Left 4 Dead 2
Original Bill
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Arver 21 сер о 23:55 
This Bill looks very good
ScheißKauf 15 сер о 16:56 
man when u look at his head he looks like from dead by daylight
Ryan mc93 31 лип о 2:09 
do louis
RimBo.eXe 11 бер о 12:03 
"I'll see peace back on earth if i have to murder everyone of these bastards with my BARE GODDAMN HANDS."
🎃Raven🎃 8 лют о 3:48 
original bill looks like from the walking dead series
raptah. 4 гру 2016 о 2:57 
Ellis The Mechanic 30 лис 2016 о 18:17 
Poor Bill...
Galantigod 28 лис 2016 о 22:26 
fix the face pls :(
Galantigod 27 лис 2016 о 22:59 
can u make the face not like that?
lolznoboz 6 лис 2016 о 18:46 
this is not the original texture though
Knehravii 11 чер 2016 о 13:03 
Straight from the Archives, huh?
I don't really believe Turtle Rock would leave so much errors in the VMTs..
cylix 24 бер 2016 о 22:36 
it's like corupt, it wont show up in my addons and wont download damnit.
edac111 28 лют 2016 о 9:45 
can you make one that modifies body only? I want to get this addon but the head is interfering with it.
D@REY297.png 27 гру 2015 о 18:44 
@๖ۣۜSσαρƴ (2 Days untill B-day.) I wonder who...
lolznoboz 17 гру 2015 о 16:07 
@Festive Soapy Lights bill are you stupid?
ツ 𝓖𝓱𝓸𝓼𝓽 6 гру 2015 о 13:46 
Who dose this replace?
whynotll82 7 лис 2015 о 22:01 
can you make a dead bill to the sequael to the sacrofice
ZE UBERMENSCH 3 лис 2015 о 12:20 
ZE UBERMENSCH 3 лис 2015 о 12:19 
actually... i faked my death *LOL face
The Medic in training 19 чер 2015 о 19:16 
i like how Bill sacraficed himself pretty bad*** if you tell me
Lonk 10 січ 2015 о 13:31 
I didnt have any bill models installed, and this still didnt work. Any solutions?
El Darko 3 гру 2014 о 18:05 
App 8 лис 2014 о 2:28 
Bill is back to the action
Dominic 16 вер 2014 о 0:29 
like i put for the beta louis one i think this bill looks good to me any ways so good work on this bill to. would be cool though if you could replace ellis rochelle or coach with beta bill though. just my thoughts on it but i am not trying to ask for it just thought it would be cool to see since i liked beta louis and bill more for the beta characters.
killer keemstar 15 вер 2014 о 4:40 
can you make it with camo pants
Easy-E 21 сер 2014 о 10:55 
Drexel 14 сер 2014 о 5:55 
is There Firstperson hands?
gary 31 лип 2014 о 15:42 
Can we stop arguing and enjoy the model?
Fats Mcgee and The Retard Three 15 чер 2014 о 17:28 
will you ever upload your default bill with beta skin on the steam workshop
Wato Luta 24 тра 2014 о 19:20 
How have you modify this skin ?
Ymmat_in_the_hat 18 тра 2014 о 12:19 
some reason in third pearson i cant see the model is that normal?
Lúceen 28 кві 2014 о 12:52 
Got problem with crash to desktop while L4D2 tries to download this mod. not sure, did it actually finish downloading and crashes on mounting it, or crash during download. Have been using this skin for long time until tried to install game on new pc.
btw steam crashes aswell
Cat_Nip 27 кві 2014 о 21:16 
i love the original character looks!!! downloaded all of them!!! :DDDD thank you
Beverly 21 кві 2014 о 18:29 
Really great mod thank you!! :)
SilverMoon 18 кві 2014 о 5:14 
you mean looks broken.
Mr. Poopy Butthole 12 кві 2014 о 9:26 
No idea why Valve would go with the other model, this one looks badass
Playin gangsta games 5 кві 2014 о 16:09 
@Sharky mcOmNom I'd double that.
Mew The 2nd 17 бер 2014 о 17:22 
@Sharky mcOmNom What?
Ahri the Swiss Awoo 15 лют 2014 о 2:48 
@Sharky mcOmNom i totally agree.
GLeeM 14 лют 2014 о 16:00 
you should make a mod were these modles replace the new ones from L4D2 so its more of a seqile
ZenSor 21 січ 2014 о 4:28 
So ein alter "Haudegen"...Super hingekriegt^^
El Farsante 20 січ 2014 о 18:34 
My Old mannnnnnn <333
STYX 29 гру 2013 о 18:08 
this makes me want to be bill 5x more
Macko|PL™ 28 гру 2013 о 7:00 
ok jest !
Daedric Devil 21 гру 2013 о 10:20 
This shit getting old
clock cleaner 17 гру 2013 о 19:25 
much wrinkles
such good
very old
Wraith 3 гру 2013 о 15:28 
not working
That 1 Guy 22 лис 2013 о 5:59 
yaaay More wrinkles! Lol
Köllymi 18 лис 2013 о 11:29 
Splinks! Can you please release this for l4d1? Like include the firstperson hands and body viewmodels and incap icons. There is a project going on Called - Left 4 Dead Beta Remake Project - and i think many people would want to use this on l4d1, since these survivors were originally purposed for l4d1. Everyone agree with me, so Splinks can see.