Thalmor Infiltration - Hardest version
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starlitegirl  [작성자] 2014년 8월 20일 오전 9시 44분 
Thanks for trhe compliment. I made them really hard for all the players that want that. There are a few versions out there unless I took them down, but I don't think I did. They are easier ones. This I think is the most brutal and relentless. The other's are maybe mid and then easy version. I was high level when I made this so I wanted thalmor that seemed like a threat. The others are variations I made for those who found this one too hard. They are not nearly as popular so I think this mod in general appeals to people who like it harder.
darkknight957 2014년 6월 2일 오전 5시 58분 
I just had a look in the creation kit at your Thalmor files best set up I have seen so far.I like to set my enemies start calc 0 end calc 0.that way they level up with the player.I do the same for the player calc 0 and calc 0,It removes the level limit at 110 they can still be challenging.0 and 0 makes them level with the player to any level when the player is 0 and 0 too.Hope this helps.
darkknight957 2014년 6월 2일 오전 5시 47분 
Nice concept,I have a mod with a similar concept The Thalmor Invasion Conquest of Skyrim,daedly thalmor Archers with all archery perks.I replaced the Stormcloak and Imperial Soldiers with Thalmor.Also wolves,Bandits,goats and even Chickens lol.So it is a real invasion.I thought it might give you some new ideas.I tested your Thalmors in my new Mod The Viking War,they were interesting I like the way you set them up.I like to limit enemies to about 10 per cell.Nice little ambushes.was fun fighting them even thou I was a super powered level 1 no health benifits thou so I had to be fast with my crossbow and take cover thank you.I had a little army too.Only way I could survive.
4UA[SmileyFace] 2014년 4월 29일 오전 4시 02분 
Instant Merchant....................found it.
4UA[SmileyFace] 2014년 4월 28일 오후 1시 54분 
Can't find and don't remember the name of the merchant mod you told me to check out.
Oh, and don't forget, you are the girl, the bad girl, the "bad"starlitegirl" with the "b a d !" Avatar.
Just a reminder! Back to the Game.
4UA[SmileyFace] 2014년 4월 27일 오후 7시 57분 
Hey, I commented on your profile page. Check it out & see what you think.
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2014년 4월 27일 오후 12시 15분 
Yes that probably would do it. If you modify what they carry in one mod, it is applied to another depending on the order. I probably made a change in mine to give them a few hundred and then it was multiplied by the other mod. That's often how conflicts are born but sometimes it doesn't conflict in a way that stops the game from working but rather in this case the two mods gave a ton of money. Ah well... more money is never a bad thing. :)
4UA[SmileyFace] 2014년 4월 27일 오후 12시 06분 
I'll have to check, the only other loot mod is the crate or the chest. i finally got the new mod
(Frontier to Cyrodiil) working that I was having problems with. Before I originally tried to install it the Thalmer were carrying a high average of 5,000 gold. Also since it's another Thalmer related mod, it might be the Thalmer from the new mod that are carrying more loot.
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2014년 4월 27일 오전 11시 41분 
Wow, what mods do you have that they had that much gold? I don't think I changed what they carry... maybe a little but hmmm that's a lot of gold. I usually just get some potions and maybe one might have some good coin. Mostly it's armor and weapons I get. Some thalmor items like gems or potions and a bit of gold. I think I might get around 200 from one of them or maybe each of them. I felt they should have gold because they feel like they would as a race. But you must have a mod that gives thalmor a lot of money or something. You could be set for the whole game from that take alone. HA!
4UA[SmileyFace] 2014년 4월 27일 오전 11시 24분 
If you don't stop thanking me, I'm not gonna stop thanking you either. Was out in the countryside testin' your mod again. Attacked twice for a total of 18 thalmer & other assorted characters. One Thalmer had gold in the 60,000 range another had gold in the 100,000 range.
As for your mods, you do what you want, and always remember, you go, you "bad"starlitegirl!"
Yes gonna check the, instant merchant mod on my way out, oh & thank you for your mods!
& you probably thought I'd forget.
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2014년 4월 27일 오전 10시 04분 
Thank you for making my day, boogiejoe4! Deathloot is a lot of loot. Some don't care for it because they think it's too much. I'd recommend getting the instant merchant mod (it's either on here or nexus but I think here) and maybe one to increase how much money they have, or just pick and choose what you want when you loot. It really is a lot of loot. I think I might actually fix it one of these days so it's more coin and less jewelry. yeah, I think I might do that today actually.
4UA[SmileyFace] 2014년 4월 27일 오전 9시 14분 
I said I wouldn't thank you again.......I lied! Thank you for this mod & I wish "you" the best with your mods and your modding. Checked your mod list: I don't want a male follower(Argon)don't wanta marry him either. I will be subscribing to your "death loot" mod on my way out. Lastly and to coin a phrase, You go, you "bad"starlitegirl!"
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2014년 4월 27일 오전 8시 28분 
Thanks boogiejoe4! I wish you many hours of fun with this mod!
4UA[SmileyFace] 2014년 4월 26일 오후 10시 54분 
There has never been any problem with your mod. the other mod, I tried everything the author said to try to keep the game from crashing. My last resort was to disable your mod. Well when that didn't work, I deleted it. Your mod worked fine before disabling it and has been working great since restoring it too. So, you go, you "bad"starlitegirl!"
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2014년 4월 26일 오후 12시 05분 
Thanks boogiejoe4. I made this mod for myself for the fun of killing lots of thalmor and also because it adds more fun to the game. If I don't want to do the main quest, I can do the DLCs and kill thalmor for a while though I might use the easier versions if I am low levels becuase these thalmor are beasts. Higher levels and I bring in this one. I think it adds more game to the game though if I were new to the game, I probably wouldn't have touched this mod with a ten foot pole. I died like crazy in my first games. I'm glad you enjoy it. It shouldn't conflict with any mod unless that mod alters things related to the forts or locations where I added the thalmor.
4UA[SmileyFace] 2014년 4월 26일 오전 11시 04분 
was all over the countryside testin' out this mod. it's workin' fine just like before. good fightin' goin' on. Nadina is essential but i am not, so i've gone down quite a few times but haven't died yet. This mod "is" the awesomerest, you know it. I won't Thank you again.
But you are a "bad"starlitegirl!"
4UA[SmileyFace] 2014년 4월 26일 오전 9시 04분 
I had been trying a new thalmer related mod, and I thought this one and the new one might have been butting heads. There was nothing wrong with your mod but there was with the new one. i just re-subscribed to this one and this one's gonna stay until you upgrade. I like this mod a whole hell of a lot, and so does my partner Nadina. Thank you for the great mod!
deuce2dynamic 2013년 12월 13일 오후 4시 32분 
lol poor lydia... she was a good ole girl. got tired of getting my A$$ bounced all over skyrim. going back to the normal verson now. tough aint even the right word. im gonna have to wait till i level up quite a but before i use this version again smh
Aaron 2013년 11월 3일 오전 6시 08분 
ok thank you
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2013년 11월 2일 오후 5시 52분 
yes, I have seen the soldiers respawn. I think it is because their is a leader inside the fort.
Aaron 2013년 11월 2일 오전 10시 23분 
if i kill all thalmor in a fort the soldiers can respawn??
Ash 2013년 9월 16일 오전 11시 51분 
this works great with the thalmor invasion quest mods.
knightowl1142 2013년 9월 11일 오후 11시 50분 
Thanks for the reply, luckaley I do not have any serious health issues for the most part. I have just worked last forty years on the grave yard shift so therefore I do not sleep to well during the nights. Also for your information the thalmor have been showing up a lot more regulary and my ulter ego and my favorite follower have really enjoyed eliminating them. Take Care and Thanks Again.
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2013년 9월 11일 오전 10시 58분 
Usually till 1 or 2 am. Sometimes later. My sleep has been messed up due to health issues. I'm trying to normalize it but midnite is probably the earliest I've normally gone to sleep for most of my adult life.
knightowl1142 2013년 9월 11일 오전 12시 41분 
Thanks again Starlitegirl. Just out of curiosity are you always up past the witching hour?
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2013년 9월 11일 오전 12시 27분 
Just remember that they are at the forts so you faction will be decimated there. But since there is a commander of sorts inside the fort, they will respawn. But the thalmor will be there until you kill them and then they will respawn again at some point (not sure how long). But they do kill the cloaks and imperals at the forts. If you don't get to them before the war they are there when you fight the war. If you get there after the war, they kill the winning faction but they will respawn as long as that leader is inside.
knightowl1142 2013년 9월 10일 오후 11시 42분 
Thanks for the response I am coming across more and more of them, I also down loaded the MOD after I joined the stormclocks and defeated the Imperiales.
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2013년 9월 10일 오후 1시 37분 
The thalmor are independent of Ulfric. They were updated to respawn. I have no idea why there are suddenly no thalmor. That seems totally bizarre. I've killed Ulfric more time that I can count early in my game and still have thalmor to fight. Do you have a mod that changes the layout skyrim? Because that override mine load order wise. Try putting this mod at the end of the load order and see if that changes it.
mycastlecellar 2013년 9월 10일 오후 1시 22분 
OK; what's the deal? There were lots of these damn Thalmar and now there are none. Ever since Ulfric was killed there have been no more Thalmar to fight. Is that the way this is supposed to play out? If so I may as well unsubscribe.
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2013년 9월 8일 오전 9시 43분 
Made them now respawn for those who wanted that. Regarding the CW, after it you can just resurrect your faction or wait for them to be replaced as there is a leader in the forts which seems to trigger respawns and they seem to be quick.
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2013년 9월 8일 오전 7시 19분 
I had to be cautious where I put them so they wouldn't interfere with other factions at other locations except at the forts because there are only a few outside and then change when the war starts.
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2013년 9월 8일 오전 7시 17분 
They're all over. All the forts in both sides of the war. From helgen escape to Whiterun on that road. North of rorickstead and south near the monument. North brittleshin pass, on the road north, pinewatch, lakeview manor head down to the lake and go right. Broken debut tower in the Reach. Along that road I think there are 3 points where they are. Head to solitude from rorikstead but then don't turn toward dragon bridge and go straight instead there's a group that way. Use detect life or Aura Whipser shout if you have them. Aura Whisper can be learned at Northwind Summit, Valthume and Volunrund. Other paces are bloodlet throne, From wolfskull cave toward the east of the map, some roads in southern reach, some roads in falkreach, around Valtheim Tower/keep and toward where the giants are. Falkreach near the bandit bridge. Also, fort fellhammer though I don't think it's in the war. That's just off the top of my head.
knightowl1142 2013년 9월 8일 오전 1시 18분 
I have played about 20 hours since i down loaded the mod, I have only encountared the Thalmor ounce, other than that Idid enjoy slotering them
mycastlecellar 2013년 9월 7일 오전 9시 55분 
Two Thumbs up and Favorite! I love this mod. Nothing better for a Nord than killing dozens of Thalmar in the morning and baking their corpes to start a good day; don't you think? Great work.
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2013년 9월 5일 오전 10시 32분 
@ leowedell - arrogant gang gave me a good laugh. I think that's my new favorite description of the Thalmor. Thanks!
leowedell 2013년 9월 5일 오전 10시 04분 
Thank you again- this time for translation!
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2013년 9월 5일 오전 9시 07분 
@ leowedell - had to translate that: I never liked the arrogant gang, now I can indulge in this dislike! I thank you very much!

My response - You're very welcome!
leowedell 2013년 9월 5일 오전 7시 59분 
Habe die arrogante Bande nie leiden können, nun kann ich dieser Abneigung frönen! ich danke dir sehr!
Axed 2013년 9월 4일 오후 11시 02분 
nice touch
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2013년 9월 4일 오후 1시 17분 
@ Red John - nope. It's just killing thalmor that are not connected to the embassy. I've played this mod and never had problems with the embassy. This mod simply added Thalmor that I have created into the game. There is no conflict with the embassy.
Red John 2013년 9월 4일 오후 12시 56분 
does this mess up the mission where you infiltrate their embassy?
TS [~MLS~] Born 2 Frag! 2013년 9월 4일 오전 7시 02분 
ketotsue 2013년 9월 3일 오전 6시 31분 
Might I suggest a hardcor version that does respawn? Being a high level charecter I like this paticular one the most but would prefer an unlimited supply of Thalmor...
Warhorse83 2013년 9월 2일 오후 6시 37분 
kill the thalmor!!!..nasty
Fullgrim 2013년 8월 29일 오전 12시 31분 
i find it awsome gives me my last braincells a hard work tbh but damn its fun i find it awsome and yeah what can ya say its fun and just silly how hard they hit but hey its a challenge wich is worth my while
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2013년 8월 28일 오후 11시 31분 
@ Fullgrim - they were designed to be brutal killers. I gave them everything I could including extra damage so that people who want a challenge or find normal levels easy have a challenge.
Fullgrim 2013년 8월 28일 오후 11시 29분 
awsome mod but hot damn they hit hard XD
starlitegirl  [작성자] 2013년 8월 28일 오후 11시 25분 
Too involved for just a few people using the mod. Sorry. Not in the plans.
Fullgrim 2013년 8월 28일 오전 10시 43분 
jodahavatar 2013년 8월 15일 오후 9시 51분 
Sounds interesting, and goes well with the Thalmor-hating kitty follower mod posted in the last couple weeks.