUPREME 10 lug, ore 21:29 
i cant wiat for this game to come out on steam
chipper jones 10 lug, ore 18:42 
i played this game in the state it is now and it was sick
cant wait for more new stuff, KEEP IT COMING!!!!! ^_^ and good job
dqwithbutter 8 lug, ore 12:25 
Wow you even got Etalyx's video as a trailer!!
Makaveli Y. 5 lug, ore 16:09 
love this game
pHanToM°L-G-N° 1 lug, ore 2:46 
if this game is free there will be 500 000 player lol
minefortress2 24 giu, ore 11:25 
This game is epic! I can't wait untell it comes out!
Kolljak 24 giu, ore 9:32 
game doesnt look like its updated at all.
[SBT] elastikspastik 13 giu, ore 16:24 
Anyone know of a release date yet?
Apollo 11 giu, ore 11:58 
To all those like me who can't wait for this game to come out if you want to play this game then it is avalible in it's aplha stage, just go to; and purchase the game for 25$. however please note that the game is very early accsess and many features have been stripted from to game to be reworked so there realy isn't much to do right now.
Coleman 5 giu, ore 18:32 
when will this come out! looks so freakin fun!!!
jeff 4 giu, ore 21:48 
this game looks great
Kamyk 4 giu, ore 15:02 
When will be a 31 devlog film? Huh? :P
E Trigger 28 mag, ore 1:57 
you can get this on there website!!!
Slutty Defenseless Teenager 21 mag, ore 20:23 
This looks incredible! Ive been looking for a game like this for a while and its nice to see that someone else has the vision to make a game like this. Hope the best for the future of this game!
ShadowSlayer37 12 mag, ore 16:10 
alot of people have been wanting this game ever since it came on kickstarter and answer this, when can you launch it because it looks like your done making everything and if not finished then put it on early access and keep updating.The more updates,the more people want to buy it so can you put it on early access?
© D9M © Willy_had_Friends 7 mag, ore 16:44 
Put the game on the market now!
rockslollol 4 mag, ore 8:35 
fuccckkkinnggg great
John Stamos 24 apr, ore 2:29 
I love this game!
AtraX 22 apr, ore 3:20 
This looks really amazing considering only two guys are making this. Awesome work guys, keep it up!
SplinterBee 10 apr, ore 15:33 
GAMERSDISSENT IS THE BEST! he got me hooked to this game. definetly recommend his channel
liljoe7700 8 apr, ore 23:00 
I cant get this game until its on steam. i don't have paypal or what ever the other thing is amazon pay now
Pixel 4 apr, ore 19:08 
BluLizardHero 1 apr, ore 23:17 
Hope its cheap so I can buy this!
^7PY^4C/\^1AH 1 apr, ore 7:55 
Strategos 27 mar, ore 17:20 
-=OCG=-blades 26 mar, ore 19:41 
i totes want this
Snarky Cthulhu 15 mar, ore 0:11 
Hnng waaant.
Ali Bean 2 mar, ore 5:33 
If you go to the Kickstarter page, you can get it for 20 dollard i think
Jijonbreaker 28 feb, ore 21:42 
You can still buy the game on their website. Costs $25.
Nihilist Ronin 27 feb, ore 12:25 
EpicFrolie - It's a closed Alpha, so no, it won't appear on the store yet. It likely won't until it enters Early Access (if it does, but, what doesn't these days?)
[TLBB] EpicFrolie 25 feb, ore 20:01 
shouldnt it be of of greenlight then and in the store
Apricosomoso 25 feb, ore 12:25 
Alpha is live
Robot 25 feb, ore 8:52 
Their site says alpha release is today.
Smeagol 25 feb, ore 8:22 
Release date ? :C
Robot 25 feb, ore 8:21 
Is the Alpha live?
Lord General Danforth 19 feb, ore 13:46 
will there be other races to play as?? other then humans?
Flaming Racist (Muted) 18 feb, ore 18:52 
How do u join the alpha?