Wyrmstooth Map Marker Hotfix
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cristoferlentsch 01 月 12 @ 8:03下午 
Ever since I arrived in Whiterun the first time and a gazillion dragons attack (like everywhere I go theres a bunch and it's hard to fast travel or sell items or try to do anything else - a little annoying) the sound of heavy rain has never stopped in the background noise, so now I have that shut off in audio. This is very annoying, is there any way to fix this?
Razor 2013 11 月 10 @ 1:15下午 
this mod has wrecked my game auto loads at the boat and crash's i was level 61 :( i installed about 30 other mods and never had a issue why this got 5 stars i will never know
×{Firenator}× 2013 11 月 10 @ 10:39上午 
@Consulwunderwaffen you have to be Lvl 10
Doctor Why 2013 09 月 8 @ 10:55上午 
@jamesbrown0060 you have to be like lvl 30 or something for the courier to start the quest
jamesbrown0060 2013 09 月 5 @ 1:06上午 
i dont get the guys that startes the quest to come see me i have waited for ages and even used wait ffor 24 hours heeps of times HELP!!!
bluntman 2013 09 月 2 @ 11:20下午 
i still cant get there
Person 2013 09 月 2 @ 10:36下午 
Simple. This will get more people interested in the mod again. Its a patch and Publicty thing. Thats what I think...
KingOfCreepers42 2013 09 月 2 @ 5:40下午 
Why not patch these into the main mod?
skyhunternantia 2013 09 月 2 @ 1:52上午 
the boat doesnt travel to wyrmstooth anymore,cant continue quest.
quest was working perfectly, and i completed it, untill the hot fix!