Real Daedric Artifacts (Weapons)
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The Outsider 5 чер о 23:11 
wait..what? LOL either my game is bugged or I'm through the shit...
Ghostrunner24  [автор] 5 чер о 20:26 
@The Outsider, I would but according to the game files it already has an infinite charge as it is. I will try to see what I can do though if there is a way to make it better. Thank you for the appreciation though :D
The Outsider 2 чер о 7:15 
hi uhm...wanted to ask if you can add that mephala katana artifact in here? please and if you do thank you xD really nice mod
boieshuzu 18 лис 2014 о 14:20 
but awesome mod anyway
boieshuzu 18 лис 2014 о 14:20 
the rueful axe is an artifact but not a true daedric artifact the real on is the masque of clavicus vile
EmoUnicorn 11 лис 2013 о 14:50 
cool mod thx
Scoot 31 сер 2013 о 9:45 
ok mace of molag bal is working so i dont suspect your mod i didnt suspect it would be your mod cuz even after unsub it still didnt work so back to finding it i guess :(
Scoot 31 сер 2013 о 9:40 
hi i just got this mod and when i use wabbajack nothing happens im not sure if this has happend before and i deleted it and it was still not working so im not sure if its your mod or what but i just got your aedric version of this mod and staff of magnus is not seeming to do anything im gonna get mace of molag bal to see if it works but this has been really sadening
cause wabbajack is baddass
Ghostrunner24  [автор] 30 сер 2013 о 18:48 
No dlc is required for this mod
-CML- Mr. Ledge 30 сер 2013 о 17:46 
do you need to have any dlc content for this mod? its not stated but as those are vanilla skyrim artifacts then i would assume no, but i just wanted to check
Ghostrunner24  [автор] 30 сер 2013 о 15:56 
Yes, the 6th picture is of the Wabbajack
zgogery 30 сер 2013 о 12:41 
What is the 6th picture of? Is it Wabbajack?
ringsella 28 сер 2013 о 23:44 
Sanguine Rose is supossed to run out according to the tes lore
Cherubaal 26 сер 2013 о 23:50 
@blood rush each weapon has their own quest related to them and following it will let you keep them. look up daedric artifacts on skyrim wiki
[FTW] Tortilla 26 сер 2013 о 23:34 
where do you find them?
Codex 26 сер 2013 о 21:46 
read the page?
Dralone ~ (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 26 сер 2013 о 15:27 
does this conflict with daedric artifacts improved?
callum_5tuart 26 сер 2013 о 12:01 
Gr8 P8 M8 Don't H8 Cr8 26 сер 2013 о 4:04 
Get Bobs saggy ass out of here. Bob sucks.
shadohart 25 сер 2013 о 18:38 
What about the mods titled Infinate Charges for Deadric Artifacts? that doesn't change stats, as far as I know.
Ghostrunner24  [автор] 25 сер 2013 о 14:19 
The Ebony Blade already does not need to be charged as far as I know. It is very much like Mehrunes Dagger.
ScottThePorkChop 25 сер 2013 о 13:35 
Does this work for the Ebony Blade???
Ghostrunner24  [автор] 25 сер 2013 о 12:55 
I think that this mod should work with reskin Daedric Artifacts, as long as it only changes the model and nothing else.
JaeCryo 25 сер 2013 о 12:24 
Does this mod work with mods that reskin Daedric Artifacts (Unique Uniques)
Moosekin 25 сер 2013 о 12:14 
There are mods that either make unique items level with you. There are also mods that unlevel unique items in the first place, to make it more like Fallout where no matter what level you get it it will always be the same power.

IIRC, SkyRe unlevels unique weapons. That's a big overhaul mod, though.
Lord Opossum 25 сер 2013 о 9:59 
Great idea! Now I actually want to get the deadric weapons! Simple mod, but awesome idea!!
Koromac 25 сер 2013 о 9:46 
Is the mod free of dirty edits? I hope that I don't need to use TES5Edit tool.
bhawks 25 сер 2013 о 6:28 
do one for the other unique items, chillrend, nightingale blade/bow, etc great mod
RedLeaderStandingBy 25 сер 2013 о 6:04 
@onyxjew what i do is when the artifact becomes obselite i will go to the qasmoke room and get a higher level one of the exact same weapon
Frou Frou Wiggly Good Times 25 сер 2013 о 5:47 
Daedric artifacts always seemed a bit sad to me. If you get them early they are utterly useless within ten levels, but if you wait until level thirty you can probably enchant/smith/alchemy your way to something far better.
Cockporn 25 сер 2013 о 5:10 
DerelictJustice 25 сер 2013 о 1:39 
I'd love to see a mod like this but it also includes something that improves the weapon as you level up. I hate that if I get a daedric weapon early game, it's useless just a few hours later. And if I wait until late game, I don't have anything left to do with the weapon I just got.. lol.
Ghostrunner24  [автор] 24 сер 2013 о 18:41 
I already posted a mod that changes the charge for the staff of magnus and auriels bow if you are interested.
Regular ol' Aidan 24 сер 2013 о 16:58 
Could you make a Dragonborn and Dawnguard edition?
The Flash 24 сер 2013 о 16:07 
i dont no were it is
Sir Eggmond 24 сер 2013 о 0:38 
(ノಠ益ಠ)ノ []---> who let Zoidberg out?
Muffinloaf ♥ 23 сер 2013 о 23:51 
Yes, let's give a round of applause to Zoidberg!
Medical Krieg Mann 23 сер 2013 о 19:32 
tcam010 23 сер 2013 о 6:57 
lycanthropy_buff 22 сер 2013 о 21:25 
yayasssss :) xD
trippy machete 22 сер 2013 о 19:17 
thank you!
Tiamat Blaze 22 сер 2013 о 17:01 
Thank you, finally someone fixes the problem without changing the items! And yes to making Staff of Magnus and such like this!! I love the staff of magnus but it drains out so much in a single fight and takes a ton to recharge.
Ghostrunner24  [автор] 22 сер 2013 о 16:53 
I was thinking about possibly doing another mod like this one, but for other items. I have already received some suggestions for; The Staff of Magnus, Auriel's Bow, Blade of Woe, and the Nightengale Blade, along with several others. Now, I now there are other mods like this out there, but would you guys want me to make one as well? I would like to hear your thoughts on the matter.
Ghostrunner24  [автор] 22 сер 2013 о 15:25 
I have not actually tested if this mod works with other ones that increase soul gem energy, but I think that it should be compatible.
]|[mmortal 22 сер 2013 о 14:58 
Add more weapons and buff the stats of all of them please.
Taleonas 22 сер 2013 о 13:11 
Also could you do this for the blade of woe and the nightingale blade?
Taleonas 22 сер 2013 о 13:10 
Would this work with a mod that increses the soul gem energy in a the weapons? Would it giltch the weapon out?
[KhLe]Witchhunter 22 сер 2013 о 11:05 
This mod is actually more lore-friendly than the in-game counterpart artifacts, because the artifacts draw their power directly from Oblivion.
Iredesc 22 сер 2013 о 0:31 
THE WABBAJACK that weapon is scary and it's good to see that I can be my own nightmare free of charge from now on :D
You 21 сер 2013 о 21:41 
it is very easy not charge your deadriatic artifacts, simply enchant your armor by reducing the destruction cost fo the spells. so this mod sucks and give it a big -10