Portal 2
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UKZz HELLRAISER  [автор] 22 чер 2014 о 9:50 
Mandrew 22 чер 2014 о 9:14 
Mandrew 29 вер 2013 о 7:29 
professor murder is my friend.
UKZz HELLRAISER  [автор] 29 вер 2013 о 1:24 
Made them myself in Hammer
Mandrew 28 вер 2013 о 17:28 
where did you get those custom lasers
UKZz HELLRAISER  [автор] 3 вер 2013 о 6:03 
Thanks :)

Be sure to check out the coop version!
commander2005 2 вер 2013 о 9:57 
UKZz HELLRAISER  [автор] 31 сер 2013 о 13:29 
Don't tempt me. >:)
Professor Murder 31 сер 2013 о 13:20 
lazer turrets!
UFS FrostGiant 30 сер 2013 о 3:16 
Very nice map bro,liked it .Can u try newest test
UKZz HELLRAISER  [автор] 29 сер 2013 о 18:39 
Thanks :)

Have a few coop tests with this element coming up :>
stormsend 29 сер 2013 о 13:33 
Loved it. Kinda scary til you realise what's going on. Fun run. Keep it up.
UKZz HELLRAISER  [автор] 26 сер 2013 о 3:25 
Thanks :)

I have a few things planned for it. I'm also planning on making it coop compatible some time.

(Right now it just sits there doing nothing when placed in coop tests)
XxX-adidas-cyka-vodka-blyat-XxX 26 сер 2013 о 2:49 
this idéa is really great. you must do somethin like that again. :D
UKZz HELLRAISER  [автор] 25 сер 2013 о 12:07 
I have methods planned.
BlazeFireXero 25 сер 2013 о 11:27 
It's a very good entity. You should see if you can build a test chamber from it. xD
UKZz HELLRAISER  [автор] 25 сер 2013 о 11:24 
Indeed. ^_^

As this is only a test map, I gave full functionality to the player.
Only the cieling one (energy ball activated) can't be turned off legitimately. Consoling "ent_fire !picker toggle" at it in it's eye usually turns the laser off though.
BlazeFireXero 25 сер 2013 о 11:19 
I spent the whole time yelling 'RUN AWAY FROM THE LAZER!' but then I eventually realised, you can shut them off and turn them off at will. TAKE THAT, LOGIC!