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Skyrim Unbound - The Ultimate Alternate Start
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Elvis Martini  [автор] 4 ч. назад 
Alright, I took a closer look at the code for cleaning up Helgen and added a few lines that were missing from the original quest. This *should* prevent problems people have been having with Ulfric being gagged due to other mods.

The Master Chuck: Start a new game and let me know if this update works for you.
Elvis Martini  [автор] 5 ч. назад 
The Master Chuck: It's a problem with Immersive Armors.
The Master Chuck 6 ч. назад 
what about ulfric stormcloak?
His mouth is still tied up and he has the same outfit he had in the beginning of the game when he is going to Helgen.
Elvis Martini  [автор] 2 окт в 13:35 
Echo: There are many starting location options. The specific one you want may or may not be one of them.

Tobaku: Your question is answered in the third paragraph of the mod description.
TobakuNoOppai 2 окт в 9:15 
I have a question, I understand that this mod is intended for new saves, but will it break current saves?
Echo Stratrap 1 окт в 15:26 
*Live another life
Echo Stratrap 1 окт в 15:24 
Is there a way to configure places you spawn with this mod? I would like to set a spawn in the abandoned prison from Live .
Elvis Martini  [автор] 30 сен в 19:50 
I don't know, but those are the only two things that can cause that, unless you're also using a mod organizer like NMM or Wrye Bash.
xXxRockman4MIxXx | 30 сен в 17:39 
how so?
Elvis Martini  [автор] 30 сен в 16:01 
Your problem is with the Steam Workshop and your mod load list.
xXxRockman4MIxXx | 30 сен в 11:53 
it wont stay checked in my subscribed files, im subbed but it says im not
Elvis Martini  [автор] 29 сен в 23:17 
The manual download is compatible with NMM, you just have to move the .zip file to your mods folder.

The Workshop may have automatically disabled it during the update.
muy_thaiguy 29 сен в 21:15 
Okay, I found my issue. Somehow, on my Nexus Mod Manager menu, this mod had been clicked to be unactive. Don't know how, as I never did, but it does explain the issue. And now that I activated it there, and did the usual load, it now works again! Sorry about any inconvenience.
muy_thaiguy 29 сен в 20:56 
@Robocopabot, I've tried that. No go.
@ Elivs, manual downloads and I don't get along. Hence why I use steam and the NMM. Don't worry, I don't have anything against this mod or you. I really enjoyed it and definitly recommend it to anyone who wants a good alternate start mod. My game just refuses to recognize it sadly.
Boasteri 29 сен в 11:05 
Great mod, been using the loose files version from your site in few short playthroughs now without any troubles. Much thanks.
Elvis Martini  [автор] 28 сен в 13:33 
Try the manual download in the mod description. Use Wrye Bash and make sure it's checked.
Robocopabot 28 сен в 6:51 
@ muy-thaiguy i think i just solved the problem you were having. unsub, resub, start up skyrim, close launcher, reopen, click play, start new game. that did it for me. if that doesnt work, then iunno. take it with a pinch of i guess
muy_thaiguy 27 сен в 21:29 
I even unsubbed and re-subbed it. Still went through the vanilla opening. So I don't know what to do there. Thanks anyways. It was a good mod while it worked for me. Hopefully no one else gets this issue.
Elvis Martini  [автор] 27 сен в 21:19 
muy_thaiguy: I just recently updated the mod a few times, so you might want to try making sure you have the latest version. Apparently the Skyrim loader no longer updates mods; apparently Steam is supposed to handle it automatically.

I've never liked the workshops automated system, and I imagine that somehow it is the source of your problems. Hope you can get it fixed.

mastershot64: Thanks.
{[Tw1st3d]} mastershot64 27 сен в 19:30 
this is hands down one of the best mods out there i have a lot of play time useing this mod + i hate geting the dragonstone so IN HIS FACE that is all
muy_thaiguy 27 сен в 17:58 
Just tried it with the steam play button, and this mod, despite showing up on my active mods and never having trouble with it before, is not even showing up on my skyui menu. Any tips?
muy_thaiguy 27 сен в 17:55 
Okay, been using this mod for awhile and had 0 problems. Today, tried starting a new game with SKSE (like I have so many other times) and it starts with the vanilla opening. The only recent mods I have added are stand alone armor and weapons mods.
Elvis Martini  [автор] 24 сен в 11:13 
Ah, forgot to put the manual download version up. On it now.
Nukem962001 24 сен в 6:55 
Will test out once it is uploaded to your file sharing site, again thanks.
Nukem962001 24 сен в 6:53 
@elvis Martini: I think you have everything you could want covered in this mod. Thanks,
Elvis Martini  [автор] 23 сен в 18:54 
Alright, I seem to have got it figured out. Works for both vanilla and with Better Vampires. See the Change Notes tab for update details.

Version 5.5 is up! Apart from bugfixes, this will probably be the last update for some time. There aren't really any other features I'm considering adding at this point; most would be too difficult to implement.
Elvis Martini  [автор] 22 сен в 22:29 
So, a problem I'm running into with starting the player off as a vampire is that some survival mods cure the player of all diseases when they fire up, including early-stage vampirism. I'm not sure how to move the player into advanced vampirism at this point.
Elvis Martini  [автор] 22 сен в 16:24 
Still planning to add those features. Taking a look at it now.
Nukem962001 22 сен в 10:27 
DId you ever figure out the Vamp/Werewolf part? Time of day to start? Will there be a Ver 5.5 or have you moved on to bigger/better things?
Macho Man Sandy Cabbage 21 сен в 16:17 
Oh man, too bad I don't know anything about patching! But thank you so much for responding, Elvis. The world needs more mod creators like you!
Elvis Martini  [автор] 20 сен в 14:05 
ScOrch: Yes. That would be hard to make.

Macho Man: Check the FAQ.
Macho Man Sandy Cabbage 20 сен в 6:37 
I'm having troubles. Whenever I spawn into the game after making my setting and etcetera. I spawn with the stuff I wanted but additionally with a full set of iron armor, all of the iron weapons, a bunch of potions, and etcetera. I don't know why it is doing this, none of my other mods should be conflicting. I would give you a list but it would be a pretty long list. Hopefully you can help me because I really want to enjoy this mod to it's fullest. :)
Sc0rch 20 сен в 2:28 
This is a very interesting mod in my opinion but i would have loved it if you could run a non Dragonborn character while a Dragonborn NPC is doing the main storyline. Would that be hard to make in your experience?
Elvis Martini  [автор] 8 сен в 13:49 
Gyro Gun: What you want is Live Another Life.
Gyro Gun 7 сен в 9:52 
This mod is great but could do with some extras for it is a shame you cannot start at the borders of Skyrim with or without a document in inventory that allows you a one time pass or have one quest line or quest already active/started with initiation skipped and being mention in said document or a seperate item. :(
XBoom 6 сен в 10:47 
Only one problem, the gear given sometimes is op: scaled armor and steel plate.
]CIA[ Dra247gon 1 сен в 18:19 
and thanks again for the mod :D
]CIA[ Dra247gon 1 сен в 18:19 
that's too bad, oh well. :/ let me know if you update the mod :)
Elvis Martini  [автор] 1 сен в 13:07 
I can't do anything on the Nexus. If they find out I've created a new account, they'll ban it. They run on an archaic, asinine zero-tolerance policy.
]CIA[ Dra247gon 1 сен в 12:50 
Simply adding the associated disease's would be great! I think you should add the option. No, I insist that you do simply because it adds a next level to the mod.

As for the Nexus, can't you make a page about the mod on the forums? [Skyrim Mod Talk] if I get around to it, I may just do it myself.
Elvis Martini  [автор] 1 сен в 10:54 
Is making the player a vamp/werewolf as simple as adding the associated disease? If so, then it wouldn't be hard to add that option; I've just never considered it because I felt there were mods better suited to handle that kind of thing.

As for the Nexus, you're right, but Skyrim Unbound isn't allowed there. It's a long story, but the short version is that the site is run by people with deaf ears and short tempers.

If you guys want to see this mod on the Nexus, I suggest you tell *them* you want it there. It's not my choice.
]CIA[ Dra247gon 31 авг в 18:22 
yes, I'm very well awear of both. (manual download section) I'm just saying that this mod would be nice to see it on the nexus website. [The popularity would doom.] and a feature / option, simple touch such as that would be awesome. Better Vampires/Moonlight Tales are way too complicated for what I had in mind. it was simply a idea. thanks for the mod!!!!
Elvis Martini  [автор] 31 авг в 12:34 
There is a manual download section in the mod description for people who use mod managers. The FAQ explains that this mod will never be on the Nexus again.

Vampire and Werewolf starts are available by using other mods. Better Vampires/Moonlight Tales/etc.
]CIA[ Dra247gon 31 авг в 11:58 
I had this mod for the longest time now and I must say, it's my Favorite mod. ( just saying I mostly use the Nexus now like most people. ) [author] you should think about adding it to the Nexus. and If I may add, I'd think about maybe adding the option to start the game as a vampire, vampire lord and or werewolf.
Horagen81 30 авг в 9:08 
Thank you for making this mod :) having a blast with it and it helps me determind how I want to play :)
Elvis Martini  [автор] 24 авг в 0:04 
Read the mod description. Read the FAQ. You become thane when you purchase Breezehome.
BellaDovah 23 авг в 16:16 
Does this mean you can't become the thane of Whiterun then?
Elvis Martini  [автор] 20 авг в 18:55 
Vincent_Valeintine: Read the mod description. Read the FAQ. Try it for yourself.

PierreDespereaux: Read the mod description. Read the troubleshooting secdion.

Nukem: It's on my to-do list. It'll be easy to implement, once I can finally get around to it.
Nukem962001 20 авг в 18:43 
@Elvis Martini: Were you ever able to get the time of day option to work?
PierreDespereaux 20 авг в 17:46 
I'm having a strange problem where when I start a new game I'll immediately learn Fus and be summoned by the Greybeards.

Is anyone else having this problem or is it isolated to me?