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Skyrim Unbound
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chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 13 feb om 7:59vm 
Delete "Skyrim Unbound.esp" and "Skyrim Unbound.bsa". If you are using the Nexusmods version, you need to delete all of the files that were installed from the .zip (scripts, etc.)
WatchfulPickle 13 feb om 6:54vm 
I turned off unbound, deleted it, and then went into my Steam/Steamapps/Common/Skyrim/Data etc. There is no file called Unbound.(Anything) in my data files, or anywhere else on my PC. It is not propperly deleating and will not start another game with the main questline. All dragons are invisible and while I can sometimes hit them with mele weapons if I just spam attack magic goes right through them.

Nice mod though.
~Silver 11 feb om 12:39nm 
I shouldn't think so, no.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 10 feb om 2:53nm 
Are you running any other dragon mods? Is there a chance it's spawned by a different system?
~Silver 10 feb om 12:48nm 
Okay, so I did a test and while turning Dragons "Off" removed them from Word Walls, as you said, (I even turned it back on, and one spawned on the wall I was testing this) however the stray dragon still exists, no matter if it is off or on. I suppose I'll just defeat it, and move on.

chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 10 feb om 12:31nm 
~Silver: I'm not sure about randomly spawned dragons, but I know that disabling dragons will remove them from word walls, even if you're in combat with one.

Eye: Interesting. But I have no idea why you would have problems opening the script files. Try redownloading the latest version. You can also edit the PSC source files in a text editor like Notepad ++ and then compile them in the CK.
Eye of the Combine 9 feb om 10:01nm 
I am using nexus loose file version, but the creation kit keeps saying there is an error whenever i try to edit the skyrimunboundscript.
The tweaks I made were new starting locations like starting in college midden or burnt cabin in rift region. In fact, I also made starting locations in new land mods. I also made hardcore difficulty version where my character starts with no cloths, no weapons, no potions, no food, no gold, no lockpicks, etc. Got killed like a thousand times but was still hella fun.
~Silver 9 feb om 1:10nm 
No, I haven't, but before I try, as I'm not too good messing with files, I'll ask this: When I turn the options to disable Dragons on, is it supposed to despawn even those that are currently existing/have spawned??

That, might be my problem.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 9 feb om 11:27vm 
~Silver: I repeat, have you followed all of the steps in the troubleshooting section of the mod description?
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 9 feb om 11:26vm 
Eye of the Combine: I haven't changed anything which would have that effect. Obviously you need to have the files extracted from the .bsa or you have to use the loose files version on the Nexus. Other than that, I don't know why you're not able to modify it.

That being said, what tweaks have you made? Out of curiosity.
~Silver 7 feb om 8:52vm 
Unbound is at the bottom of my Load Order.

> Character Creation Overhaul - P...
> Character Creation Overhaul - R...
> Unoffical Skyrim Patch
> Skyrim Unbound
Eye of the Combine 6 feb om 11:38nm 
I noticed that I cannot modify the skyrimunboundscript in creation kit anymore: it says there is an error whenever I try. Darn.... I really liked tweaking the mod to my flavor. Is there any way I can access the script in creation kit?
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 6 feb om 1:37vm 
~Silver: Sounds like your load order is jacked up. Have you followed all of the steps in the troubleshooting section of the mod description?
~Silver 5 feb om 4:54nm 
The reason I asked about the sudden vanish of my Unbound-Power was because when I was traveling between Riverwood and Falkreath a Dragon had suddenly appeared. (And the nearest Word Wall, which was the only possible way Dragons could appear for me, was a good distance away) So I booted up Skyrim, a past save where I WASN'T on my way to Falkreath used the Unbound-Power to restrict Dragons, again, to Word Walls, yet when I go back the Dragon is still there. I even used the Unbound-Power and set it to "No Dragons" while he was within vision, and nothing happened.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 5 feb om 1:50nm 
As I said in the mod description: Although Skyrim Unbound is not designed for use with preexisting saves, it should work without any word wall or soul absorption issues. Do so at your own risk, and keep a backup save.
TheImperialSyndicate 5 feb om 12:55nm 
Can I use this with a character that I've already made, but to reduce the amount of Dragons?
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 2 feb om 4:38vm 
I've never seen a "compiled script not saved" error in the game console.

Also, it just occurred to me that the ID of the spell will change depending on where you have Skyrim Unbound in your load order. Instead, type "help skyrim unbound" and find the ID that way.
~Silver 1 feb om 3:19nm 
When I type "player.addspell 0058DB" into my console, it says "Item '0058DB' not found for parameter Spell Item. And a line later, "Compiled script not saved!" An common error message that pops up when a command doesn't work.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 1 feb om 8:50vm 
Starkami: Your question is answered in the mod description, and the FAQ.

~Silver: I have no idea what on Earth you're talking about.
~Silver 31 jan om 4:56nm 
I... tried adding the spell to my menu, and in console it says, "Complied script not saved!"
Starkami 30 jan om 10:45vm 
Does this only work with new characters? Is it possible to switch a character from dragonborn to not dragonborn after doing the Unbound quest in Helgen? Please answer. I wish to have one dragonborn character and one common peasent character, except I want to experience what happens if you go with Hadvar during the dragon attack.
GamerOffspring 27 jan om 12:58nm 
Oh... now I feel stupid. Thanks though! It's a great mod.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 27 jan om 4:20vm 
There is no link. The effects of Skyrim Unbound's presets are immediately shown when you select one. All they do is preselect other menu items.
GamerOffspring 27 jan om 3:00vm 
Thanks. Can you get me a link for the class presets you made?
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 26 jan om 8:22nm 
GamerOffspring 26 jan om 3:04nm 
Can somebody explain to me how i"m suppose to know the positive effects to certain birthsigns and standing stones?
Tiny Rick! 22 jan om 12:04vm 
This is a fantastic start mode, especially with the variety. I commend you, thank you for making this! :)
Satan | 撒但 11 jan om 9:43nm 
@[]ReeO[] Do you have SKSE or SkyUI
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 11 jan om 7:14nm 
ReeO: The mod is in the wrong position in your load order. Follow the steps in the troubleshooting section of the mod description.
Andy Pipkin | Negro Coffee 11 jan om 6:54nm 
chinagreenelvis : Thank you :) []ReeO[]: Not sure :(
[]ReeO[] 11 jan om 5:48nm 
@Andy Pipkin | Negro Coffee I did actually. I used this mod once before some time ago and it did work now just causes game to crash i removed all mods and did individually and it came down to this mod causing the issues. So unsubscribed and my skyrim along with all other mods i have works.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 11 jan om 4:36nm 
Andy: Not sure why I have that disabled, but if you use debug mode it should be available again and yes, you should be able to set it mid-game, even if dragon have already begun spawning.
Andy Pipkin | Negro Coffee 11 jan om 4:18nm 
[]ReeO[] you didnt install correctly then, read the mod description
[]ReeO[] 11 jan om 3:57nm 
ok well i start a new game i still get the original opening scene where your in the cart.. Am i supposed to be getting a Choice of how i can start this? so far nothing...
It allows the player to skip the opening sequence, choose whether or not to play as the Dragonborn, and have total control over dragon spawns
i guess this is not working for me then.
Andy Pipkin | Negro Coffee 11 jan om 3:40nm 
Hey, when starting a new game i hadn't noticed that this mod updated and thus missed the feature that you can set dragons to spawn at certain levels, because of this, dragons will only spawn at level 25 on walls and level 50 as random spawns. I'm now a level 18 and I don't really want to begin a new game :/ I noticed the option is unchangeable once you have started the game, if possible could it be changed? or will that break the game? if not i'll live :) Cheers!
PolarBear 7 jan om 4:47nm 
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 5 jan om 7:11nm 
I'll double check the random jail option to see if there's a bug.
PolarBear 5 jan om 5:35nm 
why is selecting jail for spawn an imperial or stormcloak camp thats not really a prison camp if thats what you mean by it i was excpting like whiterun jail or solitude jail but other then that i like this mod
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 5 jan om 2:35nm 
Modding Skyrim requires being able to troubleshoot your mods by using mod organizers, sorters, editors, all sorts of stuff. No, it's not simple.
Papyrus (Argonian Brony) 5 jan om 11:20vm 
idk what it could be then? because if i use live another life or just the vanilla start i can finish my character just fine... man mods are confusing
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 5 jan om 1:30vm 
Papyrus: Skyrim Unbound is not the cause of your problem.
Papyrus (Argonian Brony) 4 jan om 10:22nm 
im having a problem with this mod in the character creator and its the fact i cant leave it. Im stuck in the creator and can't leave clicking done or hitting the R key dosent but i think the problem is the fact that i cant use USKP anymore because when i do i get a pop up saying that if i use USKP it could break my game and that i have to use USLEEP (unofficial skyrim legendary edition patch) which dose have USKP in it but may be coded differently. I've used this mod for years and cant use another i hope you can make a fix for this
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 4 jan om 4:50vm 
Follow the steps in the troubleshooting section of the mod description.
BIGGERthanYOU 4 jan om 3:08vm 
i read the description and it says if i absorb a dragon soul i'll be summoned to high hrothgar. I havn't been summoned.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 3 jan om 7:43nm 
Looks like someone didn't read the FAQ.
BIGGERthanYOU 3 jan om 2:23nm 
i cant complete the main story. i have killed a dragon and absorbed its soul but nothing happens.
semin777 1 jan om 6:37nm 
thank you for the mod i appricete what u do for the steam community
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 27 dec 2015 om 11:44vm 
Use a mod manager like Wrye Bash and a mod sorter like LOOT.
Inspiration Oven 27 dec 2015 om 1:51vm 
Well, I'm fairly certain that I've done the first two right. I'm going to assume that it needs to be at the bottom of my mods list? But I don't know where to find that. I'll check my Skyrim folder to be safe.
silalus 26 dec 2015 om 9:07nm 
Thank you! That makes sense- I think I misinterpreted the option the first time I looked at it. Looks like both mods can almost certainly coexist normally. Perfect.