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chinagreenelvis  [készítő] 52 perce 
Yes, the mod description states that you can still complete The Golden Claw at Bleak Falls Barrow.
BlackFish 2 órája 
Very good mod! Got me back into Skyrim without having to deal with the initial quest bits.

It gives Skyrim an Elite: Dangerous feeling where there is no main plot. However, I have it set so that I can find it eventually. I'd love TES 6 to start like this, where the player has to FIND the main quest instead of being served to it on a silver platter.

Is the claw dungeon (that first one) still explorable? If so what's the name of it? I think that would be the place I'd go to when I decide to do the main quest.
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] 4 órája 
Murlocky 7 órája 
Plz make it so i can still earn the whiterun home?
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] 9 órája 
Your problem isn't Skyrim Unbound. Follow the steps in the troubleshooting section of the mod description.
Razor614 nov. 22. @ de. 7:26 

Its under Special options. You can give your character the disease for either being a werewolf or a vampire. Hope this helps ;)
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] nov. 21. @ du. 10:44 
MostEpicName: I don't know. Are you upgrading? Are you starting a new game? Did you download the latest version? Did you read the mod description and the troubleshooting section? Did you look at all of the pages in the MCM? Are you even using SkyUI?
MostEpicName nov. 21. @ du. 5:31 
I opened the mcm but it doesnt give me the option to start as a vampire, can you help?
JZBai nov. 21. @ du. 1:56 
chinagreenelvis: OK. That's good to hear. Welcome back to the Nexus! :)
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] nov. 20. @ du. 10:45 
JZBai: Yes, that's me. It's not that I didn't want my mods on the Nexus, it's that I've been trying to sort out my account status with them for the past two years. They recently hired someone to the position of public relations, and he has been invaluable in helping to get me reinstated.
JZBai nov. 20. @ du. 9:27 
Just curious, I noticed that this has been uploaded onto the Nexus recently by a user also using the name "chinagreenelvis" and has gotten into the "hot files" section:
I wasn't sure if that was also you or not since I was under the impression that you preferred to not upload your files to the Nexus, so I'm asking here to make sure that it was indeed you.
If that was indeed you, well, congrats on getting into the Nexus hotfiles! :D
TheImperialSyndicate nov. 20. @ du. 12:20 
Oh... LOL. Thanks for clarifying.
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] nov. 20. @ de. 10:23 
The names option is really just there for players who use a 360 controller and have a mod like RaceMenu which automatically fills the name on character creation. The default setting *is* the "nothing" option, since the player NPC in Skyrim Unbound is named "Adventurer" instead of "Prisoner".

The names option only takes effect if you change it in the MCM. If you want to go back to the name you started out with, just type "showracemenu" in the console and skip to the end. The game will allow you to re-type it.
TheImperialSyndicate nov. 19. @ du. 1:54 
Had to cut my first comment short because It took up too much room. I left the two most important reasons in my previous comment. I'm just recomending this. P.S: After the civil war is over (Not sure if you fixed this already) you'll see Hadvar in the sleeping giant inn. He says "Dragonborn, huh? Was it your ma or your pa who was the dragon?" (Didn't have a dragonborn character.) Just thought I should report that. Don't do anything to the names if its too much trouble. I don't know, because I've never made a mod before.
TheImperialSyndicate nov. 19. @ du. 1:44 
chinagreenelvis: I have exactly four reasons why... (This is not a criticism its more of a recomendation.)

#: If I wanted to make my name one of those generic NPC actor names, than I could just type it in. (Peddler, battle-mage or mage)

#: I rely heavily on this mod for roleplay. When I first saw the names update, I sort of misunderstood. I joined the Imperial legion, so in my character creation I made my name an altmer name. The altmer name is murcelmo and when I joined the legion, I made him "legionare." Once I was finnished with the legion I decided to make my name "peddler" because I wanted to be a traveling merchant after that. I noticed that it replaced my altmer name with peddler.

At least make a "nothing" option like you did with the others. P.S: Great mod. One of the best most reliable mods I've ever had. I wouldn't be playing skyrim if it weren't for this mod.:) Thanks for the reply.
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] nov. 19. @ de. 7:37 
Why would I remove the names? You don't have to use them.
TheImperialSyndicate nov. 18. @ du. 8:28 
Please remove "names." (Soldier, traveler, Legionare, etc)
Airianna nov. 9. @ de. 6:23 
The reinstall of the mod allowed me to purchase the house in whiterun again.Thank you again.
Airianna nov. 8. @ de. 11:15 
Thak you, I will have a closer look, something has gummed up those things. Thank you for letting me know you hadn't adjusted it, Even when I put your mod at the bottom it remained... Making me think another mod is forcing the changes no matter the load order...

That's the problem with having lots of mods, you never know where problems are coming from, And can just go by what the tools tell you... Redownloading now.
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] nov. 8. @ de. 12:01 
Brother_Hank: I'll double check for that line of dialogue, but make sure Skyrim Unbound is loaded after any guard dialogue overhauls.

Airianna: It sounds like you need to re-download Skyrim Unbound. The only way the .esp file could get a CCO dependency is if someone edited it after downloading. I can assure you that the only thing that references CCO in Skyrim Unbound is a script, and that kind of check doesn't create dependencies.

Breezehome is available for purchase from the game start for a larger amount of gold. If you aren't getting the option to purchase it, something is wrong on your end and you need to follow the troubleshooting steps in the mod description.
Airianna nov. 7. @ du. 5:55 
I was experiencing CTDs, So I ran TESVedit, it told me Unbound was missing a dependancy for CCO, once installed, I stopped CTD when clicking on "Begin Adventure"
Brother_Hank nov. 7. @ du. 5:54 
Not as much of a complaint than a small detail I felt like I should point out, but I was in the Redwater Skooma den, and I came across an Imperial soldier who said "You're that one from Helgen. I barely made it out myself, just needed something to stop the pain." No criticism, jsut wanted to say so.
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] nov. 6. @ du. 10:09 
The latest versions include a check for CCO, but it's not required. In fact, I don't use it myself (though I once did). The reason is that I included an option to start out with a birthsign (standing stone ability), and if you have CCO installed, that option is disabled.

In fact, I have another mod called Skyrim Reborne which overhauls the standing stone abilities as well as racial attributes:
Airianna nov. 6. @ du. 5:25 
I use this mod with every new game. I love being able to start somewhere other than on my way to the headsman's axe... Even in prison is preferable to that or at the foot of a forsworn encampment, or next to a hunter, as if I was a hunter up to that point and setting out away from the little camp to find my fortune...
Did one of your recent updates require Character Creation Overhaul? Interesting chaice, shame it defaults for custom races on starting health, magicka and stamina. Still like it tho.
super link nov. 4. @ du. 10:46 
i have no problem using this mod. i've used it for 3 to 4 different youtube series. i used it because it makes it fun being able to start in a cave dressed up like a hunter
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] okt. 30. @ du. 2:30 
if you're happy with Live Another Life or Random Alternate Start, then don't use Skyrim Unbound.
prorobbi okt. 30. @ du. 2:03 
Does this affect the alternate start mod? Id like to use it but I am pretty happy with alternate start.
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] okt. 28. @ du. 7:57 
mpd1958: Unless you've recently updated the mod or messed with the MCM settings, I can't think of any reason Skyrim Unbound would be causing this problem.
mpd1958 okt. 28. @ du. 3:59 
Dragons have stopped respawning. Settings are "Word Walls & Spawns" and "Dragonborn". I'm at level 247 and it seemed to start when the Legendary Dragons started showing up.
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] okt. 27. @ de. 10:34 
If you guys are having issues with the MCM not working, make sure you're following *all* of the the steps in the troubleshooting section, including testing it out on a new game. Once again, I cannot reproduce this problem so it must be a user-end issue.

If you figure out the solution, please post it so that I can inform future users about what they need to do in this event.
Kingsize okt. 26. @ du. 12:50 
Everything in the Mod Configuration is greyed out and I can't select any of the settings for the mod. I've tried disabling and re-enabling but for no use.
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] okt. 18. @ du. 6:29 
Oxys: If I can't reproduce it, the problem is on your end. Read the FAQ.
tjbigwookie okt. 18. @ du. 2:10 
mod used to wrk. love it, great mod, but now it doesnt work on old or new characters and i cant access it in MCM.
Oxys okt. 18. @ du. 1:53 
I did the troubleshooting, googled it, with nothing happening. The options are still greyed out.
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] okt. 14. @ de. 11:49 
tnu: If you select a dragonborn chracter, is *is* just "bypass Dragon Rising".

Xetaxheb: You get the Unrelenting Force shout either from the Greybeards or from the word wall in Bleak Falls Barrow. Skyrim Unbound has never given it automatically to a new character.
Xetaxheb okt. 14. @ de. 4:42 
Used to be I would have (on a "Dragonborn playthrough" = yes) unrelenting shout but now I don't and the quest doesn't start?
tnu okt. 14. @ de. 2:49 
I'd love to see a version of this that was ju st the "bypass Dragon RIsing" part.
Astaldo711 okt. 13. @ de. 8:48 
DevilSauron & Elvis Martini;
Steam workshop is definately bugged. It used to happen quite frequently that when I would either update a mod or install a new one, Steam would disable something randomly. I've made a habit of chceking my data files any time anything changes.
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] okt. 13. @ de. 7:10 
DevilSauron: I've had other users report the same problem. It's something to do with the Steam Workshop. The system can be pretty buggy apparently.
DevilSauron okt. 13. @ de. 6:59 
Elvis it wasn't active, which is strange since I haven't tinkered with loadorder, well sorry for bothering you, I should have expected that :-D
Milf Nukem okt. 13. @ de. 6:37 
I see I will need to have a look may work better with mod orginizer.
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] okt. 13. @ de. 5:43 
If you read the mod description, you'll see a manual download link that you can install with NMM.
Milf Nukem okt. 13. @ de. 2:24 
I tryed to get this mod via the nexus but the files hidden says a banned user uploaded it I would prefer this on the nexus but oh well I will download it here besides this is one mod that when I download it It is staying put this mods a 100% must for me and I know mods can only really currupt a save if that save needs a mod that is no longer installed but this may as well be a part of the base game for me thank You for the great mod.
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] okt. 12. @ de. 10:17 
DevilSauron: Make sure the mod is active in your load order.
DevilSauron okt. 12. @ de. 2:42 
The mod worked fine but now when I start a new game, it just doesn't work and I spawn in broken starting sequence with carts etc...
lownight96 okt. 11. @ du. 3:20 
looks great might give it a try
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] okt. 11. @ de. 11:25 
The mod you want is called Timing is Everything.
=[Pd]=C.U.T.T.H.O.A.T. okt. 11. @ de. 10:47 
I was looking for a way to toggle dragon attacks so that they dont happen quite as often, this looks like the right mod but it also says not for preexisting saves which is kind of a deal breaker for me, do you have a version of this thats just the dragon control that will work with the save I already have or know of a mod that will?
chinagreenelvis  [készítő] okt. 11. @ de. 9:10 
Astaldo711: Hopefully this doesn't happen with future updates, since I fixed a bug in the MCM that prevented it from being refreshed. You might be able to fix this by stopping and then restarting the SkyrimUnboundMCM quest.
Astaldo711 okt. 11. @ de. 7:14 
I Love this mod. Absolutely essential in my opinion. However, I'm in the middle of a game, I updated the mod and I was looking at it to see if I noticed any changes. I was thinking of starting a new character if there was anything significantly different. At any rate, I saw the section with character name. I opened it but didn't do anything. I hit Tab to exit but now mycharacter's name is CORE SETTINGS!