The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Alternative Currency
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Ants in my eyes Johnson 2013年9月22日 6時08分 
As others have said, these do not work when sold, either merchants will buy them for less or sell them for more, not to mention barter. Maybe another smithing recipie to break down platinum?
Sero 2013年9月21日 7時15分 
I suppose the selling vallue will be set to 1000. This would of course bring the buying price up to way more. And the bartering skill would maybe make the merchants pay more then 1000 Gold. However, I don't see the pont of this to begin with as the Gold coins don't weight anything and the Platin coins only pull down a few 0s from your Gold counter.

What would make sense is if you could buy and sell the Platinum coins at the very same price. That way you could circumvent the merchants beeing broke and you having to travel through all of skyrim to empty your inventory.
XamaX 2013年8月27日 23時53分 
But, if you sell them to merchants will that not depreciate their value? Merchants will never pay you the full price for anything, there is a built in limit to the percentage value they will pay you.