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Original Francis
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βahkes 2. syys 21.18 
@VeteranFruitshop So it's right, you fucking stupid. In the early versions the original survivors was like that.
VeteranFruitshop 25. elo 15.06 
The Defibrillator is upside down too!
VeteranFruitshop 25. elo 14.53 
He carries the Medkit upside down.
Golden 17. elo 15.33 
He looks like a Midnight Rider.
choeesecake 3. touko 3.04 
Yay! He cant now die without crashing
♡☮λGordon9999λ☮♡ 14. huhti 6.09 
With long hair he looks better.
PVZ 2 29. maalis 11.53 
Gabberrrr 13. maalis 11.30 
uPdip 5. tammi 1.29 
Is face animation allright?
PerkelusPascal 8. syys, 2016 21.50 
Why does this addon conflict on every HUD addon?
Galantigod 29. elo, 2016 22.17 
lol his like 7 years alive and not cutting hair hahahaah!
Cap 10. huhti, 2016 18.49 
He looks like a hobo.
Jhoshua_Wolfox 24. maalis, 2016 11.23 
Could you make the light model too?
TheDogfather 29. tammi, 2016 23.49 
TheDogfather 29. tammi, 2016 23.48 
TheDogfather 29. tammi, 2016 23.48 
[22nd V.A.] Pvt. Jennelle C.S.A. 23. tammi, 2016 11.09 
Why is it when I use this model for for Francis on The Passing and when I play on the campaign I get out of the safe room and walk up the stairs and then my game crashes and an error window comes up and says missing survivor_biker why am I having this problem?
lolznoboz 29. marras, 2015 12.10 
Can you make it for l4d1
Reinhardt 25. marras, 2015 6.44 
upside down mekit isn't wrong.
SubtleStrike 7. marras, 2015 19.52 
He's one of the roadies, along with the friends he left behind =P
Vector 4. marras, 2015 18.01 
Secretly, he was a fifth member of the Midnight Riders
Juleris 26. syys, 2015 9.58 
First Aid Kit is upside down, FIX THIS I HAVE OCD ;_;
794redfield 9. syys, 2015 16.10 
Beta Francis: "Hey, the midnight riders. Shit i remember those guys."
Louis: "You knew them?"
Francis: "Knew them, I used to be their drummer, had a bit of a falling out a few years back though. Haven't seen them since."
Bill: "I never figured you as a southerner."
Francis: "Meh, you learn something new every day."
THE LORD SUPER SAIYAN GOD 1OOOOO 4. syys, 2015 8.39 
hes look old man
Scarabee 20. elo, 2015 1.31 
Am I the only one who prefers the beta Francis over the final Francis?
✶❤♛Nαdjα♛❤✶ 9. heinä, 2015 6.14 
PosthumanHeresy 27. kesä, 2015 20.58 
GNARmander. have you ever met a biker in his 30s or 40s? I've met many. Final Francis is very unrealistic. This is not. The way I think of Beta vs. Final is Real Live vs. Movie Based on the Events.
†~TheGauleiterOfMünchen~† 1. kesä, 2015 19.08 
good thing valve changed his model jeez this francis looks...ugly.
DerpFrancis 27. touko, 2015 5.04 
ITS ABOUT TIME HE CAN BY NOT CRASHING THE DAMM GAME! p.s AWESOME MOD p.s.s Can u make a mod where you're not playing as Francis Zoey or Louis or Bill can u make them pick up Pipe Bombs and the other stuff?
WICK 18. maalis, 2015 11.16 
Can you fix his medkit?
6ix 21. joulu, 2014 10.57 
Thanks for the fix Splinks! Now I can complete my "White Lie: Unity Trials" survivor pack (based on a Youtube L4D2 SFM series)
Apple Norris 6. heinä, 2014 19.15 
Author. This model still crashes game (randomly on death and picking animations).
Johnny Ringo 13. kesä, 2014 7.23 
  \\ _
   \( •_•) F
    < ⌒ヽ A
   /   へ\ B
   /  / \\ U
   レ ノ   ヽ_つ L
  / / O
  / /| U
 ( (ヽ S
 | |、\
 | 丿 \ ⌒)
 | |  ) /
`ノ )  Lノ
Grimshaw 2. kesä, 2014 17.18 
Does anyone else notice that original Francis looks like one of the guys in the Midnight Riders
scarface2468 5. touko, 2014 2.49 
this mod will never be fixed it was released in august and this is may i give up with this mod such a shame but whatever
Name 30. huhti, 2014 13.49 
I don't want to point a finger or anything but yassermalaika has only two mods. I've not used his martian common infected but I haven't ran into any issues with Splinks' stuff, but I don't know how much input he had in it.

Perhaps someone would be willing to give it another go or Splinks could offer us a fix, because he's the only one who seems game breaking for me.
SilverMoon 30. huhti, 2014 8.09 
Made so badly by Splinderps and yasserfaglaika thats why
Name 29. huhti, 2014 20.32 
Completely avoid this Francis until further updates, he's broken and WILL crash your game. I couldn't even kick him with the console without the game crashing. It's a real shame.
People Like Grapes 4. huhti, 2014 22.46 
He still doesn't have attachments for defibs and ammo-packs, which means the game crashes if you pick them up.
Moe Lester 15. maalis, 2014 0.40 
Everytime francis dies the game crashes.
2D StuortPert 9. maalis, 2014 21.27 
he looks like chuck nories
SilverMoon 6. maalis, 2014 11.06 
Funny how this piece of shit remap of a blurry texture can really make the Original Francis look like complete crap, the UV Map had no reason to be remade and was mearly a poor choice of the developer "Splinks" and now looks like something straight from minecraft and less of his original art style.

Also covering up the boobs on his original arms was also a dumb decision, this game and L4D1 is an 18+ not a 5 and up.


Here are some screenshots of what francis could have looked like if he was made right, but no no, it's always RUSH RUSH with this stupid pony loving community
(These are images from the beta 2007, 2008)

Kyuu in Gibus (FigureGunplaFan) 12. helmi, 2014 4.18 
"I hate original looks."
UnluckyDuckie 5. helmi, 2014 10.44 
Causes game instability and crashes the game upon death. His beard looks beautiful, which is a pity. Hope to see it fixed.
TheSmashGen(TPGPA) 18. tammi, 2014 14.53 
chuck norris?
Bingo 15. tammi, 2014 15.17 
If you ever get time, I always wanted someone to make surgical scrubs for the survivors. and possibly nick as a doctor in a white lab coat. Keep up the good work man
Samikitty 5. tammi, 2014 13.20 
I love this <3 ... is much better that original
People Like Grapes 29. joulu, 2013 19.15 
Oddly enough, this mod works perfectly fine online, but I constantly crash on single player or when hosting a local server.
SlendySpy 25. joulu, 2013 10.34 
Is it just me or does he look like oh god i forgot his name but it was one of the characters in the walking dead, darn i forgot the name
qt 22. joulu, 2013 22.35 
there only one i begin to notice about his mod that everytime that francis pick up a melee and swich it , the melee doesnt apper on his back :/ can you fix that plz i would love that , but overall good work