Classic Hunter
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☠Ricky the killer☠ 27 nov om 4:46nm 
type ._./ if you like L4D1 classic models and type t(-_-t) if not
DemonKiller2 12 okt om 6:35nm 
wow you finlay got the hands to work
Cpl. Cooper 29 aug om 2:58nm 
dang that big diffrence from l4d2 and l4d
Menace7DC2 7 aug om 8:16vm 
im just will get beta then
Menace7DC2 7 aug om 8:16vm 
its look like wierd like not this one
Toy Chica 7 mei om 12:45nm 
this is the original hunter skin dumbass and also note to maker please try to get first person model to work also i incurage you to make more great mods also can you tell me how you make your screen as a zombie clear because im tired of seeing green.
`Madness 28 jan om 1:13vm 
perfect ^_-
Skullkan6 17 jan om 7:11vm 
This is the only one I think where the L4D2 version is better.
Thankful bear cub 31 dec 2013 om 4:38nm 
yes! now i dont need to have that ugly face! also, you can see hunters eyes with this
ғєѕтινє яö¢кєт™ 30 dec 2013 om 4:54nm 
Does it have the walljump animations?!
Mr. Pinoyski 14 okt 2013 om 7:44vm 
i love your l4d1 reskins thanks and the hand are l4d1 right
rickbultinck 15 sep 2013 om 4:32nm 
now i hsf to uas l4d1 hunter skin
THE_HEDGEHOG 3 sep 2013 om 5:58vm 
Spirit Of 2277 24 aug 2013 om 2:11nm 
I got the problem: when i try start company, game show this message: server is enforcing consistency for this file: models/infected/hunter.mld
MaYk™ 23 aug 2013 om 11:13nm 
DEATH 23 aug 2013 om 10:27vm 
o msm
R4z0R 23 aug 2013 om 6:34vm 
è molto bello ed appasionante questa mod
ss07 [-the fugitive!!!] 22 aug 2013 om 3:12nm 
By the looks of things, this is another model where you must turn sv_consistency to 0 (off).
nikyyh 20 aug 2013 om 1:09nm 
Millenium Trooper 19 aug 2013 om 3:13nm 
to be honest i like the l4d hunter the most bescause he looks more dangerouse,evil,and scary looking
DZCO 19 aug 2013 om 8:38vm 
I like the L4D2 SI because they ALL look more terrifying, gross, and disturbing... as they should be... But I'll give you a thumbs up for the effort.
Frosty the Shitstorm 19 aug 2013 om 4:00vm 
I personally prefere the L4D hunter because it looks friendlier :)
mr.NOPE. 18 aug 2013 om 4:38nm 
THANK U SOO MUCH MAN I LOVE U MA-sorry... thank u so much u rook man :D
Hoxton 18 aug 2013 om 10:48vm 
Thank you