Тази игра получи зелена светлина от общността.

Общността показа интереса си към играта. Valve са се свързали с този разработчик, за да се придвижи излизането ѝ в Steam.

PULSAR: Lost Colony
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Count Axel, seeker of knowledge 28 юни в 7:11 следобед 
absolutly amazing, can't wait till its released on steam.
Same_difference 20 юни в 3:06 сутринта 
This game is fantastic.
CiFi-N€RD 14 юни в 11:52 сутринта 
You can buy the game at their homepage!
I bought it for quiet some time and it's cool!
cameronwood1234 13 юни в 12:39 сутринта 
how do i get the game?
alero21 11 юни в 7:53 сутринта 
i have it :) this game is awsome
Zero 10 юни в 11:11 следобед 
any you know.. news on when this is going to be released.. on you know STEAM?
alero21 5 юни в 6:20 сутринта 
so any new upodates soon ?
iMpAl3R 17 май в 8:05 следобед 
anyone have pulsar? i just got it and need people to play with
Templotus 17 май в 8:10 сутринта 
since FTL is a game i really enjoy, this game is something i need
alero21 16 май в 5:09 сутринта 
got it , its cool game :) but the AI is very poor yet
kaaschuig 11 май в 11:52 следобед 
Not going to go through 56 pages just to confirm if this has been asked or not, but would this run on xp?

My computer is so old that some people irl tell me it likely won't run any newer windows even if I could afford them.
Sam-The-Slayer 1 май в 9:32 следобед 
bought it before it it was cool

nitewrave 26 април в 11:18 сутринта 
ok you got me i'll buy it oh wait its not on steam come on guys give it to US!!!!!!
TPG_Villanox 21 април в 3:50 следобед 
put this game on steam already!
The Illusive Man 20 април в 3:48 следобед 
Gay_Leno 17 април в 3:23 следобед 
Add this to steam now please, this looks really cool! :D
IKNOWICANFLY 9 април в 4:42 сутринта 
nice game
brennan2702 8 април в 9:33 сутринта 
We are waiting!
|UA|(-_-)ZERO(-_-) 6 април в 2:41 следобед 
I want it on Steam !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hbreddl10 6 април в 1:46 сутринта 
Bowjo have you star trek bridge commander ? :3
hbreddl10 6 април в 1:45 сутринта 
i want buy it on steam !
The Illusive Man 5 април в 9:30 сутринта 
this game must be on steam now it must be on steam
jakefarky 5 април в 6:50 сутринта 
steam and ill buy 5
Angry Nerri 22 март в 12:52 следобед 
...i say 5-pack cuz they said thats how many nerds you need to have a fully manned space ship. Regardless, put on steam, take my money
Angry Nerri 22 март в 12:50 следобед 
WTB 5 pack yesterday
NTS || Mr Smith 17 март в 12:53 сутринта 
you get the idea
NTS || Mr Smith 17 март в 12:53 сутринта 
4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack 4 pack
Rico 29 януари в 11:02 сутринта 
I bought the alpha for me and a friend after getting hooked on star trek TOS and need to tell evryone who reads this to go and buy it.
The wise wolf 27 януари в 1:36 следобед 
this game will be awesome
drakelovestrains 24 януари в 5:42 следобед 
I can wait till it hopefully comes to steam!
Doctor Pepper 17 януари в 7:22 следобед 
The game has come so far from these vids....they really should update their steam material.
andre_lm 16 януари в 2:51 сутринта 
Make this game on steam and i'll buy it for me a friends. a 4 pack.
Matchstick #FALLOUT4 15 януари в 2:28 следобед 
You want to have your own enterprise? Your Red Dwarf?
get this
Crash 6 януари в 5:35 следобед 
looks good sell it on steam as pack for full crew and i will buy it
[Fra] Zepek 1 януари в 2:10 следобед 
cool !
Yggdrasil 1 януари в 2:35 сутринта 
If you purchase the alpha, it comes with a steam key.
XxFabianxX 13 декември 2014 в 10:30 сутринта 
make this game on steam
Fibblestax 5 декември 2014 в 2:49 следобед 
Oh my God. Yes, just fucking YES.
Zero 17 ноември 2014 в 9:50 следобед 
any yanno.. updates? i mean its been greenlit..
Dnater 10 ноември 2014 в 10:17 сутринта 
put this game on steam!
Nomad 8 ноември 2014 в 7:47 сутринта 
this game should be on steam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Timjfjdd 20 октомври 2014 в 6:14 сутринта 
im in the netherlands and can only buy it with ideal and on the site i cant pay with ideal, help?
Sir Jim of House Curt 17 октомври 2014 в 12:57 сутринта 
Looks so sweet
Cesare Borgia 5 октомври 2014 в 10:58 следобед 
-=HATE=- Adamanix 3 октомври 2014 в 7:28 сутринта 
Seriously. When will this have the greenlight? I've been waiting for I think a year or so for this to go green.
Lachlan 29 септември 2014 в 5:54 сутринта 
update steam Greenlight with news
Negro Sin 28 септември 2014 в 2:06 следобед 
Looks nice
[TDPoP] jetEnergy 24 септември 2014 в 4:50 сутринта 
when is it comming out??
¤CvG¤™ Coolitic 22 септември 2014 в 2:38 следобед 
Looks great, but would love it even more if graphics were to improve greatly.
Brooks8314 19 септември 2014 в 1:49 следобед 
Not a lot of people online yet, but wait long enough and someone will join. Even in its simple state is actually fun.