Portal 2
Race or die
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Injustice01 31 Ago, 2013 às 14:37 
Congratulations LPChip! This is the winner! If you would like to give a suggestion for the week 9 challenge (LPChip only) then message me within the next 24 hours. If you don't suggest one, I'll do one on Sunday. Thank you for your map response!
Stagger Lee 30 Ago, 2013 às 13:54 
I'm not sure what Steamguard is but I believe both Carl and Ben (Stylemod and BEEMOD creators) have both had some Valve Dev help on their mods so I don't think their mods break any kind of license agreements.
Jethro Q.Walrustitty 30 Ago, 2013 às 11:16 
I didn't mean to imply your map ws bad, more that i'm a bad player! Lol, it's a good map, I just gave up too quickly, as I provde to myself when trying for the second time. I really wish they did BEEMODfor mac, one of the creators said in the community thread that he would post inidivdual files I could use to patch my wineskin wrapped version of steam (with portal 2 and the authoring tools installed). But I'm a little wary of the new steamguard rules and don't fancy getting trade locked for 15 days as thats how I get my new games, so i'll stick to native installations for the time being.
LPChip  [autor] 30 Ago, 2013 às 10:30 
I used BEEMOD. From there, you insert a trigger, then rightclick it, and select Autosave.

Also, if you play the map a few times from beginning to end, you'll get pretty good at it and it no longer is a bad map. There are just a few key points that are hard, but there are plenty of auto-save points to help ease the frustration.
Jethro Q.Walrustitty 30 Ago, 2013 às 9:35 
Well i tried again straight after writing my comment and got through it. I did really enjoy it after my frustrating first attempt, it's an very unforgiving map at least it has the autosave points (by the way how did you add those????)
LPChip  [autor] 30 Ago, 2013 às 9:26 
ah, that sucks. Sorry about that. I'm not sure there's a way I can prevent this though for 2 reasons. 1. I reached the entity limit, 2. I reached the max size the map can be in (width and depth wise)
Jethro Q.Walrustitty 30 Ago, 2013 às 9:23 
I didn't finish, i got repeatedly killed by the first set of turrets on the lower level, then finally got past them, but was going to fast and slid of the edge into the water. Unfortunately I had just passed an autosave point and was sent into an unstoppable endless loop of reloading and falling in water as the autosave point caught me at the wrong time. Had to restart and managed to do exactly the same thing again, got frustrated and gave up, i'll try again later though.
Stagger Lee 25 Ago, 2013 às 8:17 
Fun. I died once the first playthru and resumed from the save point. Then went through it again unscathed.