Portal 2
The Exponential Knot
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SkyGlass 2018년 1월 30일 오후 3시 48분 
Good sovable map, thanks : )
RedKnife 2017년 10월 22일 오후 10시 32분 
Great map really challenged me. I must confess I needed the YouTube walkthrough to get by a tough choke point. Petutski is right 3 dimensional thinking is critical.
Petutski 2017년 5월 13일 오후 3시 42분 
Excellent logical map! As Spock would say, perhaps if your having trouble you should use three dimensional thinking! Thanks for the great work.
cochetmichel49 2017년 4월 28일 오전 9시 57분 
Ouf ! I was near to take paper and pen to note the sequence...Thanks
The Colclough  [작성자] 2017년 2월 15일 오후 5시 15분 
believe it or not, nothing in this map is time-critical. getting the portals and lasers in the right places depends on positioning yourself correctly within the space before you fire , not on timing.

i don't know where you got the idea that "it's supposed to be easy" - nobody ever said it should be. small maps aren't necessarily easy ones. in fact, i think the phrase i used in the description was "more advanced", wasn't it?
chubbyninja89 (T.I.B) 2017년 2월 15일 오후 2시 49분 
No you're not.

Dude there's only two reasons one should have to make walk through video for a game like this.

1. If the map is a long very complex map.

or 2. If it's just stupidly hard, dispite it supoosedly be easy, like if the map creator disigned it that way.

And another thing.

There are plenty of maps I've seen that make it feel ok to watch a walkthrough, without feeling like a completel "noob", to put it nicely. Some of those maps give you a "Oh, that's what I do" feeling when you watch the walkthrough, but yours is not one of those.

It's a small map that by its outward appearence should be fairly simple and easy to figure out, but the only problem is that there are no ways to keep open the grids long enough to do exactly what needs to be done.
The Colclough  [작성자] 2017년 2월 15일 오후 2시 37분 
sorry the map frustrated you, chubbyninja89 - it is solvable though, honest. complicated, admittedly, but solvable. and that point you describe where you have to hold the laser cube isn't part of the intended solution. you can see another player solving the map here, if it helps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IDr21NTS4Jg
chubbyninja89 (T.I.B) 2017년 2월 4일 오전 9시 02분 
Don't download this shitty map people, it's just a giant trolling middle finger of a map that this douche decided to upload to frustrate people.

I spent almost 20 minutes looking at every feasible to try to do it, but nothing worked. There's a point where you have to hold up up a laser cube that opens of two Material Emancipation Grills, but there's nothing that you can do, you literally have to turn around in less then a second and shoot another portal becuase the Emancipation Grills close again.

And to the maker of this worthless troll map.

Screw you and screw your shitty trolling map.
mbrown259 2016년 12월 22일 오전 3시 45분 
That was so small but well thought out. Nicely done!
The Beast Machine 2016년 12월 1일 오후 4시 52분 
Very nice!
quatrus 2016년 11월 20일 오전 8시 14분 
Compact laser puzzle - a medium challenge. Very nicely done. thanks for creating.
SvS 2014년 12월 28일 오후 1시 35분 
Sehr schöne Map, bei der ich "etwas" länger nachdenken musste.
Hat mit viel Spaß gemacht dies zu spielen.
Ich schreib mal wieder seit langer Zeit etwas zu einer Map, weil ich echt begeistert bin.
Knowing Smirk 2014년 7월 14일 오전 12시 14분 
That was dense and quite challenging. Very enjoyable map. Thumbs up from me. :)

Feel free to try my chambers -
Portλl Nerd 2013년 9월 22일 오전 11시 09분 
Awesome map, it took me awhile to solve
1980 2013년 9월 12일 오전 5시 23분 
It was enjoyable to solve even though I spent some time figuring out what the intended way is.
p0rtalthumper 2013년 9월 5일 오후 4시 41분 
Impressive; had me thinking a bit.
gotredonyou 2013년 8월 23일 오후 9시 10분 
Very cool test!
wildgoosespeeder 2013년 8월 19일 오후 10시 34분 
Work on antline placement a little, even the symboled links. It is still a little confusing where the links go to. I felt semi-blind trying to get something where I need it to go. Don't go completely symboled. You are working in Hammer so antline placement shouldn't be a problem. Also magnet portal surfaces would help.

Try my map?
Metronix 2013년 8월 13일 오전 10시 57분 
Challenging but fun map. The satisfaction of beating it was so worth it. :)
dcook 2013년 8월 13일 오전 2시 02분 
That was fun. :-)
TheDieHardNinja 2013년 8월 11일 오전 2시 20분 
Don't do that again...:steamwings: