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Domoguy Vor 7 Stunden 
The mod might be preventing me from acsessing my magic. It crashes when i try to open the magic tab.
MrGodzilla445 Vor 19 Stunden 
I found the priblem. Loot was just being an ass. It put Skyrim Unbound at the bottwm of the load order and Warburgs 3d map at the top.
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] Vor 21 Stunden 
Double-check your installation and make sure the mod is active.
MrGodzilla445 Vor 22 Stunden 
I don't know what happened but it suddenly stopped wroking entirely. Every new game has the vanilly start.
Viking 28. Feb. um 3:21 Uhr 
Thanks. I love this mod. Even better than Alternative Start
Evendel 28. Feb. um 1:02 Uhr 
Yep, all fixed! Awesome mod China.
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 28. Feb. um 0:48 Uhr 
Okay, the problem with location selection *should* be fixed now. Sorry about that!
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 28. Feb. um 0:26 Uhr 
Crap, you guys are right. Something is wrong with location menus. I'll see if I can't get this sorted out ASAP.
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 28. Feb. um 0:23 Uhr 
Viking: The 5.1 update fixes the problem with Stronghold names.
Evendel 28. Feb. um 0:00 Uhr 
I think I can second Lancifer's comment. I've tried three different times since I downloaded this with a couple other new mods and every time I start the ability to choose where I arrive is basically unavailable. Random is checked off and greyed out so I can't click it and when I click on any of the options it brings up the last window used, so if I chose my options for Spells and then went to the location menu it only brings up the Spells menu of None, Random, Schools, or picking them myself.
Lancifer 27. Feb. um 23:54 Uhr 
Just tested your new version update: During the start of a New game, the MCM option for selecting a preferred starting location does not work.

I'm about to go to sleep, otherwise I would do more troubleshooting. If you can't reproduce the problem on your end, feel free to delete this comment.
Viking 27. Feb. um 21:06 Uhr 
You didnt fixed the Largashbur (Markarth) Orc stronghold? v5.0 still have this problem or you have forgot?
Viking 27. Feb. um 20:59 Uhr 
You cannot change anything after you started the game. You have to make a new character (I think). My settings are also grey now when loading from a save file.
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 27. Feb. um 19:51 Uhr 
No DLC locations have been added as starting points. Probably won't be possible without making the DLC required.
EgN| Roaxes 27. Feb. um 19:01 Uhr 
Just a silly question, Is there a chance you'll spawn at solstheim when you make a new character? Even though I believe it's level locked though. x3
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 27. Feb. um 12:49 Uhr 
If you're having UI issues after the update, try making a new save with Skyrim Unbound temporarily disabled. Re-enable the mod and load up the save.
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 27. Feb. um 12:46 Uhr 
nope: I see what you're saying. I've just updated the mod to fix your original problem. Check the change notes tab for more information.

Note: this won't have any affect if you saved your game in the meantime. You'll have to go back to your original preexisting save.
─=≡Σ((( つ◕ل◕)つ 27. Feb. um 8:33 Uhr 
Hello! I've used this mod in the past but now, after the update to the UI, I have been unable to access the menu options such as debug. Now dragons no longer spawn in the world randomly for my character. Is there a fix for this? If not, hopefully it could get fixed in a later update. Thank you!
nope 27. Feb. um 1:46 Uhr 
It's greyed out man.
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 26. Feb. um 21:19 Uhr 
nope: If you use SkyUI, enable debug mode. It's in the FAQ.

Again, this mod is not intended for use on older saves, but you can re-enable the options in the MCM by using debug mode.
nope 26. Feb. um 17:44 Uhr 
when using this code "player.addspell 020058DB" to add power manually, it gives "not found for parameter"error
nope 26. Feb. um 16:48 Uhr 
I use SkyUI but all the Skyrim Unbound options are grey and un-interractable when used with old save games. I did couple tests with new characters both dragonborn and non-dragonborn options in your mod. The issue is reproducible. I think somehow my old character stucks in non-dragonborn mode and i can't change that.
I made my main character with Random Alternate Start mod. Then I switch to your mod for new character, but then I decided to play with my main character again and played for a while. Later, I realised he's no dragonborn anymore.
Removing the mod does not fix the problem.
Maybe if there is a code that switches between dragonborn/non-dragonborn mode like you did when creating a new character, that could help me.
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 26. Feb. um 16:11 Uhr 
Read the FAQ. This mod is not meant for use on older saves. You'll have to use the console to give yourself the Skyrim Unbound Options Power if you aren't using SkyUI.
nope 26. Feb. um 16:00 Uhr 
I load an older save game after installing the mod, and now, my character(older) can not drain souls from dragons and can't learn words from walls. How to fix this?
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 26. Feb. um 8:21 Uhr 
Viking: Unless there are ways to get dragon bones without killing a dragon, then no.

Domoguy: What do you mean, "affecting" your magic?
Domoguy 26. Feb. um 7:40 Uhr 
I think this mod may be affecting my magic...
Viking 25. Feb. um 7:14 Uhr 
I have a question too. If I disable dragons in menu, is it possible to make dragon armor? I need the dragon bones to make dragon armor
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 25. Feb. um 6:34 Uhr 
Thanks, I'll look into that.
Viking 25. Feb. um 6:31 Uhr 
In version 4.0 there was a misplaced startlocation. If I choose orc stronghold Largashbur (Markarth) but my startpoint is the stronghold near Riften. Hope this bug is fixed in 5.0

Sorry for my bad english
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 23. Feb. um 19:57 Uhr 
Sounds like you're still using an old version of the mod. Recent updates got rid of a method I was using to silence them.
YamiMarik1994 23. Feb. um 17:08 Uhr 
I've been running into an error where after starting my adventure, the equip and drop sounds for items will no longer play; I find that this is mostly the case when I start with rags and/or start in a jail cell. Would like to know how to fix this if possible.
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 19. Feb. um 16:17 Uhr 
There is. It's a sword and shield combo. You can start with magic and then just ditch the shield or put it away once the game starts. It's not like you have to use exactly what you start out with for the entire game.
RedMoonG00N 19. Feb. um 15:17 Uhr 
Ah, yea haven't really thought about the load order, thanks for the help. I think it would be great if there was an option for just 1 sword for people who like to use 1 sword on one hand and a spell on another hand like a duelist.
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 19. Feb. um 14:58 Uhr 
Keep troubleshooting. The problem is on your end somewhere.
♥ Kanzu ♥ 19. Feb. um 8:32 Uhr 
done, still nothing, i got SKSE installed, SkyUi installed and its the lowest in the load order.
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 18. Feb. um 15:22 Uhr 
Follow the steps in the troubleshooting section of the mod description.
♥ Kanzu ♥ 18. Feb. um 9:56 Uhr 
weird...but it seems like all my options in the config menu are....transparent AKA cant do anything with them, any tips?
qwert_44643 18. Feb. um 7:36 Uhr 
Well thats cool bout the spells from other mods but still be able to choose candlelight would be a plus and the more starting gear options sounds great as well.
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 18. Feb. um 7:32 Uhr 
Choosing starting spells from other mods will be impossible for me to implement.

You can rate the mod from 1 to 5 stars. Thanks.
qwert_44643 18. Feb. um 6:33 Uhr 
I wanted to choose healing and nighteye(from Nighteye Overhaul Mod).
I like the mod so far will be keeping tabs on it,,thanks for taking your time to make it and improve it..on skyrim nexus that an endorse button does steam having something similar?
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 18. Feb. um 6:21 Uhr 
Having more control over the magic options is probably a good idea. I could probably add a duel-weilding option alongside the sword and shield combo.
qwert_44643 18. Feb. um 4:37 Uhr 
I was just curious im trying this out for the first time and wanted a different experience than LAL that ive used for years.After painstalkingly hunting it down ive used it so far with out problems.Id like to make some suggestions and maybe get your feedback on them:

*More starting equipment choices,i like to dual wield swords.
*How about the choice to actually choose the spells you want from the schools maybe 1 per scholl(so 1 from primary and 1 from secondary).

Thanks for your time,
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 17. Feb. um 15:14 Uhr 
RedMoonG00N: You have the mod in the wrong position in your load order. Something is overriding the changes I made to the Player NPC.
RedMoonG00N 17. Feb. um 14:36 Uhr 
Just a question, is it intended for every character to start with iron equipment? Because when I start out with a character that I don't really want to have a iron equipment (like a beggar) it's kind of weird. Is there any way to turn off that option? Also thanks for this great mod.
AJ™ 16. Feb. um 21:46 Uhr 
yes everything is working correctly now
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 16. Feb. um 15:07 Uhr 
So, you're saying it works?
iPug 16. Feb. um 12:39 Uhr 
most of the time alnernive start mods dont work i click new and i just start off on the boring carrage but i have to wait untill aludin comes for this mod
AJ™ 14. Feb. um 1:50 Uhr 
MCM in previous version wasn't working like you said before so the quest was not telling me to go to MCM menu and i was seeing dialogue boxes to choose my start with random and customize options to choose but they were kinda bugged in that version random option was doing customizing part and customizing option was doing random part. i havent tried new version coz i'm playing the save old game which i started with previous version but should work if you have fixed that bug
chinagreenelvis  [Autor] 14. Feb. um 1:11 Uhr 
Sometimes mod troubleshooting can be counterintuitive. I've had experiences myself where disabling mods seems to solve a problem only to have the problem crop back up after that mod was uninstalled.
gnewna 14. Feb. um 1:07 Uhr 
Yeah, I'm completely baffled, I couldn't see any way that either mod would affect selling (it seems to not just be him, the barman in the Sleeping Giant had the same issue). I think I'll stick with SU, anyway, I'm just not as keen on the other alt start mods. Thanks.