Quest: Sea Of Ghosts
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Rhyve Sep 9 @ 11:50pm 
Um. During the house of roots quest, a part of the floor in the underground section is missing. I'm not sure if it's because of a conflict or something.
smhill5kids Sep 7 @ 12:46pm 
what do you do with the amulet that has the moon and star?
legopop Sep 6 @ 8:08pm 
how do i start the quest?
DiGiTaL CLeaNeR Sep 2 @ 11:41pm 
This is a cool mod! You should add it to the Skyrim Mod's Wiki.
smhill5kids Aug 18 @ 12:42pm 
the crabslayer dagger and the dagger u get from under the standing stones island in the cave cant be put on wepon racks or displays incase u dident know still love the mod and plz add on to it
smhill5kids Aug 18 @ 8:01am 
this i can say is one of the best mods i have ever played but the prospectors pickaxe dosent count as a pickaxe you cant mine with it and i just wish there were a few more people to man the boat and more quests because the quests are so good i love the mod though thanks for making it
Cap'n Xela Aug 17 @ 3:59pm 
030 So good. :)
Kurochi Suzuki Aug 11 @ 6:47am 
Wonder why this was taken offf the Nexus?
Dysfunctioner66 Aug 10 @ 1:31pm 
beautifully made mod. i love it thank you soo much
Fragnash Aug 5 @ 7:54pm 
can anyone tell me what to do with the etched amulet tht u find in the seastone manor halls in the pool of water in front of the shrines? plz and thx
gabe.magee Aug 4 @ 11:17am 
Is this incompatible with wyrmstooth?
Soul Snare [ASTF2] Aug 1 @ 5:40pm 
john.stormm Jul 28 @ 7:30am 
Loved the scenery and the experiences. It was nostalgic checking out that old Telvanni stronghold. It also is working fine with Wyrmstooth. Great job!
Neko_D Jul 27 @ 9:38am 
Have you gotten any feedback on whether your mod is compatible with the Ol Arrow Knee mod? ( I'd like to use both but have the feeling that they're probably incompatible ...
byron Jul 26 @ 8:59pm 
can't seem to activate maps....
zipzapzup Jul 26 @ 8:48am 
First of all, i had no problems with wyrmstooth and sea of ghosts, so unless you using some weird third mod i would assume they are compatible.

About the mod itself, the mod author says the mod is about exploration and it really it, so if you don't like to run around the places and search for the stuff for hours this mod isn't for you. Sadly it is not possible to get any hints from NPCs where to find the stuff they want. Quest design isn't really the strong side of the mod, but that seems to be a problem with most quests in Skyrim. What i find very good about this mod is the level design and the idea with the ship and the islands (also the connected ships are great!).

The voiced dialogs are ok-ish, the quality of the recordings isn't that great (but it is voiced!) and i had the impression the voice of the main guy was spoken by two different people.

And at last, the survey doesn't work anymore. ;-)
9tailedfoxdragon Jul 25 @ 7:56pm 
im not sure but is this mod compatible with wyrmstooth?
michael_simon Jul 18 @ 7:48pm 
Can't speak to any of the crew in Solitude to start the mod. What do I do?
kellymshively Jul 16 @ 9:41pm 
Quests have stopped having any markers, and as I haven't played for a while, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do. Also, the side quests, such as "get so and so a bottle of x" don't seem to be completable? Even if I have the item, they don't initiate any dialoge regarding it.
kyle_lenington Jul 16 @ 1:25pm 
How do i download this?
GrandWizardGizmo Jul 16 @ 7:59am 
It's okay. The quests are very 'meh' and I feel like all I'm doing is just grinding.
Dat1Panda Jul 12 @ 10:27pm 
How do you start all the quests? including the hidden ones pleease
Lord_Dovahkiin Jul 12 @ 4:59pm 
the backpack u have where did u get it
mytomboy216 Jul 7 @ 11:47am 
too many buggs pls fix fix ito make it go faster

zFlexy WoWing Jul 1 @ 5:50pm 
I love the mod but is there a way to uninstall it? So my Skyrim doesn't crash all the time.
Warren Peace Jun 30 @ 2:54pm 
Other than that, though, I rather enjoyed it. Though I think I may have lost Bask-In-Shade's boots due to some savegame bug.
Warren Peace Jun 30 @ 2:53pm 
One major problem I've got is the fact that you've gotta jump into the water to get on most of the islands. For vanilla players this isn't much of a problem, but for those who use Frostfall (like me) having to jump into water isn't always too fun. I would prefer to have more docks leading from ship to island.
X-Lλyer2 Jun 29 @ 1:51pm 
Roggnar won't initiate dialouge with me to hire the ship. He just says "Greetings to you friend." every time I try to talk to him.
Gradydad Jun 26 @ 1:42pm 
Thats weird and cool,I just found the Udyrfrykte on one of the islands. Did'nt the main character kill the Udyrfrykte in Bloodmoon?
GeneralfreshPL Jun 25 @ 11:12pm 
great job
Platypus Duckbill Jun 25 @ 2:09am 
I loaded this quest, but LOOT does'nt put it in his list
reverendsholiday Jun 24 @ 12:31am 
I also got no response for a destination after hiring the ship & reading the book, Please help, eager for new adventure!
Der mit der Qualle tanzt Jun 22 @ 5:34am 

I have a idea for another quest if you are interested accept my friend request so we can talk about it.

I cannot do it myself i dont have any expirience i just can lend you my voice as voiceactor

-RB- OMFGNinja Jun 21 @ 9:37pm 
great mod.

Suggestion: add to description a rough estimate of the amount of time added to the game via this mod. Mods like "Wyrmstooth" give an estimate of how long it should take to complete the content added via their mods. This would be a nice staple for future modders. (I for one love it when I see a game that says 100 minutes of extra content on it for example like when watchdogs came out)
jsmalley419 Jun 20 @ 2:54pm 
When i talked to roggnar I wouldnt get the option to hire the ship and crew, help?
Fatalcrux21 Jun 17 @ 5:33am 
wow, ive only read the discription and already im interested in what this mod has to offer
Da Keeper of Clocks Jun 11 @ 7:46pm 
wow this is pretty good i just started it but im definetly diggin it.
Lionx10 Jun 11 @ 2:13pm 
how do we download this?
martys1219 Jun 9 @ 9:20pm 
I ended up completing the Grytewake Legend mod, which gives you a (large) ship, before starting the Sea of Ghosts. I couldn't find the Winter's Warmth for a while - it turned out I had parked the Grytewake in Solitude, and the two ships dock in the same spot.
lrush2 Jun 1 @ 9:27am 
awsome i haven't had any problems yet so far
Ǥuardiaƞ May 30 @ 4:59am 
How do you complete the Lost Sujamma , Roggnar's Hierloom ? Any tips cause I traveled to all of the places and completed many quests but I didn't find those items Great mod btw!
thekingofanation May 24 @ 5:00pm 
For some reason i downloaded it and went to the solitude docks and i didnt see the ship nor the note by the warehouse can someone explain please?
Angel Phenix May 24 @ 11:12am 
Woops forgot to also request adding in the cabin area where the travel map is on the ship a small cooking pot for us hard core role players and I love the other comment request for using a small boat to travel back and forth to the islands from the ship for the same reason they stated. I don't like jumping in the water all the time plus my dog and hubby don't follow unless I use the adventure call and that breaks the role playing a little too. I hope you continue working on this mod, I would be willing to pay for more additions.. God Bless Phenix Angel
Angel Phenix May 24 @ 11:05am 
By far BEST QUEST MOD EVER!!!! I have had such a freaking great time with this mod. I was even inspired to mod your ship a little at least my cabin room. Check it out on my screen shots. I t just fit my Princess snow elf character better. I HOPE you add more islands to explore in the future and request adding better movement for followers and or horses. On a good note to let people know who use followers like I do dogs seem to work the best on this Mod had a blast with Miko...Thank you for making my game SOOOOO much better darl-in....
pbxt99 May 23 @ 11:53am 
can you put the code to spawn the key parts? i saved my game, and had both parts, but when i went to the door they were not in my inv.
PatchGamez May 23 @ 11:11am 
the sign for the sign up isn't showing up near the the east empire company wharehouse any help?
Helenii May 19 @ 3:59pm 
Is there any way to add the ability to take rowboats ashore without swimming. I use frostfall so getting wet isn't the best idea. This my favorite of your mods, great mod.
hansnicolaim2 May 17 @ 1:47pm 
This mod is genious, it's really good voice acting and very good modding. I just love the idea of tropical islands and even a player home.
Johnline May 17 @ 12:12pm 
love this mod. is this on tes nexus anywhere?