Left 4 Dead 2
Didgeridoo (baseball bat)
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xstar960 6 лип о 4:23 
Would be nice to have it sound like a Didgeridoo when you hit things with it.
Official T4zZ3r™ 24 чер о 2:06 
In my old School my Teacher actually had one of those, and it was funny af trying playing it xD
Arctic 13 кві о 16:54 
did you know that this is a unused weapon
Yukari The Alpaca 25 січ о 3:50 
Drizzy From The 6ix 20 січ о 17:29 
I need that Morpheus mod..
❖Doomcookie❖ 13 січ о 19:24 
Saiyogo 4 лис 2016 о 23:17 
the sound doesn't work anymore, and it would be better to have the cricket bat version too
Kitteh The Kat 2 лип 2016 о 9:41 
can we get a re-animation for the baseball bat / cricket bat.?
Tredje_Demon 20 чер 2016 о 14:01 
Ahahah)) Really cool concept! lol
hmm yes 26 тра 2016 о 14:52 
what mod is the g2 contender?
ilovebook95 17 тра 2016 о 23:35 
what skin mod is that in the pics?
Alex_D_Vasilkov 6 тра 2016 о 12:20 
Munkie_{B} 10 бер 2016 о 17:32 
I wish it replaced the criket bat so it would be a rare treat
el064 16 жов 2015 о 20:26 
Imagine this replacing the bat with the australian cricket bat for the Australian version of the XBOX-360.
Gam3rPr0 7 вер 2015 о 14:14 
Could you make it to where it plays the didgeridoo music for a little bit after you hit somthing? That would be awesome.
SERAPH/2A 20 лип 2015 о 14:41 
Dat vid
Olde 23 лют 2015 о 17:55 
Sound doesn't work, unfortunately. :/
lowgrasswhite 1 гру 2014 о 3:24 
It's beautiful and fun to play with, but the sound doesn't work here, sadly.
{GODLIKE} "Marc Dorcel"™ 29 вер 2014 о 12:49 
Это какой-то фалоиммитатор, а не бита.
Go away 18 вер 2014 о 20:14 
This looks brilliant, I'm gonna go try it out :-)
"We're sorry for censoring the game, here's a stick"
tourtiere 16 чер 2014 о 15:00 
this was orogonally gonna be a seperate melee weapon but i guess valve desided they had enough melees. if you go to the weapons folder in gmod under l4d2 under games you'll find an untextured Didgeridoo model and a riot sheild
6 тра 2014 о 15:31 
This skin is a very beautiful replace for the very ugly baseball bat. thx 4 this
Steelwasabi 21 кві 2014 о 17:37 
The sound did not work in game I wish it did
Terrance McVicker 2 січ 2014 о 13:51 
that was the greatest video for the didgeridoo
FeelsChromosomeMan 4 гру 2013 о 18:15 
So this doesn't replace any textures for already existing weapons?
C. Z. I. C. H. Y. :D 14 лис 2013 о 7:32 
Hey doktor haus, the charackter you use for your videos, how is he called, which survivor he replace and where can I download him^^?
STOP 10 вер 2013 о 13:16 
Link for Thopmson Contender?
ViharTáncos 30 сер 2013 о 11:58 
this sound :D
HACK FRAUD 26 сер 2013 о 13:20 
Jules 25 сер 2013 о 21:09 
great job!
Splinks 25 сер 2013 о 14:22 
Man that Prophet fellow makes hell of a sexxy texture
warez 25 сер 2013 о 9:47 
thanks man
Wice 25 сер 2013 о 6:24 
Zombie-Splicer 24 сер 2013 о 16:49 
Thomas Jefferson 24 сер 2013 о 13:15 
very nice. yet again. SUBed