Original Louis
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LAGGER Jusutubu 24 ноември в 11:25сут. 
Skylord Brycen 23 ноември в 2:40след. 
Kinda reminds me on "Eli" from The Book Of Eli.
xXCreeper dudeXx 22 октомври в 8:32сут. 
Dominic 16 септември в 12:24сут. 
i like this addon makes louis look better to me any ways good work. now only if i could replace ether ellis coach or rochelle with beta louis.
Easy-E 3 септември в 7:42сут. 
Pretty cool
Nicole 14 август в 11:03сут. 
Sniperfreak1001 11 август в 7:52сут. 
Stickstoff. 4 август в 11:51след. 
SO Awesome
G-mon 3 август в 7:38сут. 
he looks like someone out of the last of us
Pvt. Master Z 13 юли в 10:57след. 
this is the only good louis mod i seen on here
¤¤Ziggylata¤¤ 30 юни в 2:08след. 
Any plans to add facial animations now that you know how?
The Chosen One. 26 юни в 7:54сут. 
i wish it become hd oneday
ìⁿ§äⁿíτ¥ 18 юни в 4:10след. 
He almost... ALMOST looks like the infected black guy from RE: Extinction. He even has a bandage on his head almost where the black guy was shot.
Underworld_Overlord 15 юни в 6:54след. 
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AlfieDaPug™ 3 юни в 3:15след. 
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Gilamex 23 май в 3:13след. 
I love this one the most of any "original" skin. He looks like that one guy from the walking dead game. Or like he'd be from it. (Though i dont play it) All he is missing is a borderlands-styled outline. :>
Louis and Ellis forever as my favorite chars. :D They never make any sense x3
Someone else 27 април в 1:03след. 
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Lunatix 16 април в 7:21след. 
Low res skin full of bugs... 15k sub
Arrakis 12 април в 9:30сут. 
lol Oculus \/ Wonder why they Valve scrapped these original models they look 10x better
SilverMoon 8 април в 5:45сут. 
Remember kids, Every black man with beard and afro is a copyright of Mike Epps Corporation, 2004. To avoid copyright infringement just add a bandoleer and a hood or redesign to an ugly bald generic faggot with a tie.
Sammeh B> Bear Necessities 28 март в 10:31сут. 
This is Louis when you take his pills away.
#Justice For Michael Brown Jr 1 март в 11:49сут. 
Ok, listen : What if you could make this look like the Louis we have now. But keep the clothes?
Kingxander123 21 февруари в 7:26след. 
Really good louis THUMBS UP!
Bear Papi 19 февруари в 7:46след. 
Beelmer 10 февруари в 3:25след. 
better than retarded generic bald wearing gucci clothes
Faggot 31 януари в 8:21сут. 
so badass
Pretty Dure 30 януари в 7:56сут. 
He looks so badass
Zoinho1 23 януари в 3:37след. 
He missing the puked textures, or is just in my game?
Nato6141 17 януари в 1:31след. 
we need the voice for him it would be more badass
AMP | BAWB FAGET 15 януари в 11:21след. 
ՀkՀ*Bogdan♛ 12 януари в 9:01сут. 
best louis mod ever, and no old mr cannabis man juliet as zoey is a bad mod ,maybe as rochelle but u stupid
People like grapes 5 януари в 1:57след. 
When a boomer pukes on him, bile is dripping from his body, but you don't actually see any bile on him, it's just dripping from him but his body doesn't look like it's covered in it.
TheBloodyViking 2 януари в 8:42след. 
Hello badass Louis
[INK] Psycho pat 2 януари в 3:41след. 
juliet as zoey is a nice mod
지네조림 28 декември 2013 в 7:16след. 
wow nice skin!
-[HotH]- SlendySpy 25 декември 2013 в 10:32сут. 
As you can see in the third picture, you can see that he REALLY WANTS HIS PILLS, dont go near him when he wants his pills
Extracowboy 6 декември 2013 в 7:58сут. 
He looks like Michael Dawson from LOST, lol
Homysforlife 23 ноември 2013 в 4:44сут. 
he looks like a badass nigga
Strategicleez 11 ноември 2013 в 7:53след. 
Damn this Louis is a great addition!
The Guy 2 ноември 2013 в 6:23сут. 
Original louis looks so much cooler than the new one.
The Hash Slinging Slasher 31 октомври 2013 в 3:44след. 
he looks bad***
RiverFox63 21 октомври 2013 в 12:29след. 
The original Louis is better than the new
[RB] Russell 18 октомври 2013 в 6:01след. 
The Skin is Pitch Black for me.
SnakeApocalypse100 7 октомври 2013 в 8:51сут. 
Seems Legit
ShadowWolfHount 28 септември 2013 в 5:07след. 
I don't like this look of Louis because it look a lot more of a different charactor, I think you should of gave him the same hairstyle that the original have and a five o'clock shadow. Another thing is i think you should of gave him a white shirt, then that color shirt.
Everything else is good and i do love that hoodie.
TFKnight™ 14 септември 2013 в 8:59сут. 
Spinks maybe you can bring back the beta l4d1 campaign and make it a custom campaign
Sir Squeaky 13 септември 2013 в 9:37след. 
Wow, he's hot.
TaboriHK 6 септември 2013 в 6:13след. 
He reminds me of Chris Partlow from The Wire. Awesome skin.
Pete 3 септември 2013 в 2:09след. 
Dear Valve, we would like you to re release left 4 dead 1 and 2 with these models replacing them, we liked these one much better than the others and it gives the survivors and actual Apocolypse setting. Sincerely, all of your fans.

P.S: Thanks Splinks, we owe you one man.
Beelmer 3 септември 2013 в 9:42сут. 
Coach... fucking seriously? @Sailor Moog