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chinagreenelvis  [author] 5 hours ago 
Jacob: use BOSS or LOOT to sort your load order. Move Skyrim Unbound as close to the bottom as possible.
Jacob Shade 5 hours ago 
Dissonance, out of curiosity, do you remember what the problematic mod was? I have over 600 mods to go through to find the problem and after ensuring that 47 of them are safe, I decided I'd ask in hopes that you could save me a few days.
chinagreenelvis  [author] 14 hours ago 
Dissonance: LOL, it's no problem, at least you were detailed in your description of what went wrong. Most people just say "it doesn't work" or "How do I open the MCM?"

assassin: You can still learn spells from books even if you didn't select any primary or secondary magic choices in the Skyrim Unbound menu.
assassin132132 20 hours ago 
Hey can anyone tell me how to enable useage of magic after you have created character?
Dissonance Dec 26 @ 5:02am 
It was exactly as you said. I profusely apologize for taking up your time with such a trivial matter due to my lack of intellect. Thank you chinagreenelvis. I wish you the best and have a happy new year.
chinagreenelvis  [author] Dec 25 @ 6:45pm 
Conflict with a mod being loaded after this one. Anything that edits the player NPC will result in this. Older versions of the mod stripped the player of items via scripts, but the latest version removes them from the entry in the ESP file. Thus, if a mod overwrites that entry, you'll wind up with all of Bethesda's quick-start gear and items. Disable all mods below Skyrim Unbound and re-enable them one by one until you find out which one it is.
Dissonance Dec 25 @ 3:58pm 
I'm having a problem with character creation. When I get to the room, the actor's are wearing iron armor which makes it difficult to customize. It was working before but I'm not sure what happened. Perhaps an incombatibility with another mod but I have yet to make a connection. For those with a similar problem, simply open your console once you've reach the world and type "showracemenu" From there, adjust features accordingly.

The one bug with this work around is that if you create a female character, you may occasionally be referred to as a man and "thee" dragonborn. I do have Guard Dialogue Overhaul installed but I'm not sure that's where the problem lies. I will post again when I have an update.
chinagreenelvis  [author] Dec 23 @ 6:41pm 
Read the FAQ.
DontEvenLie Dec 23 @ 6:06pm 
Hi I'm having a problem where even tho I have unticked all the boxes for dragons and soul absorbition and word walls the dragons are still there and I get their souls
Sorry for bad English
chinagreenelvis  [author] Dec 22 @ 1:13pm 
be level 20
go to the bannered mare
Mutlakbutlan Dec 22 @ 10:28am 
I want to start the "Whispering Door" quest but it requires the "Dragon Rising" quest to be done. How do I start the quest ?

I read the FAQ and it says "mod bypassed it". What do I do ?
uGotMail Dec 21 @ 8:55am 
Great mod. ^.^
chinagreenelvis  [author] Dec 20 @ 2:29pm 
Thanks, spiderlogan!
spiderlogan Dec 19 @ 7:23pm 
Hey, I just wanted to say, this is a fantastic mod. The ability to spawn wherever you want as whoever you want was something I've wanted to do for a long time, so props to you for taking the time to make a mod as in-depth as this. This mod is probablly one of my favorites on the workshop. *Thumbs up* Keep up the awesome work.
J Dogg Dec 19 @ 5:04pm 
@chinagreenelvis I'm sorry for what I said, I was looking through my mods and saw I had a alternative start mod which must of caused Unbound not to work. Problem fixed.
spartan6490 Dec 19 @ 12:10am 
k thank you
chinagreenelvis  [author] Dec 18 @ 9:08pm 
Read the FAQ in the Discussions tab.
spartan6490 Dec 18 @ 9:38am 
i started a game a while back and now i ant to start the main questline but it dosnt work is there a way to get it to work or do i have to restart my game. thank you btw this modis amazing
chinagreenelvis  [author] Dec 11 @ 4:50pm 
I'm not sure what you mean by "it doesn't work", but I suggest you read the FAQ and follow all of the steps in the troubleshooting section. You've got something set up wrong, and you'll have to figure out what.
J Dogg Dec 11 @ 4:16pm 
When I run it SKSE and load up a new game it doesn't work. When I run Skyrim without SKSE it works.
chinagreenelvis  [author] Dec 11 @ 3:56pm 
Yes it does.
J Dogg Dec 11 @ 3:23pm 
Doesn't work with SKSE
Cesaltionius Dec 8 @ 1:41am 
Nice picture, lol
chinagreenelvis  [author] Dec 6 @ 5:39pm 
DanRow: Yes.
DanRow Dec 6 @ 7:25am 
if you choose not to be dragonborn can you still do the dawngaurd qeustline?
P.S. sry for my bad english
Baconman117 Dec 5 @ 12:15pm 
giving the option to not be dragonborn was a stroke of genius
chinagreenelvis  [author] Dec 4 @ 12:24pm 
Either don't use your old saves, or toggle them back on using the MCM or the options power. Read the FAQ for the console code.
Chumac_Shakal Dec 4 @ 8:07am 
i installed this mod, and then in my old saves i couldn't absorb dragon souls, what can i do?
Revonlieke Dec 1 @ 2:15am 
Seems to have worked fine, disabling the mod afterwards. Ofcourse it's not ideal to disable mods on a save game. :)
chinagreenelvis  [author] Nov 30 @ 11:40am 
Revonlieke: I honestly don't know. You'd just have to try it and find out.
blittleton Nov 30 @ 7:05am 
nice mod. it really helps take out the boring tutuorial at the beginning
Revonlieke Nov 30 @ 3:14am 
Just a heads up to people that if you use any other mod that changes the "MQKillDragonScript" this mod will be incompatible. For example my issue was Dragon Soul Absorb More Glorious mod.

Author, is it possible to deactivate this mod after you've killed your first dragon and got the main quest-line active? Or would that break something?
chinagreenelvis  [author] Nov 27 @ 7:34pm 
As for the cultists, even though the quest technically gets started, you can basically brush them off as if they've mistaken you for someone.
chinagreenelvis  [author] Nov 27 @ 7:32pm 
Star-X: I think there are references to the Dragonborn at the end of either Civil War quest that I'll have to figure out how to make a switch for. I still have not been able to complete either line yet so I've tried to avoid spoiling the end of it.

Nukem: He's talking about the option to play as a non-Dragonborn character, which Skyrim Unbound does have.
Nukem962001 Nov 27 @ 8:55am 
Star-X This does not get rid of you being the Dragonborn, just gets rid of you ever being at Helgen during the Dragon attack. As far as I know the Cultist (Miraak's Cultist) never mention you being at Helgen. They mention you being the dragonborn. Timing is Everything might change that if your making Dragonborn DLC quests available earlier than usual, but otherwise the cultist do not show up until after you have spoken with the Grey Beards.
Star-X Nov 26 @ 4:15pm 
Don't get me wrong though, I recently got back into Skyrim, and the first mod I updated was this one. It's a much better Alternate Start mod than Arthhmoor's, tbh, since it doesn't force a prison start on you initially, instead bypassing that using SkyUI and a panoramic view of the Skyrim landscape.

Other than hose issues it's been flawless. Thanks a lot :)
Star-X Nov 26 @ 4:15pm 
.The latest version has indeed gotten rid of 99% of Dragonborn references, but you may have missed two of them. First one you may have missed is Unfric asking for you to be the one who kills him; I had Civil War Overhaul on though so that might have forced it back in. Second one was the Dragonborn questline starting, in which cultists attack you; I'm assuming that this is deliberate due to the nature of that storyline, and that it's my fault for not setting Timing is Everything's Dragonborn settings to not begin the quest at all (it was set to begin after Way of the Voice, which may or may not have been completed by this mod's scripts), but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
chinagreenelvis  [author] Nov 26 @ 12:18pm 
I think I could make it so it leaves them open for tweaking but arranges them as a preset. Adding it to the to-do list.
Nukem962001 Nov 26 @ 12:05pm 
Oh yeah I remember that. You could add that back in and if you choose the class type ot greys out the other options, and vice versa.
chinagreenelvis  [author] Nov 25 @ 12:35pm 
I think Zelexthelegend might be referring to the class system I had in place before opening up the starting gear options to specific menus. I've considered adding in a top-level option to randomize them according to archetypes as an alternative for those who preferred that version.
Nukem962001 Nov 25 @ 11:41am 
What do you mean @Zelexthelegend?
Zelexthelegend Nov 25 @ 11:25am 
Anyone else wish the old way of "choosing a path" was still there instead of just random loot?
chinagreenelvis  [author] Nov 23 @ 7:49am 
Anything that has Dragon Rising as a prerequisite is possible whenever all of the others are met, so yes. (DR is bypassed in Skyrim Unbound and counts as completed.) That being said, let me know if you have any trouble starting that quest - I haven't had any complaints so far, but I personally haven't done it.
j__87 Nov 23 @ 12:48am 
Nobody has asked this yet, but can you still start The Whispering Door at lvl 20 with this mod if dragon souls are turned off. The wiki says that Dragon Rising is a prerequisite for this quest.
Nukem962001 Nov 20 @ 7:48am 
Glad to see this still gets attention from the Mod Author. Thanks for Ver. 4.0
chinagreenelvis  [author] Nov 18 @ 10:56am 
Click the "discussions" tab at the top of this page.
I have read the description, and I could not find the FAQ or how to open the mod configuration menu. Please help!
chinagreenelvis  [author] Nov 13 @ 10:29pm 
Concept: Read the FAQ.
Concept Nov 13 @ 7:07pm 
Hey I'm about to reroll and this seems like the perfect starting mod for me.
One thing I need to know before I use it. What effects will it have on my saved files?
I have 3 characters and a lot of time in. I'd hate to lose or mess up those files.
46th_Maj_Masterson Nov 13 @ 10:01am 
I like starting off and playing through the game as an average joe.