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DragonSlayer673 25 มี.ค. @ 12:27pm 
chinagreenelvis: well I did not know that! thanks for the heads up.
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 24 มี.ค. @ 6:11pm 
Kidmanfive: The mod configuration menu is a feature of SkyUI. SKSE is required for SkyUI to function.

Swanbadboy: Read the troubleshooting section of the mod description and the FAQ.
swanbadboy 24 มี.ค. @ 12:52pm 
is thre a way to use the mcm for the mod wen ure in middle of a save game
swanbadboy 24 มี.ค. @ 12:50pm 
well i installed the mod and i uninstalled it via mod organiser and them acedent ly reinstalledit via mod organiser and now tghe mod reset and on ma svave game i am not the dragon born and cant learn new shouts
DragonSlayer673 24 มี.ค. @ 12:27pm 
uh, you mean SKSE? SkyUI doesnt add the mod configuration thing.
Nurse Redheart 23 มี.ค. @ 8:45am 
Yes, I did see that. I used it right away and it's working fine now. Thank goodness you included that. x3
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 22 มี.ค. @ 2:22pm 
There's nobody here who can help you, really. Your problem is with the Steam Workshop, and that's not something I have any control over. If you read the mod description page, you 'll see that there is a manual download link if you want to install the mod yourself.
Nurse Redheart 22 มี.ค. @ 1:34pm 
I hope someone sees this.. I'm having a very serious and very strange issue that I have no idea what caused it or how to fix it. I'm subscribed to this mod, and three more actually. But when I launch Skyrim, it only detects Unbound and it doesn't download it. It just 'syncs' and then when I launch the game, it isn't working.
Mordy 21 มี.ค. @ 3:31pm 
Well that's odd then, as it's not getting recognised, at least not by my BOSS but it's not a huge deal, since the mod now works fine again as will use BOSS to sort the mods seeing as LOOT is having some obvious issues with things.

And seeing as i didn't say it previously, good job on the mod, i've tried several alternate start ones but yours is hand down the best of the bunch and i will continue using till the day i stop playing Skyrim for good!
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 21 มี.ค. @ 2:35pm 
Lightningninja: Nothing in the mod description mentions anything about skipping the Greybeards. If you're getting the quest automatically, you've got the mod in the wrong position in your load order.

Mordy: This is why I don't recommend LOOT and always suggest putting Skyrim Unbound as low as possible in the load order. Also, BOSS should recognize it since it was added to their lists years ago.
Mordy 21 มี.ค. @ 12:49pm 
Update: It seems to be a load order issue with LOOT making the mod futz up and BOSS having it work correctly (due it being unrecognised and thus being placed at the end of the load order) so ha, at least the mystery has now been solved!
Mordy 21 มี.ค. @ 12:16pm 
Well, for some reason regardless of my settings i get a full iron armor set (with the helmet put on my head, always) + several weapons, about 20 random potions and 140 gold more than what i selected at the start slapped into my inventory as soon as i hit the character creation.

No idea as to why, as the mod was working just fine before i did my full, clean reinstall few days back but whatever the cause is, while not game breaking it's definately annoying as i'm now doubting if other parts of the mod have glitched up as well.

Will try another unsubscribe --> subscribe cycle, see if that fixes it or something..
Lightningninja 21 มี.ค. @ 11:48am 
This was supposed to skip the greybeards, but it didn't... 5/10
AJ™ 14 มี.ค. @ 8:53pm 
problem was not that but it somehow fixed itself after i unsubscribed and then subscribed the mod again here i think newest skyrim update was the problem for workhop mods.
AJ™ 14 มี.ค. @ 8:18am 
anyone else having problem with equip gear option its not working atleast for me. it always equip gear first even if you turned it off in MCM.
Under Dog 13 มี.ค. @ 8:59pm 
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 13 มี.ค. @ 8:55pm 
If you use Sky UI, you set the options in the MCM whenever you want. If you don't have Sky UI, there is an options power in your magic menu.

This is all in the FAQ and mod description.
Under Dog 13 มี.ค. @ 7:35pm 
How can you do that?
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 13 มี.ค. @ 3:16pm 
Basically, you can always change your mind later and use the options to suddenly "become" Dragonborn.
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 13 มี.ค. @ 3:15pm 
They don't get skipped, they just never happen, and are no longer required for completing the civil war.
Lightningninja 13 มี.ค. @ 11:24am 
if we choose to not be the dragonborn do we skip all the dragonborn quests? Including the GreyBeards... right?
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 10 มี.ค. @ 10:50am 
Good to know!
Nukem962001 10 มี.ค. @ 9:09am 
Elemental Dragons seems to be working with Skyrim Unbound just fine.
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 9 มี.ค. @ 3:54pm 
I don't have any experience with that mod, but if you try it out and it doesn't seem to work, let me know.
Nukem962001 9 มี.ค. @ 9:21am 
@Chinagreenelvis Do you know if this is compatable with Elemental Dragons? I would like to try Elemental Dragons out, but not sure how your mod controls the appearance delay of Dragons and/or weather this would be an issue with these two mods.
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 8 มี.ค. @ 2:08pm 
Lord Dracula: There's no way Skyrim Unbound is responsible for any CTDs.
Demacrex 8 มี.ค. @ 8:07am 
had problems with having an older version installed even though I had deleted content and unsubbed a few times, followed instructions, works again and better than before. one of the best mods around :)
Lord Dracula 8 มี.ค. @ 5:17am 
your newest update is causing my game to crash =(
Nukem962001 7 มี.ค. @ 7:53pm 
So I just did a reinstall and I have dragons again. Thanks
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 7 มี.ค. @ 4:35pm 
For clarity, I've added a more detailed set of steps to follow in the troubleshooting section of the mod description.

Sorry about all this, folks. Steam's auto-update feature is kind of a pain sometimes.
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 7 มี.ค. @ 4:34pm 
Make sure you read the latest change notes as well as the pinned topics in the discussions tab as well. They both contain important information about the latest update.
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 7 มี.ค. @ 4:28pm 
I made some changes in 5.4 to the way the game handles the initial dragon spawns. Try following these steps:

Disable Skyrim Unbound
Load your most recent save
Save again
Enable Skyrim Unbound
Open the MCM (or use the Skyrim Unbound Options Power if you're Non-SkyUI)
Adjust your settings

Getting the MCM to refresh may take a moment or opening and closing it again.
Nukem962001 7 มี.ค. @ 4:02pm 
In 5.4 It seems that I don't have any dragons in the world. Even on older saves. Aside from upgrading this mod the only other change was adding Sjel Blad's Castle which shouldn't have caused this. Had Dragons in 5.3. I will try a re-install and load an older save. Will report back.

chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 6 มี.ค. @ 5:38pm 
To be fair, a dragon did still decimate Helgen. You can assume there's at least one out there, even if you choose to play without them.
EgN| Roaxes 6 มี.ค. @ 2:30pm 
I like to just act like someone spreaded a false rumor about dragons and everyone is believing it. x3
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 6 มี.ค. @ 11:23am 
There's a *lot* of random dialogue about dragons in the game, though, and some of it is probably guaranteed to take too much effort to edit.
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 6 มี.ค. @ 11:22am 
EgNI: True. It'd take some work, but it's possible I might be able to make those conditional, like the Dragonborn dialogue.
EgN| Roaxes 6 มี.ค. @ 8:49am 
I love to do the random option so I never know what to exepect but I noticed guards still talk about dragons like they're terrorizing even when dragons can't spawn xD
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 5 มี.ค. @ 10:11pm 
FeycatG: Have you updated the mod to the latest version? Have you read the FAQ?
FeycatG 5 มี.ค. @ 4:26pm 
All the options in MCM are greyed out on an existing character (created with this mod active) and I can't alter the dragon spawning rules. Is there some way to fix that? I'm currently running 3 characters/playthroughs at this time and the dragon options are not accessible on them. Running through MO, TES5edit and LOOT both say the mod is running correctly and in the proper place.
zcutedollie 3 มี.ค. @ 1:15pm 
This is amazing, thank you so much! You have no idea how sick I get of getting Farengar's Dragonstone or fighting Mirmulnir!
Domoguy 2 มี.ค. @ 1:57pm 
Nukem962001 2 มี.ค. @ 6:43am 
Thanks for the continued support. I just upgraded to 5.3 from 4.0. (Been gone for 6 months) I love the changes you have made.
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 1 มี.ค. @ 11:23am 
Domoguy: This mod is not causing your problem.
Domoguy 1 มี.ค. @ 1:21am 
The mod might be preventing me from acsessing my magic. It crashes when i try to open the magic tab.
MrGodzilla445 28 ก.พ. @ 1:42pm 
I found the priblem. Loot was just being an ass. It put Skyrim Unbound at the bottwm of the load order and Warburgs 3d map at the top.
chinagreenelvis  [ผู้สร้าง] 28 ก.พ. @ 11:00am 
Double-check your installation and make sure the mod is active.
MrGodzilla445 28 ก.พ. @ 10:15am 
I don't know what happened but it suddenly stopped wroking entirely. Every new game has the vanilly start.
Viking 28 ก.พ. @ 3:21am 
Thanks. I love this mod. Even better than Alternative Start
Evendel 28 ก.พ. @ 1:02am 
Yep, all fixed! Awesome mod China.