Granite Maul
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Goodvsevil jún. 26. @ de. 7:37 
un-enchanted Version would be good, i'd like to enchant it with whatever enchantment i want.
paizuriprincess jún. 5. @ du. 1:23 
This was good.
Keyser Soze márc. 17. @ de. 10:35 
Hey, do you reckon you could add in an un-enchanted version of the weapon as well? So that there would be both versions, the current, enchancted version, and an unenchanted variation? There are mod enchantments that I'd love to add onto the maul but alas I cannot due to the fact that it's already enchanted and I cannot use with enchantment removal mods that keep the item to enchant again.
The Shrubbery King febr. 21. @ de. 3:08 
Man, all of your mods are excellent! The textures on the Maul and Iban's Staff are excellent and the Granite Maul is so enjoyable to smack people around with it's almost crimminal! (However if used in some cases, it is)
And the best part is that they're not unbalanced! (Ish) Plus they could count as lore-friendly! (just as long as you've never heard of Runescape)
johnskyrim  [készítő] 2013. okt. 26. @ de. 9:15 
@Enpror It's a graphical mod called ENB series. There are many configurations out there.
Enpror 2013. okt. 25. @ du. 2:31 
how you did to get so nice light effect ? all your pictures are so beautiful, is it a light effect mod ? can you tell me please ?
Uwe 2013. okt. 3. @ du. 5:14 
thats what i just did..... stewpid whiterun ... -_-
johnskyrim  [készítő] 2013. szept. 28. @ du. 5:26 
@Uwe it shouldn't make your game crash at all. Whiterun is one of few places in Skyrim that frequently crashes, even mine crashes now and then in Dragonsreach. Unequip it and see if you can travel there :P
Uwe 2013. szept. 28. @ de. 9:13 
Makes my Skyrim crash when i travel to whiterun after fighting with it for a while. Maybe the knockback enchant rapes the game after a while?
Geezer 2013. szept. 15. @ du. 8:38 
A piece of granite that size would weigh 300lbs! Wouldn't want to get hit with it! HAHAHAHA.
sk8r_dan_man 2013. szept. 2. @ de. 12:34 
It's a BRICK! It's on a STICK! It's a BRICK ONA STICK!!!
Grimsteele 2013. szept. 1. @ du. 2:35 
I'd also love to see Mortal Kombat gear ported or recreated for Skyrim, especially the ninja armours and... Shao Khan's massive Warhammer of Wrath.
Mr. Evil 2013. szept. 1. @ du. 12:49 
I will die? Like, is that a yes? Because if so....

johnskyrim  [készítő] 2013. szept. 1. @ de. 11:51 
@Zaegar That would never work. It takes days sometimes and I procrastinate a lot too :P
Zaegar 2013. szept. 1. @ de. 11:38 
Hey cyan I was wondering if you would ever consider recording a time lapse of you making one of these models and texturing it. I'm interested in doing this kind of thing and I just would like to see your process.
mckibben 2013. szept. 1. @ de. 8:37 
and the armydly staff would be amazing
mckibben 2013. szept. 1. @ de. 8:36 
god staffs with theiar own spells like saradomin strike and zamorks and guthix
mckibben 2013. szept. 1. @ de. 8:34 
ok well thanks anyways is there anythings you are considering adding
johnskyrim  [készítő] 2013. szept. 1. @ de. 8:30 
@mckibben A whip is not possible at this time. That would require mechanics that currently aren't easily accessable in game.
mckibben 2013. szept. 1. @ de. 6:44 
thanks for the mod ive downloaded ibans staff to i got both in skyrim and rs both wepons look amazing and im downloading the shields inferno adze and sara domin godsword o and can we plz see an abyssal whip thannks for the mods
johnskyrim  [készítő] 2013. aug. 31. @ du. 8:12 
@FoFo It's been requested more times than I've ate japanese food! It will happen some day, I just have a lot of projects in the works right now and school too :(
Based 2013. aug. 31. @ du. 7:15 
You should, uh, make the Runescape Dragon weapons, and maybe the armor too, yeah... I played that game WAAAAY too much backin the day... :3 Just a suggestion! I hope you take me up on it though.
johnskyrim  [készítő] 2013. aug. 31. @ de. 5:42 
@Mr. Evil YOU. WILL. DIE.
Mr. Evil 2013. aug. 31. @ de. 5:17 
it's fucking beautiful :D you should make Shao Kahn's hammer
johnskyrim  [készítő] 2013. aug. 27. @ du. 7:43 
@JDcrafter, thanks for letting me know! :)
johnskyrim  [készítő] 2013. aug. 27. @ du. 7:00 
@noob I guess that comes down to your system specs. My mods aren't really made for low-end cards :P
Vivec 2013. aug. 27. @ du. 5:27 
I would've kept this mod on, but my game freezes for a few seconds too often. Awesome mod though, I loved this weapon in RS.
Blub 2013. aug. 26. @ de. 1:13 
Install Wizard 2013. aug. 25. @ du. 7:13 
Your runescape mods have gotten a lot of attention on the workshop and I wanted to ask if you would add me and toalk to me about something. I guarantee you it's not a request or any bullshit, and I think you'll like what I have to say
Rune 2013. aug. 25. @ du. 2:11 
don't suppose you'd be willing to make more badass giant hammers like this
Kurogane Dread MyComputerDied 2013. aug. 25. @ du. 1:45 
Grahamwise 2013. aug. 24. @ du. 10:13 
beastly .. nice job
Jonathan 2013. aug. 24. @ du. 6:19 
johnskyrim  [készítő] 2013. aug. 24. @ du. 6:19 
@Jonathan Chay
Jonathan 2013. aug. 24. @ du. 6:13 
Who was that?
Jonathan 2013. aug. 24. @ du. 6:12 
Ok thanks.
johnskyrim  [készítő] 2013. aug. 24. @ du. 5:23 
@Jonathan You would have to ask the video creator :P
Jonathan 2013. aug. 24. @ du. 4:13 
What killmove mod do you use in the video? great weapon.
♋Kankri Vantas♋ 2013. aug. 24. @ de. 6:58 
This'll go GREAT with my Ramona outfit. :D
Jasonissm 2013. aug. 23. @ du. 9:21 
Copy of Thor? Must be stupid.
liljones 2013. aug. 23. @ du. 9:01 
WishUponAWookie 2013. aug. 21. @ du. 5:50 
@anonymous_921 I AGREE
johnskyrim  [készítő] 2013. aug. 21. @ de. 6:31 
@Doctor sounds like you had a lot of fun!
SmoothPixel 2013. aug. 21. @ de. 4:56 
I went up to the hill near Rorikstead, I saw Berry and was like "Aww, look at teh mini troll."
Then the Dad came up behind me and nearly ONE-SHOT ME.
But it's okay, I ran away and got the Dad caught behind a tree, and then I cooperated with the guards to shoot arrows at it 'till it died.
P.S. I need to find more arrows now.
johnskyrim  [készítő] 2013. aug. 20. @ du. 6:11 
@Macisaac It's just north of Rorikstead a little. The image shows its location :)

@Swiestergeist Armadyl and Bandos armors will be created in the future to hopefully be released with my God Wars Dungeon mod.
deathapus 2013. aug. 20. @ du. 5:53 
what is the name of the camp that it is found at?I can't seem to find it.
Fjohürs Lykkewe 2013. aug. 20. @ du. 5:42 
cyanideja, all i have to say is thank you for these awesome Runescape weapon mods. I love that they aren't op but they aren't underpowered either. Also a quick suggestion, God armours like Armadyl light armour or Bandos Heavy armour
SmoothPixel 2013. aug. 20. @ du. 3:18 
I used to use a Granite Maul all the time..
I think I'll use this.
johnskyrim  [készítő] 2013. aug. 20. @ du. 2:32 
@Marjin Like I've said before, a whip is impossible due to the game not having the mechanics! Hand Cannon I'm not sure about!
Marijn en Ruben 2013. aug. 20. @ du. 2:10 
try to make abyssal whip, handcannon, dragon claws, i keep updated to your steam account!
and I hope you consider making these items :)
Ps: i played runescape for 7 years, but the updates are insane and they ruined it all!

bye :)