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Savant - Ascent
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Komentarzy: 450
✪ F0D!$ 22 czerwca 2014 o 22:28 
Tmyter 19 czerwca 2014 o 6:56 
rfma23 3 czerwca 2014 o 18:01 
Need MOAR totally GOTY
Eak_aa 14 lutego 2014 o 8:28 
(Grimm,--) Code name Apache. 22 stycznia 2014 o 16:57 
funny ^^
•six 22 stycznia 2014 o 9:45 
I enjoyed tthis game <3
Marky_Mark 13 stycznia 2014 o 18:33 
Don't bother this game is terrible. Sorry. It's only $2 but its not worth that. :deadskull:
Marky_Mark 7 stycznia 2014 o 22:55 
Looks good
SHARP ` ; 4J 18 grudnia 2013 o 8:11 
Shadowrend 6 grudnia 2013 o 11:15 
8.6 / 10 Great game, good job.
Cryostar gamdom.com 5 grudnia 2013 o 13:36 
Sledgehammer :D:D FTW!
Mininel 4 grudnia 2013 o 14:00 
mechaivan 27 listopada 2013 o 9:16 
YEAAAH !!!! SAVANT FTW !!!!!!!!!!
DNA of Gothic Lemon 26 listopada 2013 o 8:29 
Rent a Reefer 9 listopada 2013 o 15:18 
Does anyone know how to connect it with a controller, like for example Xbox 360 controller?
matias.kjolstad 9 listopada 2013 o 1:24 
when are we going to be able to buy it on Steam?
ddbk 5 listopada 2013 o 17:01 
Will steam release include windows 8 fix for the game ?
4 listopada 2013 o 2:20 
I cannot express how much I want this game :D:
Primal 2 listopada 2013 o 1:56 
Its endless mode adds real challenge to the game
If we own the game now, what happens when its released for steam? Do we get the steam key to open it via steam?, Just a question that may be on a few peoples minds
Chizu 1 listopada 2013 o 6:11 
@dirtywhirlwind I did that too, it would jsut be nice to be able to do it from comments directly. :P

@DPad Thats fast! And awesome.
DPad  [autor] 1 listopada 2013 o 5:20 
Thank you EVERYONE!!! We got through!!! I made a little announcement, along with confirming versions for Mac and Linux. If all goes well, Savant will hit Steam next week.
dbl4k 31 października 2013 o 5:20 
Just bought this for $2, it's tricky but really good. Soundtrack is predictably brainmeltingly awesome.
dirtywhirlwind 30 października 2013 o 10:42 
Chizu: Go to his profile, click on the "More" drop down menu, select "Report Violation" and click Spamming Advertisements/Links and pray that someone at Valve takes action.
Chizu 29 października 2013 o 16:43 
I wish I could report comments.
Ignore this gugis idiot.

Bought this a little while ago via humble, great for what it is.
Would like to see it maybe expanded on in the future :P
Azrael 29 października 2013 o 12:34 
Congrats! :D:
dirtywhirlwind 29 października 2013 o 11:37 
Congrats, guys. Bought it on the Humble store ages ago. Really been enjoying it and something I keep coming back to from time to time. Great gameplay, stunning visuals and crazy soundtrack, yeah, this game deserves to be on Steam.
LaughingMan 29 października 2013 o 10:00 
Honestly I'd never buy this for PC, but I will pick it up once I find a way to download it onto my Android device (Moto X). I went to the site, only the PC link is evident -- Fix this so people can see that it really is available for Android.

The music aspect is actually the only thing that sold this idea. The arcade action thing doesn't normally do it for me, but I've been wanting to see something, *anything* in the vein of a dubstep rythm brawler (think Remember Me + Cytus with dubstep), and this kind of/sort of scratches that itch.
Daedalus 28 października 2013 o 9:56 
love savant he is one of my favourite artists. the game looks decent but would be better suited for a phone or tablet. im pretty sure the game is $2 so i would buy that no matter how bad.
Alex[UA] 24 października 2013 o 10:07 
music sure isn't to my tastes,game is seemingly primitive,but maybe it has more to offer,I dunno.Upvoted,just to see for myself.
Raëlian 22 października 2013 o 2:18 
Interesting game, worth a look for a great many of players. Interesting concept, it doesn't appeal to me, but has great potential.
Gamphar 20 października 2013 o 13:42 
nay, gameplay was... not interesting, well... atleast for me :)
[PNGA]NocturnGamer 20 października 2013 o 11:10 
I want this NOW! D: <
Wizard 20 października 2013 o 11:02 
Seems Awesome. :dowant:
GameDragonZero 20 października 2013 o 8:32 
Looks like a metroidvania with a reverse bullet hell. You have my attention!
AyleidRuin 20 października 2013 o 0:50 
Hopefully the game offers more. Looks interesting none the less.
DryerSheet 18 października 2013 o 9:49 
Would be a good game on Playstation 1.
Gabriel 17 października 2013 o 23:15 
I'm a fan of Savant, but there doesn't really seem to be a whole lot of content here.
NctZ 17 października 2013 o 15:40 
best game ever!
swistak7171 17 października 2013 o 10:02 
Nice game! :)
Bambi 17 października 2013 o 5:11 
GeCameleon 10 października 2013 o 21:44 
i want this game, please greeenlight it
haekel 10 października 2013 o 13:13 
Looks promising. Will support it if you add linux support.
Retrograde 9 października 2013 o 17:27 
god, i love this game, i'm happy to see that its making green light, i would also love to see more content, levels, songs and bosses! Almost every Savant song could be put in this game, and it would just feel amazing!
Runtus 9 października 2013 o 8:23 
Game looks cool but the music is not to my taste. Is there going to be a variety of music or is it all going to be the same style? Either way you have my vote. Looks awesome.
nEuro 7 października 2013 o 12:57 
Best game ever :Deer:
Tunk_Riot 7 października 2013 o 8:15 
Norways best game by miles
Avelina9X 男の娘 6 października 2013 o 7:18 
Just bought the game... FREAKIN AMAZING!
Avelina9X 男の娘 6 października 2013 o 6:38 
Also there needs to be more levels!
ArkDeus 6 października 2013 o 5:54 
Must be released on Steam.
George W. Kush 5 października 2013 o 11:32