The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Quest: Sea Of Ghosts
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Your Lost Bro™ Jul 29 @ 12:11pm 
I can't find all of 3 keys does someone knows where to find them?
The Plague Doctor Jul 27 @ 3:11pm 
Im Having Trouble, When I Speak To Roggnar He Doesn't Ask Me If I Want To Hire His Ship, What Do I Do?
Drago Dragonheart Jul 25 @ 5:40pm 
How do you use the etched amulet???
MLG punahilkka Jul 23 @ 5:17am 
richerdhurley Jul 17 @ 10:25am 
it want let me pay him 5000 gold to hire him what do i do
BoB (BYHZ) #Lindhalskvarg Jul 17 @ 6:06am 
i cant find the ship
Shikabane Hime Jul 16 @ 10:26am 
Hi, im on the secluded island of Tel Branis and i just got the rare plant and when i try to get the boat to go back to Tel Branis the game crushes on my desktop. I even tried TCL command to go back from the caves and up the waterfalls and exit from the caverns and it crushes there too. Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks in advance.
this mod combined with the another mod that adds monsters to the sea of ghosts is perfect, extremely high quality and well made
Baneblade Jul 10 @ 12:39pm 
I downloaded it, forgot about it, did one of the quests, and thought it was a vanilla quest. Thats how well made it is.
Ritsu-chan Jun 17 @ 11:30am 
@theMicronemisis did you figure it out?
Ritsu-chan Jun 17 @ 11:29am 
I subscribed, and skyrim says "checking subscribed mods" and says it loaded but when I go to Sloitude the guy isnt there and the ship is no where to be seen. I've unsubribed and restarted many times and this is annoying me. What do I do?
DeeLupinator Jun 12 @ 1:16pm 
Got a solid 8 hours out of fucking around with this. Love the dungeon design when you travel via water to the lower section. (Forgot the name of the dungeon)
Found a map leading to some legendary flower, aquired flower, life was sweet.
Still cant figure how to get the sweet manor though -_-
The Plague Doctor Jun 11 @ 6:53pm 
When I Talk To Roggvir Nothing Happens He Doesn't Ask Me If I Want To Hire His Ship, Can Someone Please Help Me Out?
Karliah the Nightingale Jun 2 @ 10:06am 
Can't wait to download it.
Pandelicious May 27 @ 6:51pm 
couldnt finish the key quest picked up second key first didnt register
Caethyril May 27 @ 6:51am 
Great mod! Well-designed quests, locations beautiful & fun to explore, good voice-acting.


- Manor price balance: 20 000 for this vs 30 000+ for Proudspire Manor? Also no fog: map edges are visible. Sale notice remains (static) once manor is bought.
- Tel Branis , remote island: boat half-submerged. Entrance to caves looks blocked from the outside (but transition works fine). Much more impressive from inside!
- Tel Branis , main isle; stand by boat to remote island, face nearest roots. Under them is a stone step; its west face is transparent.
- Dragonguard Outpost: dragon scales found on the skeletal dragon.
- Grammar: Telvanni Retainer's Note: "...been pouring over." Word "pouring" should be "poring".
- Some items seem overpowered: Dragon's Strength and Prospector's Pick .

As I said, amazing mod (must've taken ages to make). Thoroughly recommended!
[CAP]Traker May 22 @ 12:36pm 
Dolphinsong43, I have Sofia as my follower and she works fine and causes NO problems in this mod. Cheers
darkwolf21 May 6 @ 11:44am 
the pnj have my heoes name
ManInACan May 1 @ 10:03am 
Oh thank christ I finally got the Etched amulet working!!! that was so confusing! I can see why so many people are getting mad frustrated but honestly after getting it now I feel like I spent way too long fussing over nothing...

For the Amulet to work you must have 1. finished a certain quest in the vanilla game in a certain way. 2. Understand the etching and what it means. 3. BE IN THE POOL YOU GOT IT FROM... Seriously everyone thinks its the pool outside...

do that and you'll finish that quest!
TheMicronemesis Apr 27 @ 5:35pm 
Having problems: I have subscribed and downloaded the mod, but theres no sign of the mod working, its not included on the list of mods in the launch menu. At the sametime, steam workshop says its subscribed, and fully downloaded but the mod doesnt seem activated. Help?
tlhcgmn Apr 25 @ 1:49am 
again f*uck you ps3
DeceptiveCadance Apr 23 @ 6:20pm 
Is there a reason this mod isn't on Nexus? I've been moving all my mods over there.
Potato77 Apr 21 @ 6:25pm 
Don't mean to be negative but this mod wont let me run any mods at all please fix this other than that the mod looks really good
Console_Peasant Apr 15 @ 12:09am 
@Snipercam: from what I read, it's an issue related to a workshop update. I have been having the same issue, it's not this mod. The only way I've seen to fix it is to unsubscribe and resubscribe to all of the mods. Hence why I saw your comment.
snipercam Apr 12 @ 9:17am 
I got this mod and can no longer get any other mods, anyone else having this problem???
Loki101 Apr 10 @ 7:31pm 
How do i start the quest?
Zoron246 Apr 10 @ 2:30pm 
@kill_zone55 its not exactly a quest but a few side things and misc fetch quests. and you can start doing them by paying some thousands of septims to hire the ship that is right next the ferry boat at the solitude docks, start from the warehouse entrance and its straight down from there.
Swifty-Subaki Apr 8 @ 1:29pm 
For some reason at the island with the Dwemer tower, there is a crap ton of grass floating in the sky. All the other quest mods have floating grass. OwO
kill_zone5 Apr 7 @ 10:57am 
How do you start this quest?
masongrey2000 Apr 1 @ 11:04pm 
how do i buy the house?
[420]X2Kush Mar 24 @ 5:07pm 
Amazing. 5/5 do recommend.
Distracted Distraction Mar 18 @ 2:08pm 
Nevermind. I swear I tried to interact with the longboat before and it didn't do anything, but now it gave me the option to leave.

Thank Talos for that.
Distracted Distraction Mar 18 @ 2:05pm 
Well.....I am not happy.

I am stuck on some place called remote island after going through a number of caves. Killed some crazed breton and found a map near an already dead one on the other side of the island...Which I don't get (Because I tried to follow it and there was nothing there) but that's not the problem.

The problem is that I can't bleeding leave. There seems to be nothing else on this island, my ship is nowhere near, there is nothing to swim to and I can't fast travel. If there is a way out in the cave, I can't find it.

Somebody please help. The dragonborn dying of starvation on some crappy island isn't quite the retirement I had in mind.
Fusion Potato Mar 14 @ 8:29am 
Pachelbel Mar 8 @ 9:12am 
This has some great potential, too bad about the sound quality. The voice actors sound awesome but the sound quality really drags it down a notch. The dark elf crewmember had very good sound quality so why aren't the rest like that one? Also it seems like this mod can be developed a lot more to reach new heights of awesomeness. Looking forward to more =)
Ronan620 Mar 7 @ 10:42pm 
If I subbed to it and if I want it gone and I unsubbed it while im on the boat, What will happen?
Will I get teleported to the nearest part of skyrim or will I be stuck in the ocean to fast travel?
khess63 Mar 3 @ 12:46pm 
umm how do you start the quest
Wish i knew how to help you
Dhieen Feb 26 @ 4:22pm 
Comrades i'm blocked at the quest on the frozen island, where a town is ruined, i found 3 stones with some messages but idk what to do!
IpuntTurtlezz Feb 24 @ 9:06pm 
shitty voice acting sorry but its bad and to try hard
dolphinsong43 Feb 22 @ 12:38am 
No followers? I get scaredies traveling alone now that I'm used to having followers with me all the time. AND I get lonely. :P but true...would it be really bad even if I just took one?

My real question though is...Will this ship's parking spot interfere with The Serenity ship house mod? I want to use both you mod and that one. A FULL pirate! yeeehaw. Her mod doesn't have a map marker on the page for me to see.
VelcroRaptor Feb 10 @ 10:14pm 
How is it that no one can figure out or get the Etched Amulet to work? This is madness!
mcmoosehunter Feb 8 @ 7:15pm 
this mod rocks
samkoji Feb 5 @ 3:26pm 
Does anyone know where the boots and sujamma are? I've tried getting it from Solstheim but it dosen't work.
MR. BADNEWS Feb 3 @ 12:27pm 
The boots are on Secluded Isles, just waste some time to find them
zedp9x <Kirkland Signature> Feb 1 @ 11:30am 
So does this conflict with Wyrmstooth?
ScorpionX1387 Jan 29 @ 12:25am 
skorp ar\goths piece in seculed ilse
Gongo Dongo Jan 20 @ 8:42pm 
can't find fuckboy's shoes. 10/10
plz make an morrowind part or trade system that would be awesome
elhalconmisterioso Jan 15 @ 10:02pm