Left 4 Dead 2
Leon Kennedy
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CarløsWolf9 5 NOV a las 18:36 
I hate to bother for the request, but i have one right now. Moira Burton (normal or survivor outfit) for Zoey? :3
CarløsWolf9 4 NOV a las 11:51 
Can you make Moira Burton from Resident Evil Revelations 2 for Zoey?
(SAY10) Pug | Soap ◐∩◑ 29 OCT a las 0:35 
isn't leon the black fast guy on Vanoss's videos?
Falcon_Nemesis 3 ABR a las 13:58 
Dominic Toretto 7 FEB a las 22:55 
Buenisimo.. alta skin
Leon Kennedy 22 DIC 2015 a las 8:23 
I like your RE6 addons, but is it possible for you to disable the blood marks on their faces? It is kinda disturbing to look at... Still, cool mod!
EasyTarget15 1 NOV 2015 a las 19:56 
Nice work! Thank you very much.
Melissa "Tailsko" Prower™ 15 OCT 2015 a las 13:33 
And Then Barry Burton From RE: Revelations 2 Replace Louis
Melissa "Tailsko" Prower™ 15 OCT 2015 a las 13:27 
plus it needs Facial Animations and Icons
Melissa "Tailsko" Prower™ 15 OCT 2015 a las 13:23 
Do Rachel From RE: Revelations Replace Bill
gregg is festive and rulz ok 21 AGO 2015 a las 20:03 
if you know what homestuck is can you make kankri from homestuck if you do i am gonna be happy and put the char replacement for nick ok?
Little Chicken Man 19 DIC 2014 a las 15:28 
@LEGOs104 Its Clearly Nick look at the thumbnail
[AFA] Fakenotreal35 1 NOV 2014 a las 21:21 
Can you do leon from RE4 w/ the jacket pls?
Wraith 26 JUL 2014 a las 11:50 
cause ellis uses a sniper coach uses a shotgun rochelle uses a assault rifle and nick uses a assault rifle
Wraith 26 JUL 2014 a las 11:50 
but because of weapon choice nick
Wraith 26 JUL 2014 a las 11:49 
if its l4d2 i would guess ellis
UberChad 22 JUN 2014 a las 10:16 
which character does this one replace??
Commander Neru 22 ABR 2014 a las 10:10 
Mr Splinks Sir, would it be possible to port some weapons from Resident Evil 6 too?
William Teii 18 ABR 2014 a las 2:50 
Does this mod include First person view? Like can I see Leon's arms?
Rcam47 16 DIC 2013 a las 15:30 
were is the resident evil hunk mod? was it takin off ?
Zoinho1 23 AGO 2013 a las 9:54 
Leon facial animations are kinda weak (it seems for me he just move her mouth), and really need a work for the Holster for all, Ada don't even have one, just because in original game (RE6) she don't have, don't mean you need port without one.
Bender02 16 AGO 2013 a las 12:24 
Wouah la coupe de bolos lol^^
Шишка_с_Мишкой 13 AGO 2013 a las 6:23 
почему он не работает???
BaconMLG(Jett Cinders) 11 AGO 2013 a las 8:33 
it would be more cooler if it had leons voice
Angelst 11 AGO 2013 a las 7:49 
I'm a really fan of this saga, I love Resident Evil thanks for this skins <3
Angelst 11 AGO 2013 a las 7:48 
JéjéⒶNaRkoPoNk Resident Evil Revelations its a good survival too.. try it
JéjéⒶNaRkoPoNk 11 AGO 2013 a las 3:23 
this mod is nice but please create a simple mod of base nick head with this clothes ;)
JéjéⒶNaRkoPoNk 11 AGO 2013 a las 3:22 
Lol resident evil 4 the game which marked the end of the series for me.....
Play at the resident evil Zero, 1 Rebirth, 2, 3 Nemesis and code veronica.
The "reals" resident evil games ;). The others the 4, the 5, raccon city, and the 6 sucks just a big shit and a big fuck for the fans and the films ............ pfffffffffffffffffffff, go die XD Alice, i fuck you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAQU™ 10 AGO 2013 a las 23:45 
Captain Insano show no mercy! 10 AGO 2013 a las 23:13 
I have to agree make the Leon from RE4 the one with the RPD costume.The new Leon sucks.
Gio L'Uomo Focaccina 9 AGO 2013 a las 11:54 
Beissola 9 AGO 2013 a las 10:11 
toby "zun" amaya 9 AGO 2013 a las 8:29 
it sure is homophobes in here
Frosty 9 AGO 2013 a las 5:46 
Yay! :3 I've been waiting for this so fakin' long.
[AutomatedBot] TestBot 9 AGO 2013 a las 5:09 
Very nice :D
Lucky Scorpion 9 AGO 2013 a las 3:58 
SchwarWinter 9 AGO 2013 a las 3:38 
FoR.DeAD 9 AGO 2013 a las 3:31 
Backonos 8 AGO 2013 a las 21:33 
why not leon from four where he doesn't look like a flaming homosexual
Zoinho1 8 AGO 2013 a las 16:18 
Can't make the holster work? Is kinda silly the pistol/magnum stay "plugged" on survivor leg.
The Danger 8 AGO 2013 a las 14:09 
Fuck no, it makes nick look gay......
ℳajoRodri₲host 8 AGO 2013 a las 6:06 
Джерри 8 AGO 2013 a las 4:19 
Go with that shit!
Light 7 AGO 2013 a las 20:18 
@Draco507 Custom names/characters almost always conflict unless they come packaged together. (Hence the Full Survivor Package)
jalmeidao 7 AGO 2013 a las 19:42 
Borg 7 AGO 2013 a las 18:38 
Dr Rey?
Master[GR] 7 AGO 2013 a las 13:13 
дрочу на трапов? 7 AGO 2013 a las 12:49 
пасаси тапай суко
Draco507 7 AGO 2013 a las 10:41 
ada wong conflicts with leon, does anyone know why?
Dovahkiinjr 7 AGO 2013 a las 10:31