Portal 2
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Petutski 2017년 1월 25일 오전 8시 19분 
Nice map! Did not use the light bridge. Thanks!
Almisuifre 2016년 3월 20일 오전 9시 10분 
Nice re-use of rooms and elements.
GWD9000 2015년 4월 17일 오전 12시 01분 
Like the previous commentors, I'm one of U.S. Unintended Solvers that likes to throw things when frustrated, instead of being one of T.H.E.M. Takes Hours, Eventually Makes(-it) , but at least I'm not one of T.H.O.S.E. Tears Hair Out, Screams 'EEELLLPPP! (OK, that admittedly is stretching it) . srs bsnss involved, huh? That explains it ;) Cheers, thanks for the map, and now I've got the S.H.I.T.S. Some Hair Is There, Still .
Talisac 2014년 7월 18일 오전 6시 16분 
Nice map!
ZAEROS 2014년 3월 5일 오전 7시 03분 
I threw the cube + used the light bridge and still struggled, Lots of fun, Thank you.
Malfaction 2014년 2월 3일 오후 2시 46분 
Solved as intended; took awhile to figure out. Thumbs Up!
•‹†ρđ› ĐūšР2ķ• 2014년 1월 23일 오후 1시 47분 
Nice! And solved the intended way.
Twenty Four 2014년 1월 19일 오후 5시 08분 
great map. i could see how you could cube throw as nhenrica suggests. but I like the light bridge way.
tman507se 2014년 1월 9일 오후 4시 00분 
Nice map, although I definitely didn't solve it the intended way. I didn't use the light bridge, I saw where it was supposed to go, but didn't figure out how to get the cube with it, instead I used the first cube and some cube throwing to get it. But still pretty challenging.
mebe 2013년 11월 22일 오전 5시 05분 
Liked that. The light bridge definitely has an intended use.
Haggis 2013년 9월 11일 오전 8시 52분 
Would love to see the proper solution to this, as i feel i solved it with unintentional solutions. Agree with Kylox about the glass lying in midair, you could put a little ledge there so the glass is sitting on that. Also like Kylox, i did not need to use the light bridge.
KyloX 2013년 8월 23일 오전 12시 07분 
A simple yet fun map to play. Had a bit of everything in it. the only problems I saw was the glass animation which was flying in the air and I have might solved the second cube the other, just being fast enough to push the button (not useing light bridge for anything).

Great work.
wildgoosespeeder 2013년 8월 22일 오후 8시 46분 
Very tight. Nice one. Died a few times but that was early on solving the puzzle.

Try my chamber?
Prototype 2013년 8월 19일 오후 4시 35분 
Nice map, good visuals and easy difficulty.
Denis [Rus] 2013년 8월 17일 오전 12시 27분 
Отличный тест! Заметил один баг. Когда разбиваешь стекло в обзорной комнате, там появляются ERROR.