The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Skyrim Unbound: The Ultimate Alternate Start
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]CIA[ Dra247gon 1 септември в 6:19 следобед 
and thanks again for the mod :D
]CIA[ Dra247gon 1 септември в 6:19 следобед 
that's too bad, oh well. :/ let me know if you update the mod :)
Elvis Martini  [автор] 1 септември в 1:07 следобед 
I can't do anything on the Nexus. If they find out I've created a new account, they'll ban it. They run on an archaic, asinine zero-tolerance policy.
]CIA[ Dra247gon 1 септември в 12:50 следобед 
Simply adding the associated disease's would be great! I think you should add the option. No, I insist that you do simply because it adds a next level to the mod.

As for the Nexus, can't you make a page about the mod on the forums? [Skyrim Mod Talk] if I get around to it, I may just do it myself.
Elvis Martini  [автор] 1 септември в 10:54 сутринта 
Is making the player a vamp/werewolf as simple as adding the associated disease? If so, then it wouldn't be hard to add that option; I've just never considered it because I felt there were mods better suited to handle that kind of thing.

As for the Nexus, you're right, but Skyrim Unbound isn't allowed there. It's a long story, but the short version is that the site is run by people with deaf ears and short tempers.

If you guys want to see this mod on the Nexus, I suggest you tell *them* you want it there. It's not my choice.
]CIA[ Dra247gon 31 август в 6:22 следобед 
yes, I'm very well awear of both. (manual download section) I'm just saying that this mod would be nice to see it on the nexus website. [The popularity would doom.] and a feature / option, simple touch such as that would be awesome. Better Vampires/Moonlight Tales are way too complicated for what I had in mind. it was simply a idea. thanks for the mod!!!!
Elvis Martini  [автор] 31 август в 12:34 следобед 
There is a manual download section in the mod description for people who use mod managers. The FAQ explains that this mod will never be on the Nexus again.

Vampire and Werewolf starts are available by using other mods. Better Vampires/Moonlight Tales/etc.
]CIA[ Dra247gon 31 август в 11:58 сутринта 
I had this mod for the longest time now and I must say, it's my Favorite mod. ( just saying I mostly use the Nexus now like most people. ) [author] you should think about adding it to the Nexus. and If I may add, I'd think about maybe adding the option to start the game as a vampire, vampire lord and or werewolf.
Horagen81 30 август в 9:08 сутринта 
Thank you for making this mod :) having a blast with it and it helps me determind how I want to play :)
Elvis Martini  [автор] 24 август в 12:04 сутринта 
Read the mod description. Read the FAQ. You become thane when you purchase Breezehome.
BellaDovah 23 август в 4:16 следобед 
Does this mean you can't become the thane of Whiterun then?
Elvis Martini  [автор] 20 август в 6:55 следобед 
Vincent_Valeintine: Read the mod description. Read the FAQ. Try it for yourself.

PierreDespereaux: Read the mod description. Read the troubleshooting secdion.

Nukem: It's on my to-do list. It'll be easy to implement, once I can finally get around to it.
Nukem962001 20 август в 6:43 следобед 
@Elvis Martini: Were you ever able to get the time of day option to work?
PierreDespereaux 20 август в 5:46 следобед 
I'm having a strange problem where when I start a new game I'll immediately learn Fus and be summoned by the Greybeards.

Is anyone else having this problem or is it isolated to me?
Vincent_Valentine 20 август в 3:25 следобед 
message me as soon as your able. thanks.
Vincent_Valentine 20 август в 3:23 следобед 
is this mod compatiable with Alternate Start - Live another life? (the russian NON-DLC version)
Sern 19 август в 9:55 сутринта 
I can't rate this because I've not subscribed to it. I'm using the manual download and Mod Organizer.

So instead I just wanted to say, "thanks for this!" in the comments. I love all the options you have. This is how it should be IMO. Giving the player the tools and possibilities to create their own starting point, story, etc.
99TheCreator 18 август в 5:50 следобед 
I'm trying to uninstall this and when I unsubscribe and delete the files as soon as I start Skyrim is resubscribes and reinstalls the files? How do I stop this?
DragonSlayer673 18 август в 5:43 следобед 
@Epineapple yes, you can! The price is doubled, plus Lyida's your housecarl automatically when you get Breezehome
Epineapple 18 август в 4:25 следобед 
Can you still become thane of whiterun and get lydia as a follower?
Elvis Martini  [автор] 13 август в 12:22 следобед 
Use with preexisting saves is not supported. Do so at your own risk. I've had people tell me that it works just fine, but the mod was not originally designed for it.
Rhys, that is all. 13 август в 7:55 сутринта 
I'm confused. It says to not use with pre existing saves. Does that mean I cannot access my pre existing saves with the mod loaded, or just cant use the features?
Elvis Martini  [автор] 13 август в 1:42 сутринта 
Marx: I believe you can combine the two by placing Alternate Start after Skyrim Unbound in your load order. I have not tested this, however.
Marx 12 август в 11:57 следобед 
Skyrim Unbound combined with Alternate Start would be awesome.
Elvis Martini  [автор] 12 август в 8:58 следобед 
TheMightKamina: Try reading the instructions and the mod description.
TheMightyKamina 12 август в 6:10 следобед 
When I start a new save, it gives me the helgen intro. Any idea on how to fix it anyone?
AltoChihuahua 9 август в 3:28 следобед 
It actually did work. When I started a new game, I was able to use all the features of Skyrim Unbound, but not really any trace of Live Another Life. Except DAYMOYL, which worked fine.
AltoChihuahua 9 август в 11:33 сутринта 
Hey, stupid question, but is this compatible with Alternate Start - Live Another Life?
dan 7 8 август в 4:19 следобед 
Awesome Mod
Elvis Martini  [автор] 5 август в 7:07 следобед 
fox: It lets you use shouts without absorbing souls. It unlocks them automatically as you learn them.
{RDT-S} fox 5 август в 5:00 следобед 
What does allow non dragon born shouts do?
Elvis Martini  [автор] 3 август в 6:51 следобед 
SonnyBoy1122: The FAQ explains why the vanilla start isn't an option.

PleasantCheese: You need to do some basic Skyrim mod troubleshooting. This isn't the place to get that kind of help.
SonnyBoy1122 3 август в 6:30 следобед 
PheasantCheese: It might be one of your mods need updated, or you need to update Skyrim
SonnyBoy1122 3 август в 6:28 следобед 
Elvis Martini: You should make it an option.
PleasantCheese 3 август в 5:05 следобед 
i have a problem.. my skyrim game is just stuck at the menu screen with music playing and no options after i click new game... i have done verything in the trouble shooting list and it still does it could anyone help?
Elvis Martini  [автор] 3 август в 4:28 следобед 
MeltingAbyss254: You don't. That's why it's an alternate start mod. See the FAQ.
Spongebob Squarepants 3 август в 1:52 следобед 
how do you do the normal beginning if you have this mod? The one where you're about to be executed?
Elvis Martini  [автор] 29 юли в 11:08 следобед 
See the FAQ.
SonnyBoy1122 29 юли в 10:20 следобед 
This mod is better than the Alternate Start mod on the Nexus. But why was unbound removed from the Nexus?
Nukem962001 27 юли в 5:45 следобед 
@Suctorial I have had this mod for, what feels like years, and I have gone through the Dawnguard DLC a lot. I have yet to experience any issues with Durnehviir. Are you sure there isn't a mod conflict?
Shadower Z0 27 юли в 12:17 следобед 
Awesome Mod. Really gives me the roleplay experience I'm looking for. Thanks!
Electric Eel 23 юли в 4:54 следобед 
This is one of the most useful things ever. I just want to start a new character to try a new class but the openings take like 2 hours I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH :D
Suctorial 23 юли в 9:01 сутринта 
Just saying, I had no issues using this on an existing character until the Durnehviir ecounter. Simply disabling the mod for that fight fixed this issue.
Michael RooR 23 юли в 8:55 сутринта 
Woah, that thumbnail used to be my wallpaper, just without the text
D33 PIMP PUG 19 юли в 11:33 следобед 
lo ve th is
Elvis Martini  [автор] 14 юли в 1:40 сутринта 
Dolby Virtual SoundBlaster MIDI Surround 12.9.
Flying_VampireBat 13 юли в 8:56 следобед 
Cool what kind of sound system does it have?
Caaros, The King of Chaos 10 юли в 12:19 следобед 
Sorry, I looked right over that in the description.
Caaros, The King of Chaos 10 юли в 12:18 следобед 
Thank you.
Elvis Martini  [автор] 10 юли в 12:10 следобед 
Caaros: Purchase Breezehome.