Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Native Role Names + Updated Text Mod
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pão velho 20 okt om 3:39nm 
in the us faction , sarge and LT would be more appropriate or platoon commander instead of team leader
╬ ヌートズ Ω ╬ 14 jul om 12:51nm 
@Aki Well Hancho means "Captain" So it's not that bad....
Maximu Swagu 24 jun om 7:33nm 
its not working for me any help?

Aki 9 mei om 7:28vm 
Buntaicho (Squad is Buntai in Japanese Han is fire team)
I think this is better translate.
Punzybobo 29 jan om 2:40nm 
Alright. :)
RoastinGhost  [auteur] 29 jan om 2:32nm 
I'm afraid the text in the progress tracker reads from the exact same line of code as the class selection in-game. It wasn't an intentional change, and it's one that I can't fix. Sorry!

arkan- I've had people asking both ways. Honestly, I barely have the energy to update these two mods, let alone a third one. I'd be willing to help anyone make a different version of this, though.
Punzybobo 28 jan om 6:44nm 
So, I resubbed to the mod, and I realized I like it. But there is one problem, the role names in the progress tracker are all messed up, I see Russian names, German names, and Japanese names, could you change it back to the regular old text in the account progress tracker?
cameron-iwnl 1 jan om 11:51nm 
would be excellent without the text mod.
Punzybobo 9 sep 2014 om 4:06nm 
Oh, I see, thank you. :)
RoastinGhost  [auteur] 9 sep 2014 om 8:35vm 
The game's real localizaton files are stored safely away in its steam folder, so deleting the folder isn't as extreme as it sounds.
Punzybobo 7 sep 2014 om 4:07nm 
Is this a joke...? Or are you serious? I mean... Um, well... Okay. .-.
RoastinGhost  [auteur] 7 sep 2014 om 3:54nm 
You should delete the whole folder- there are like 12 localization files this mod changes.
Punzybobo 4 sep 2014 om 8:19nm 
What's the name of the file I have to delete in order to completely remove?
RoastinGhost  [auteur] 10 jun 2014 om 4:57vm 
@R0M30Z3r0- I'll do that soon. I was on a long vacation.

@Dusk- It takes a steam reset to come into effect. If it's not that, I would look in the folder mentioned in the removal part of the description. If anything's there, delete all of it, unsubscribe, resubscribe.

@Dupa Szatana- I like the sound of that as well, but unfortunately both of the theatres use the same bits of text.
Eerie [GwB] 24 mei 2014 om 5:44nm 
I have one idea/question - is it possible to change faction names? I don't like as it is in the game - Allies or Axis. There should be Wehrmacht, Red Army, US Army, Imperial Japanese Army. Is it possible to do?
Dusk 24 mei 2014 om 6:02vm 
It doesnt work for me, any ideas ?
Sir Erwin Rommel 17 mei 2014 om 9:03nm 
Hey roastin could you put up a link for this on mediafire or something?
RoastinGhost  [auteur] 8 mei 2014 om 1:17nm 
good point. I'll get that set up soon. Sorry, I've been busy with finals at school.
Eerie [GwB] 30 apr 2014 om 12:41nm 
Just make two versions: one is native names mod with your textmod and one is native names mod without your textmod.
RoastinGhost  [auteur] 30 apr 2014 om 12:31nm 
sorry about that- the two mods actually change the same files, hence the need to combine them to have both. I've been busy with work, but I could upload a separate version.
Eerie [GwB] 29 apr 2014 om 2:54nm 
Oh, it doesn't work with other text mods. So I will play with english names.
Eerie [GwB] 29 apr 2014 om 2:54nm 
Could you make two separate mods, one for native role names and one for things from the updated text mod? I'd like to have native role names but I want other texts like it's in the game now.
Schnitzel Koenigstiger 12 dec 2013 om 7:56nm 
Thanks man.
RoastinGhost  [auteur] 11 dec 2013 om 10:31nm 
Fixed that all-caps thing!
Schnitzel Koenigstiger 7 dec 2013 om 1:23nm 
Doktor von Pig 7 dec 2013 om 12:17nm 
thank you....i couldnt view it earlier
RoastinGhost  [auteur] 7 dec 2013 om 12:04nm 
Sold- I'll look into it. I don't actually use this mod so I might've messed something up with the last update.

King Pyrrhus- Sorry about that; I added removal instructions to the description.
Doktor von Pig 7 dec 2013 om 10:32vm 
I cant remove it hell
Schnitzel Koenigstiger 7 dec 2013 om 4:41vm 
Bump, I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this but for some reason all my names are back in capitals.

and it's very intimidating.
Saitama Sensei 23 nov 2013 om 2:56vm 
Hancho is for Captain.. not Squad Leader. If I remember my Japanese correctly.
Who Goes Thar 20 nov 2013 om 3:25nm 
I don't even know these languages, but it's a great mod. If you ever DO get Russian/Japanese letters to work, will you keep the romanized version available? As I can kind of understand which role is which, excluding the Japanese roles of course.
RoastinGhost  [auteur] 16 nov 2013 om 6:48nm 
trust me, I'd rather have used the proper alphabets.
Schnitzel Koenigstiger 16 nov 2013 om 6:15nm 
Romanji is yuck :(
RoastinGhost  [auteur] 16 nov 2013 om 11:41vm 
I did :)
unfortunately, I couldn't get Russian or Japanese letters to display, so they're both shown as native words spelled with the English alphabet.
Yamamoto777 16 nov 2013 om 10:18vm 
Should do one for rising storm!
Schnitzel Koenigstiger 27 okt 2013 om 10:03nm 
Awesome I'll check it out now.
RoastinGhost  [auteur] 27 okt 2013 om 7:41nm 
no, thank you! It should be fixed now.
Schnitzel Koenigstiger 27 okt 2013 om 3:33nm 
Thanks, Very good little mod by the way.
RoastinGhost  [auteur] 27 okt 2013 om 11:52vm 
ah, right. those new weapons kinda screwed things up. sorry about that. I'll get on it right away.
Schnitzel Koenigstiger 27 okt 2013 om 5:29vm 
Are you going to update this?

My PPS41 in game is called the "Haxored MG" when I switch to it and with the new features there's a lot of developer text like over the ladder that's in the menu and all over the campaign map for the Rising storm Campaign.
м₪ĸ|ARG186☭ 29 sep 2013 om 10:02vm 
Best Mod
RoastinGhost  [auteur] 18 sep 2013 om 2:41nm 
updated the description with removal instructions
Piratskeppet 18 sep 2013 om 2:14nm 
How do you remove this mod? Cause unsubscribing is apparently not enough.
burning47 14 sep 2013 om 7:25nm 
RS Axis role names still display in English
モスキー 10 sep 2013 om 1:30vm 
Tsugekihei → Totsugekihei?(突撃兵)
モスキー 10 sep 2013 om 1:16vm 
kikanju-ite → kikanju-shashu?(機関銃射手)
RoastinGhost  [auteur] 7 sep 2013 om 1:11nm 
thanks, mate! Maybe I'll see you in Stalingrad!
Learned Man 7 sep 2013 om 1:10nm 
Yeah it worked! I totally forgot to verify the game cache. Thanks a ton for quick responses and everything, I really do appreciate it. Good luck with your mod!
RoastinGhost  [auteur] 7 sep 2013 om 11:23vm 
this is a good sign, don't reinstall! if you verify the integrity of the game cache now, you'll only have to download the INT files.
Learned Man 7 sep 2013 om 11:18vm 
I removed all the INT files now my game is completely broken x.x I'll try reinstalling.