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chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 14 sep om 7:16nm 
BOSS placed Skyrim Unbound in the right place, but I haven't taken a close enough look at LOOT to be sure.
ibuildpixels 14 sep om 6:01nm 
I'm not sure. I used LOOT to sort my mods.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 14 sep om 10:08vm 
Did you try it with Skyrim Unbound lower than them in the load order? Or with the loose scripts version? That should take care of any conflicts.
ibuildpixels 14 sep om 1:10vm 
turns out uninstalling unofficial patches and guard dialogue overhaul fixed the problem. i didn't realize they were incompatible. thanks!
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 12 sep om 2:17nm 
ibuildpixels: I don't think I can reproduce that problem. Have you tried going through the steps in the troubleshooting section of the FAQ first?
Recovery 12 sep om 1:51nm 
ibuildpixels 12 sep om 1:11vm 
If I pick any other location to spawn at besides solitude it causes no solitude guards to spawn at the entrance. For example: Start new game in solitude, walk out, there are solitude guards at the gate entrance. However, starting a new game at whiterun and going to solitude causes no guards to spawn. please note it ONLY happens at the gate and not in the actual city.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 11 sep om 8:40nm 
In the FAQ, I recommend against loading old saves with Skyrim Unbound installed. However, several users have reported that it doesn't cause any problems. Backup a copy of your save game from before Skyrim Unbound was installed just in case.
Recovery 11 sep om 5:41nm 
Can you have more than one game at once in Skyrim? For example, I want to make a new game using this, but I don't want to lose the game I have spent 150 hours playing.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 9 sep om 8:06nm 
I don't know what you're talking about. Seeds?

Start a new game. Open the mod configuration menu. Change your mod settings the way you like them. Save the game.

Then open Skyrim Unbound's menu, and start your game. Any time you want to create a new character, go back to that save game. Unless, of course, you've uninstalled any mods or updated them, in which case it's always best to start an entirely new game.

Either way, I'll add a quick start option in the next version.
Fizαя 9 sep om 7:08nm 
@chinagreenelvis the problem witht hat is then my other mods load the same seeds over and over, and I need them to reload also
Grandmaster Shododo 9 sep om 12:51nm 
Ok thanks I'll see if I can fix it :D
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 9 sep om 12:58vm 
You know that you can create a save game before you create a character? I made it possible to do that while you're in the woods so that you can set up other mod settings and use that save as a new starting point.
Fizαя 8 sep om 11:57nm 
would be really nice... I like the mod for alternate starts but sometimes i go through a spree of creating chars for whatever reason and it's really slow with this alt start mod.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 8 sep om 6:49nm 
I used to have a quicker starting option for testing purposes but I don't think it still exists in the code. I could probably write that back in.
Fizαя 8 sep om 6:04nm 
is ther a way to skip the small 10-15 second intro before you can open the MCM?
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 8 sep om 5:54nm 
"It keeps making join stormcloaks". You're doing something wrong; this has nothing to do with whether or not you have SkyUI. Read the FAQ and follow the steps in the troubleshooting section.
Grandmaster Shododo 8 sep om 4:29nm 
If I get SkyUI will I be able to choose what side of the war i start on it keeps making join stormcloaks I hate stormcloaks
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 8 sep om 12:04nm 
Eye of the Combine: I'll look and see if I can't find some good starting points there. I believe I centered all of the wilderness locations around campfires, so if you know of any in particular, let me know.
Eye of the Combine 8 sep om 7:14vm 
I kinda find it strange that the 'wilderness' starting locations are available on every hold except the Rift.... I personally think Rift wilderness is an excellent place to start an adventure, it is teeming with wild games like bears and deers.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 7 sep om 8:40vm 
That was your problem right there.
Emton 6 sep om 11:46nm 
Well before I had guard dialogue overhaul with Unbound loading before it
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 6 sep om 11:18nm 
Of course, if you have any other mods that make changes to guard dialogue, they would have been a problem as well.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 6 sep om 11:16nm 
I'm pretty sure the dialogue is handled in the .esp, so putting it lower than the patches should already have prevented that problem. Unless the game is deciding to load it first because of the name, which I've recently found out is the problem with the .bsa file.
Emton 6 sep om 9:32nm 
Yea I've always had it after USKP. I used to run it high in the load order but after I installed this loose scripts version I put it at the bottom. I didn't get any save game content warning when I installed and I haven't noticed any references to Dragonborn yet so maybe it's working.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 6 sep om 6:44nm 
Did you make sure that Skyrim Unbound's .esp is lower than the Unofficial Skyrim Patch in your load order?
Emton 6 sep om 5:04nm 
Ah crap I'm using a delevel mod and it takes me forever, I really like my current character I finally got to level 11 eheheh. Well I overwrote all the scripts with the Unbound scripts, so a new game with the dragon and word options off should prevent NPCs from referencing the dragonborn guaranteed right?
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 6 sep om 4:56nm 
You may want to start a new game regardless, to cover any other possible bugs that were created in your current save.
Emton 6 sep om 4:24nm 
So because I use USKP I should install the loose scripts version and this should prevent the NPCs from bringing up Dragonborn all the time? I'll try it out for my current game and if I still notice I guess I'll start a new game and see what happens.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 6 sep om 3:13nm 
Emton: Read the FAQ. Troubleshooting section.
Emton 6 sep om 2:54nm 
Edit: Not sure if they're referring to me as the dragonborn but they say stuff like "could you be the Dragonborn?" Would rather not hear about this dragonborn stuff until I start the related quest...
Emton 6 sep om 2:41nm 
Heyy I'm trying to play without the dragon options (no random dragon encounters, no scripted dragon encounters, no word of power walls etc) hoping that the NPCs won't keep bringing up the Drgaonborn, referring to me as the Dragonborn etc but they still do. Everywhere I go I got people asking about Dragonborn etc, I don't want to be recognized as Dragonborn. Can you change this or tell me what I can do about this?
luckly it gave me back the main quest after i delted it
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 4 sep om 11:30nm 
Any games that were played and saved while Skyrim Unbound.bsa was still inside your data folder will have problems with the main quest.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 4 sep om 11:27nm 
Wolf: DELETE Skyrim Unbound.esp AND Skyrim Unbound.bsa THEN START A NEW GAME.
ok this is a probelm now. Skyrim unbouned (even after deleting it) removed my main quest in a continuned game
Papapau 2 sep om 1:13vm 
Just familiarized myself with TES5Edit Cleaning guide. Nothing I can't handle. Installing now. Hehe. Thanks author! Great mod.
Papapau 2 sep om 1:06vm 
Finally found a copy from your server! Not familiar with dirty edits, but can I still just install this as is?
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 2 sep om 12:42vm 
And I just figured out why. Any mod that starts with the word "Skyrim" will have its .bsa file automatically loaded becuase of the way it handles .esp names. This is useful when you want to load a .bsa file without using an .esp - you just name the file Skyrim - Whatever.bsa and because Skyrim.esp is active, the .bsa will be pulled in as well.

I never had considered this.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 2 sep om 12:38vm 
There seems to be an issue with Skyrim where simply disabling the mod (at least on some installations) doesn't prevent the game from loading the .bsa file. In this case, the Skyrim Unbound.bsa file contains edited scripts, which, when loaded without the .esp file activated, cause main quest issues.
what i am saying is that the mod (that i had unchecked) half worked (disabled storyline) then i just deleted it and it was all good :D
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 1 sep om 5:19nm 
Wolf: I'm not sure what you're saying. If you're having problems after uninstalling the mod, then you didn't completely remove the mod from your Skyrim directory. Properly uninstalled mods simply cannot cause problems with new games.
just a note: i installed this mod last year, uninstalling some mods to fix a glitch included this one. after i did this i started a new game. after watching the 9 minute cutscene i played a bit. i didn't notice Before the Storm ever showed up.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 31 aug om 12:10nm 
I'll have to take a closer look at what edits it's considering to be dirty. Just because it seems like it's working after cleaning doesn't mean everything will function normally.
Emton 31 aug om 4:23vm 
I cleaned it and it still works (except for that rags are poor bug) so maybe it's ok
Emton 31 aug om 12:40vm 
So what do you think about it should I try to clean with TES5Edit? I'll go ahead and try it out
Emton 30 aug om 5:50nm 
Emton 30 aug om 5:24nm 
It's reported by LOOT which is suppossed to be the latest mod analyzer tool thing.
chinagreenelvis  [auteur] 30 aug om 5:14nm 
Emton: Where do you see that Skyrim Unbound has dirty edits?
Emton 30 aug om 4:06nm 
Hey this mod has dirty edits. Are they necessary? If not do you think they could be cleaned for the next release?